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4 Romantic Getaways in the Dominican Republic: Christmas Edition


Traveling as a couple on a romantic getaway is a satisfying experience. You become each other’s secret accomplice as you visit sights and places for the first time or rediscover hidden aspects of sites you have already been to, but had not noticed before.

Having your significant other involved in the experience is what gives value to the getaway.

Paraiso Caño Hondo (Caño Hondo Paradise)

Located in the National Park of Los Haitises, in the town of Sabana de la Mar, Hato Mayor province, this eco-friendly hotel has 28 richly decorated rooms in three charming structures:  Caño Hondo, Ceiba Jivales and Altos de Caño Hondo, .the latter with an impressive view of the San Lorenzo and Samana Bays.

All visitors can relax and unwind in the Jivales River, whose natural pools are spread out across the hotel.

Accommodation in this ecotourism destination means being in touch with nature, listening to the birds chirping and the soothing breezes of the environment.

Dominican Tree House Village

Located in Samana, known for its rich hotels and beautiful views of its namesake bay, the Dominican Tree House Village is an eco-lodge near the zipline of the peninsula, halfway across the town of Santa Barbara de Samana and the beach of El Valle.

The concept of “rooms in the trees” brought by this hotel, complies fully with the surrounding environment and the natural setting.

Cottages are built in the open air, where, just like in Paraiso Caño Hondo, you can hear the birds chirping.

romantic getaway

Casa Bonita (Bonita House)

A house specially tailored to host tourists. With its lovely suites and Tanama Eco Spa offering a personalized treatment using hot and cold stones, called Ciba Azul, translated as Blue Stone in the Taino language.

Surrounded by wonderful greenery of varied kinds with a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea and the mountains of Barahona.

Tubagua Plantation Eco Lodge

Located on the Scenic Route that runs across Santiago and Puerto Plata, the Tubagua Ecological Hotel is a project of luxury tourism with Eco Lodge and Adventure Centre, aimed at hiking and exploration, clay baths, wildlife watching, and experiencing the natural wonders of the surrounding area.

Featuring 11 spaces including cabins and palapas, a lounge area, and a small spa. Offering spectacular landscapes and stunning panoramic views of regional scenery at an altitude of 1000 feet over sea level, fresh air, peace, and safety.

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