Almost every tourist in the world have heard about the dominican republic. It has been one of the famous caribbean countries known for its beauty and culture. This Country consitutes of some great places you can ever visit in caribbean islands. Samana is one of them.

If you are willing to travel abroad, then you have to abide with the regulations of Covid-19 protocols issued by the Government.

History of Samana, Dominican Republic.

When people hear about Samana, their first thoughts will be related to beautiful beaches and hospitable people. However, the history of this place was quite turbulent. The native tribe called Ciguayo lived on the island at a time when the first ships from Europe arrived in the 15th century. It was the first conflict between native tribes and Spanish conquistadors.

There were not so many people in the Samana Dominican Republic during the 16th and 17th centuries. The small population consists of natives, slaves who managed to escape, and different groups of Europeans who were trying to colonize the island. Conflicts between French and Spanish troupes were common. Spanish rule prevailed and persisted for a long time.

The capital of this province was established in the 18th century. By the end of the 18th century, the French managed to take control of the Dominican Republic. During that period, the first signs of development were seen as an influence of French people who started exporting wood and coffee.

The population in their roots is what makes this place so unique. At the beginning of the 19th century, a lot of African-Americans started to immigrate from the US, and most of them settled in the Caribbean. That is the main reason why Samana has a unique culture. People from the US kept their culture and language. The influence of Hispanic people resulted in the creation of Samana English. Today, the population of Samana people who are still speaking this variety of English is around 8,000.

Weather in Samana, Dominican Republic

One of the best things about this province and other parts of the Caribbean is that you can have a great time there throughout the whole year. The average temperature during the winter is around 80 degrees. During the day, between 12 PM and 4 PM, the temperature can go up to 85 degrees, which is perfect for swimming.

When it comes to the summer, the temperatures can go over 100 degrees during the day, which can be an issue for tourists who are not adapted to these conditions. Therefore, the best period when you should come to the Samana Dominican Republic is between December and April. Also, it is important to know that rain is more common during May and November.

Things to do in Samana, Dominican Republic

You can enjoy many activities here. Besides the beautiful white-sand beaches and amazing view of the sea, you can also go on a hiking tour, drive a quad, visit National Park Los Haitises, and much more.

When it comes to the beaches, each one has something unique to offer, and the best options are Playa Moron, Punta Poppy, Coson, La Playita, Las Ballenas, Playa Bonita, and Rincon.

Inner parts of the Samana province also provide many attractions. One of the most interesting is the El Limon waterfall. You can hike or ride a horse to this place, which will make your time even more authentic. Moreover, renting a quad is a great way to check different parts of the island in one day.

If you are planning to visit the Los Haitises National Park, the best option is to hire a professional who will guide you through the forest and introduce you to pictographs, caves, wildlife, and other attractions.

You can find all sorts of guided tours and activities. For example, you can ride a horse on the beach or watch the whales from a boat. You can also rent a kayak. Besides that, renting a yacht is a very popular choice for people who are interested in the exclusive experience.

Moreover, you can explore the culture of natives who lived here for thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans. If you want to learn more about this culture, you should visit Taino Park, where you will find many historical monuments related to the native Samana people.

All-inclusive Resorts in Samana, Dominican Republic

Since this place is so attractive and popular, it is not a surprise that there are many available resorts. If you are interested in luxurious all-inclusive hotels, you should read reviews and compare what they have to offer. For example, if you are planning to travel with your partner, one of the best solutions is to choose Bahia Principe Luxury.

This hotel is available only for adults. There is a private beach, and many additional amenities like mini-bars, sauna, spa centre, massages, aromatherapy, and more. As part of the all-inclusive program, you can expect excellent food and beverages in the minibar all the time. There are five restaurants and bars inside of the resort. Also, you can request room service at any moment.

There are many other luxurious options, such as Cayo Levantado, Playa Colibri Residence, Grand El Portillo, Xeliter Vista Mare, and others. If you are planning to go on a vacation with your kids, you should check Albachira Beachfront,  Sublime, The Bannister, Vill Serena, and Alisei. The great thing is that many of these hotels provide services related to kids, like different activities and babysitting.

The main factors when you are choosing a resort are location and distance from the beach and the city. Also, you should determine your budget. If you are interested in premium options, ten-days-arrangement will cost you around $1,500. On the other hand, there are some more affordable hotels as well.

If you want to be close to the centre where you can explore more about the province, the best choice is to book a hotel in Santa Barbara. On the other hand, if you prefer enjoying swimming and sunbathing more, you should choose Las Terrenas. The most luxurious resort is in Cayo Levantado.

Covid-19 Situation in Samana, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is not struggling with the pandemic like many other countries. However, the officials don’t want to risk too much. Therefore, even though travellers can come from many countries without the negative test or proof of vaccination, there will be a quick test at the airport. You can bring a vaccination card to avoid this process, but it shouldn’t be older than three weeks. The PCR test is valid if it is done within three days before arrival.

You have to keep in mind that this country has limited resources and poor medical equipment. You will be held for quarantine if the test at the airport is positive. Therefore, if you feel any symptoms, the best option is to test yourself and check if you might be infected. The measures are not so strict, and the capacities are limited to only 85%, which is not drastic. Also, they provided tourists with the ability to avoid physical contact with workers and other people.

You will need the E-ticket when you want to come or leave the country. Also, the time for visiting some public places and popular attractions is limited. Besides that, you might need approval from the officials to visit some places. You should check that when you get in the Samana so you can avoid legal issues and penalties. The Tourism sector is actively working on compliance with these measures. All workers must be vaccinated.

Is Samana in the Dominican Republic safe?

You don’t need to worry about safety in Samana. There is a lot of police around the town, and they are especially focused on tourists and their protection. There are small chances that you will face any issues in a taxi or public transport. Also, since the police are on every corner, you don’t need to worry about the theft as well.

However, you should be cautious about potential scams. Avoid using public ATMs. Most of the hotels have these devices inside. Also, check and compare the prices of food, clothes, souvenirs to be sure that someone is not trying to scam you. Besides that, bring too much cash with you, and choose a reliable exchange.

The current exchange rate between Dominican Peso and US Dollar is 56 to 1, but some local exchanges might change that in their favour. Apart from that, people in Samana are known as friendly and welcoming. Also, most of them depend on tourism.