Saint Lucia Carnival 2023 is a wonderful experience in the Caribbean.

2023 is here and there is something for everyone on this island. Saint Lucia Carnival which is one of the top annual party events in the Caribbean is coming alive soon ! from July 1-19 2023.

Starting with Fete from dawn till nightfall with the best in local, regional, and international artists, to gear up for the road. Our culture goes on full parade, with the wit of ole mas, to the color and splendor of our costumes and the sound of Dennery segment, soca, calypso, and steelpan permeating through the streets.

What’s included in your Saint Lucia Carnival experience?

Mobile Travel Pack

To keep you on top of your game during your sojourn.

we at ic-Caribbean selflessly prepare our clients with sophisticated mobile travel packs to guide them on their journey, This is a treat offer free of charge for those coming to St Lucia next month.

This pack contains all information you will need for your trip starting from giving you comprehensive itinerary details followed by your current Transit, entry/entry information crowning it with your hotel information.

Airport Transfers and Ground Transportation

Pick-up and drop-off are available to and from both airports on the island. We also arrange daily transportation (private or group) from your accommodation to the events on your itinerary in comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles.

Remember, we can help you book your flights


We aim to give you a wonderful moment all through so we provide available accommodation in Saint Lucia Carnival, is now Your choice to choose single, double, triple, or quad occupancy options from several hotels, guesthouses, and private homes.

Carnival Costume

Female backline or male customer from Xuvo or if you think otherwise as I would like it easy by shopping on our online shop. You can feature to patronize our frontline online store costume subject to availability.

Costume pickup and delivery are included.

Gros Islet Friday Night Lime

The popular Gros Islet Friday night street party, also known as the Jump Up, is one big neighborhood party. we help you secure a spot in The narrow streets of Gros Islet which would be filled up by 7 p.m., and by then the food shacks are busy: Hungry patrons shout out their orders and wait impatiently as the seafood steams and fries.

Drinks and food are not included.


Meet and Greet

Where to go in the Caribbean is vast but one thing is needed Getting to know your fellow Soca Islanders who will be jumping alongside you for the week.

IC-Caribbean will influenece this task easy as you enjoy your stay in Saint lucia Carnival



What to do in Saint Lucia Carnival 2023?

Manny activities are being experienced in St Lucia from zip line to the mud bath however in this upcoming carnival in the Caribbean whatever you do visit Rodney Bay which is a beautiful bay in the North.

In the South visit Soufriere which is a gorgeous region of old plantations, hidden beaches, and the geographic wonder of the photogenic Pitons. You can also visit a wide variety of shops, markets, and malls in Castries. everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to spices, clothes, souvenirs, handmade crafts, and more available.



How do they celebrate the Saint Lucia Carnival 2023?

Saint Lucía Caribbean Carnival 2023 will be celebrated in a grand style with an uninterrupted event ranging from fish fries to jump-ups, to rich cultural celebrations and vibrant music festivals.

while having the absolute time of your life! You get to learn all about local culture and heritage in the best carnival in the caribbean,

Carnival in Saint Lucia is a vibrant event that can be described as one monumental party! During and in the lead-up to the carnival there are parties happening everywhere.

How to get around Saint Lucia Carnival

Taxis drivers receive special training that allows them to also serve as guides so you can enjoy your taxi ride! Taxis are unmetered but the government has fixed tariffs for all standard trips, so ask how much before you ride and what currency they accept US or Eastern Caribbean Dollars

Saint Lucia Carnival payment plan.

Initial Deposit: 50%

Final Payment due on or before  June 16, 2023

IC-Caribbean provides you with the most flexible payment plan making it super easy and affordable to book your Saint Lucia Carnival experience by asking for payments installments.

Saint Lucia Carnival Tips!

  1. Arrive early to find a good spot along the parade route to watch the Parade of the Bands, as there will be big crowds.
  2. Leave your valuables at home and just bring cash, but bring enough cash to pay for food and drinks throughout the day as you won’t be able to use cards anywhere
  3. Learn to wine! “Winning” is a local term that refers to a style of dance. This dance move is a rotational swaying of the hips. Have a look on YouTube if you are unfamiliar with or want to learn how because people will be winning all over the carnival
  4. Wear light clothing because the weather will often have heavy but short-lived downpours and you want to dry off quickly!

What is the history of the Saint Lucia Carnival?

In 1999 it was moved to summer to avoid competing with the much larger Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. St Lucia’s carnival continues to get more popular with every passing year, attracting visitors from around the world!

Like numerous other Caribbean Islands, Saint Lucia Carnival was the result of the Afro-European influence in the region. The celebrations were traditionally held before Lent, which was meant to be a period of feasting and celebrating before the onset of Catholic Lent, a time of sacrifice.


Saint Lucian cuisine is a mix of American, European, Indian, and Caribbean dishes.
Some common dishes include macaroni pie, stewed chicken, rice and peas, roti, and soups packed full of fresh locally produced vegetables. All mainstream meat and poultry are eaten in St. Lucia; meat and seafood are normally stewed and browned to create a rich gravy sometimes served over ground provisions or rice. Johnny Cakes (known as bakes) are also common and are served with different sides, such as saltfish. The national dish of Saint Lucia is green figs and saltfish.