When you talk about the colorful carnivals and festivals, the Caribbean will probably make the first place on the list. Every Caribbean island has a unique carnival and the way of celebrating it is unique to some extent as well. Today, we are going to talk about one such Caribbean carnival which is St John Carnival. It is going to happen on the tiny island of St John in just a few months.

The roar of St John Carnivals is so loud that people from all around the world are flocking to St John to attend the grand carnival. If you want to know more details about it, you have landed in the right place because today we will talk about everything about St John Carnival in detail.

History of St John Carnival

St John Carnival boasts a history of more than 75 years. It was celebrated for the first time in 1945 and, since then, it has been in the culture of St John every year. The festival was celebrated for the first time when St John and other islands were a part of Denmark. At first, the celebration was only for a single day and people used to gather on the street to showcase their cultural parade and enjoy the food. However, slowly, it began taking a grand form and, today, it is one of the biggest carnivals in the Caribbean.

Significance of St John Carnival

The main significance of St John Carnival is to mark the end of slavery on this island. This is the reason that it is quite rich in history as well as culture. The carnival has such great significance. No wonder why people celebrate it in such a grand way with a joyous spirit.

How St John Carnival is celebrated

St John Carnival is not an exception to other Caribbean carnivals when it comes to celebration style. Here, you will find people dressed in colorful traditional costumes and accessories wearing masks. Besides that, there would be traditional music, cultural dance, street parades, a variety of foods, and much more. This means, there are only and only festive vibes all around St John during the carnival days and everyone seems in full mood to enjoy the festival by displaying their biggest cultural extravaganza.

How long does St John Carnival last?

St John Carnival is a multi-day cultural festival of St John. It last for almost 10 days including the pre-activities and festivities. In general, activities last for 3-4 days but pre-festivities start taking place some months before and actually come in full swing almost a week before the official date of the carnival. Given the fact, if you want to enjoy this grand cultural Carnival of St John, you should stay in St John for at least 10 days.

When does St John Carnival take place? 

St John Carnival takes place in the first week of July. In general, it starts from the last week of June and continues till the first week of July. The dates may vary every year but you can estimate the carnival to take place during these days only every year. Each day of the carnival is dedicated to a particular activity, so you can expect something different every day in this mega cultural carnival of St John.

St John Carnival 2023

We have disclosed almost all the basic details of this carnival. Now, let’s get into the details of St John Carnival 2023, which is going to happen in just a few months. The preparations for the carnival have already begun and the locals are already excited to celebrate their biggest cultural festival. So, like every year, this year too, it will take place in July. This year, it has made people more excited because it is going to take place after 2 years break.

Dates for St John Carnival 2023

You already know that July 2023 is the month when this festival will come in its all glory. Now, let us discuss the dates as well. Well, the dates for St John Carnival 2023 are from 25th June to 4th July 2023. Officially, the festival will be celebrated on 4th July only but it’s the activities and prefetes that will begin from 25th June and you must attend them because they are no less than a festival. During these 10 days, you will see the whole of St John draped in the colors of festivity, and many themed activities are celebrated every year.

Schedule for St John Carnival 2023

The dates for the different activities of the carnival are as follows:

  • 3 July, 2023

Torch Light Parade

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Cruz Bay Parking Lot

  • 4 Jul 2023

St John Carnival J’OUVERT

Time: 4:00 AM

Location: St. John National Park

St John Carnival Parade

Time: 11:00 AM

Location: St. John National Park Parking Lot

Festival Fireworks Display

Time: 9:00 pm

Location: Cruz Bay Harbor

Major catchment of eyes in St John Carnival 2023

As we already told you different activities take place in the carnival, let us tell you the major activities that you must not miss to attend if you are there to enjoy St John Carnival 2023.

  • St John Carnival village

It is not actually an activity but a place, where you must visit if you want to enjoy top-of-the-line food, drink, art, craft, and just everything of St John.

  • J’Ouvert

J’Ouvert means the beginning of the carnival. This event takes place every year in the first few hours, even before sunrise, of the official parade. The celebration of this event is really grand.

  • Festival Musical Mix

Festival Musical Mix is actually the culmination of the carnival. It takes place after 1-2 days of the official carnival date. The event lasts the whole night till dawn. If you are a music lover, you must attend this.


This is all about St John Carnival 2023 that you must know. Almost after 2 months, the festival will be celebrated. So, don’t make any delay. Book your tickets today itself and witness the vibrancy of St John Carnival this year.

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