Feeling bored from the crowds and noise? A vacation can help, but for sure you need a quiet, lesser-visited, and beautiful place with diverse things to do during your chill-out vacation. The answer is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines!!

According to many statistical studies, St Vincent and the Grenadines country is one of the less-visited Caribbean countries. This is so suitable for quietness lovers who want to pick a few days avoiding crowds and booming atmosphere.

During this post, you can discover this lovely 32-islands string. You will come to this journey while staying on your sofa, and see the best snorkeling and diving sites in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Discover the inhabited and uninhabited islands, snorkeling sites, diving sites, and know more about the marine life on these gorgeous islands. Here we have compiled a list of Best Snorkeling and Diving Sites in St Vincent and the Grenadines Let’s go.

St Vincent and the Grenadines:

St Vincent and the Grenadines is a Caribbean country located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea in the southwest of St Lucia. It consists of 32 islands, the largest is the main one, St Vincent Island. The Capital is Kingstown, which is the main port too.

The climate in St Vincent and the Grenadines is tropical, as same as the traditional Caribbean climate in the other Caribbean islands. It goes cooler and dry during the winter months from January to Mid-April, while the weather turns hot and rainy from June to December.

This tropical paradise has a lot of attraction sites all over its islands. The attractions offer diverse kinds of sites, starting from natural attractions, historical attractions, and many more. Not only for laying on the quiet beaches and taking a sunbath but also you can enjoy hiking, diving, snorkeling and also hanging out in the markets.

Top snorkeling and diving sites in St Vincent and the Grenadines:

St Vincent and the Grenadines islands are some of the best snorkeling and diving destinations not only in the Caribbean but in the world. Its bio-diversity of marine life attracts snorkelers and divers from all over the world.

The best time to snorkel or dive is not limited to the dry season but it is good during the entire year. The weather is almost warm all the year and you can pick your trip during the shoulder season in May, June, and November to get affordable hotel and flight prices.

There are 67 scuba diving sites to visit here, but we will only present the Best 10 destinations in SVG where you can spend your time watching the beautiful sea creatures, experiencing some wonderful quiet water activities, and enjoying the getaway vacation in this still-virgin piece of the world.

Wallilabou Bay:

Visit this site and feel that you have traveled by time to the pirate era, as you are standing in the same place where Johnny Depp was standing when they were making the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film.

This site is a unique snorkeling shore because it is located on the Leeward Coast on the main St Vincent Island. The bay can be reached easily by car. The snorkeling experience here provides stunning views of the corals, sponges, eye-catching colored fish.

The Bat Cave:

The diving experience here is suitable for qualified divers. It is a rocky passageway cut into the reef. While enjoying the sights of the corals and other sea animals, a wide range of tropical fish, and sea creatures, you will then reach the cave and hear the clicks of the bats.

You can consider this experience as one of the most wonderful experiences you may ever try. Put this diving destination in your diving plans and be sure that you will miss out a lot if you haven’t tried it.

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Tobago Cays:

I am actually in love with the green turtles, these cute reptiles are very attractive. A lot of tourists like to watch them and this is guaranteed in Tobago Cays. The Tobago cays is an archipelago consisting of five islands, Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradal, Petit Tabac, and Jamesby. You can easily imagine the diversity you will find in the extensive reef of five islands.

This archipelago contains one of the reefs that is considered the most biodiverse reefs, the Mayreau Garden Reefs, and the fringing reefs around Mayreau.

Yachts are not allowed in this area, as it is named a wildlife reserve to maintain its natural marine life setting. Nothing can be more attractive than this water adventure.


Here we come! Landing on the second largest island in the Grenadines is a must. Here you can find a variety of choices. Snorkeling or diving? No matter what you want and no matter what is your level, you can find a fit.

Many sites of snorkeling are available, even if you are totally a beginner. Just head to the Lower Bay, you will find a stretch of large rocks, where you can snorkel and see the colorful schools of fish and other creatures. It is just 60 yards offshore swimming far.

Other choices include Moonhole which is a snorkeling and diving site, Devil’s table in Rocky bay, diving to Moonhole cave, browns Bay, and other sites. See, we can’t list all the sites.

The popular marine creatures you may see include parrotfish, angelfish, turtles, you may see octopuses when diving, sea horses, crabs, and also nurse sharks.

Mopion island Reef:

A “One umbrella” Islet, is Mopion Island. It is a gem in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. Not so far from Petite St Vincent Island lays this tiny piece of sandy land surrounded by stunning underwater reefs.

This area is only reachable by boat or water-taxi from any neighbor island. This site is an ideal choice for seeing sharks. Spend a dream day with your companion on this isolated site, and make sure to make a good choice of companion.

New Guinea Reef:

Have you ever seen black corals?

No?! It is time to do it. This scuba diving site is a habitat for Black corals. This class of corals earned its name from their skeleton color, however, they can appear with different colors like white, yellow, or brown on the outside.

You also can see sponges and a lot of small colored fish. This site is really good for those who like to see the endangered black coral, which is used for the medicinal industry or making jewels.

Palm Island:

With 5 fascinating beaches, this island stands strongly between the best islands in St Vincent and the Grenadines. It is a private island with the main luxury resort, Palm Island Resort, and Spa, besides Holiday villas which sometimes are available for rent.

Snorkeling in this area is easy for the resort’s residents, or villas’ residents, as it is reserved for their guests, so you must book a stay in one of the accommodations of the island.  It is reachable by boat from Union Island.

Snorkeling experience there can start from offshore, in the eye-taking turquoise waters. It is unlike other sites in SVG snorkeling sites, it hasn’t a diverse of reefs and corals. The main draw here is the existence of a lot of colored fish, and the accessible snorkeling spots that are suitable for beginners.


The A-class residents’ island. It was a choice for celebrities for decades. So you can’t expect to pay less for staying on this island. Sloping reefs and coral expanse with spotted drums and banded coral shrimp among other fascinating fish and critters in this area.

Coral Reef in Mustique

Snorkeling in this area is just offshore, as it is surrounded by coral reefs. There are nearly 20 diving spots also, besides the existence of PADI instructions and certification. With other water activities spots, such as pedaling, kayaking, and fishing.

Mayreau Gardens:

Mayreau Gardens in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Mayreau is a quiet small island in the southern Grenadines, to the west of Tobago Cays. It is the smallest one of the Grenadines islands and is a home of almost 308 persons only most of them working in fishing or tourism. You can now realize how quiet it is.

Mayreau Gardens is a boat-accessible dive site, located in Clifton, Union Island, St Vincent Island, And The Grenadines. Many sea creatures can be seen like garden eels, flamingo tongues, and Crinoids.

The dive site is on the east coast of Mayreau Island. It is one of the popular diving and snorkeling site in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Dive or snorkel there and you will see how rich and glorious marine life you are enjoying, and why it is a must-see dive and snorkel destination.

Anchor Reef:

As one that voted among the 100 best scuba dive sites, it is normally one of the must-see sites in St Vincent and the Grenadines. A wonderful wall dive, that offers some spectacular scenes of the underwater coral garden.

What you expect to see is uncountable. The rare black corals, squid, seahorses, frogfish, eels, and sponges live amongst the gorgonians. There is a cave, 10 meters under the water, and it is also a good site for night dives as well.

What has been mentioned above are not all that this archipelago can offer for visitors, but as we said there are 67 dive sites in this Caribbean wonderland. Under the water, or on the land, these islands still have more to be shown. For water activities lovers it is a great destination to enjoy their hobby and get the most advantage of being in the Caribbean region.

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