Are you ready for St. Maarten Carnival 2023? This colorful multi-day celebration in St. Martin is enjoyed with utmost pomp and gaiety. St. Maarten Carnival is a colorful multi-day carnival in St Martin, which is celebrated with utmost pomp and gaiety. The festival takes place every year and local people participate in it wearing colorful dresses. They dance their hearts out to the traditional music and enjoy the festivity of this carnival. Since the festival lasts several days, there is only a festive atmosphere in St Martin during the time this festival takes place.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that St. Maarten Carnival is an extravagant display of the culture and traditions of St Martin. So today, let us tell you all the details about the St. Maarten Carnival 2023.

History of St. Maarten Carnival

Before we get into the details of St. Maarten Carnival 2023, let’s have all the details about this cultural extravaganza of St Martin. This famous carnival is not a new thing in St Martin. Instead, it has been pulling the worldwide people for more than 50 years. Yes, the festival has already celebrated its 50 years. It was first celebrated in St Martin during the 1970s. Since then, the carnival has been taking place every year without fail except for a 2-year hiatus during Covid 19.

How St. Maarten Carnival is celebrated?

If you want to attend this mega cultural carnival this year, you must be curious to know how this festival is celebrated. Let us tell you that as well. People wear colorful costumes, which are actually themed costumes and are decided beforehand. In addition, they also wear colorful masks and many such accessories and participate in street parades, dancing, and music performances. Besides that, foods and drinks are another notable feature of this gala event.

How long St. Maarten Carnival lasts?

As we already said, it is a multi-day event. It lasts around 21 days but the pre-festivities and events of the festival started months ago. The interesting thing is that each day a different activity is held. So, you can say that this St. Maarten Carnival takes over the entire St Martin in its hues for more than one month. If you have attended the carnival of other islands of the Caribbean you can have a better understanding of St. Maarten Carnival because the celebration duration is almost the same.

Major catchment of eyes in St. Maarten Carnival

St. Maarten Carnival is so colorful that everything seems attractive and alluring in this carnival. The festivity of this carnival is so grand that you can experience that in the whole Caribbean, not just in St Martin. Though everything is notable in this carnival, let us tell you the not-to-be-missed things in St. Maarten Carnivals.

  • Traditional dance and music
  • Street Parades
  • Food and drink feasts
  • Funky costumes and accessories
  • Many cultural activities

Other than this, you can experience much more in the carnival including different cultural and fun activities performed by local people.

Who participates in St. Maarten Carnival?

The participants are mainly local people. You might see any famous musician or artist in some specific event 9f the carnival but the real participants in the St. Maarten Carnival are local people. They dress in themed costumes and perform different fun and cultural activities.

St. Maarten Carnival 2023

If you are super excited about St. Maarten Carnival 2023, let us tell you that its pre-festivities have already begun. Yes, they started in March 2023. Just after a few days, St. Maarten Carnival will begin officially. The interesting thing about this year is that the celebration is going to take place after 2 years. Because of Covid 19, the last two seasons of this event could not be celebrated and this is the reason that people are very much excited about it this year.

Dates for St. Maarten Carnival 2023

St. Maarten Carnival 2023 officially begins on the 14th of April and will continue till the 3rd of May. During these 21 days, you will get to see the biggest cultural extravaganza of St Martin in all its glory. Since it is a multi-day festival, its preparation starts months before. In fact, the pre-activities of the St. Maarten Carnival have already begun on 17th March and will continue till 14th of April. Here, let us tell you the complete schedule of St. Maarten Carnival 2023.

Schedule of St. Maarten Carnival 2023

Every single day, a different activity is planned for this festival. So, let us tell you all those activities and events date-wise.

Pre activities

  • March 17th, Friday

Carnival Kick-Off Event

  • March 18th, Saturday

Causeway Jump-Up event

  • March 19th, Sunday

Competition of Junior Calypso

  • Friday, March 24th

Eliminations rounds for Senior Calypso

  • Saturday, March 25th

Carnival Corner Fete Is Fete Vol. 2 Beach Edition

  • Friday, March 31st

Sik Entertainment Rt Bash

  • Saturday, April 1st

Da Big Bad XP’s Backyard Session II

Official Festival Activities

  • Friday, April 14th

Opening of Carnival Village / Jump Up

  • Saturday, April 15th

Junior Carnival Parade

  • Sunday, April 16th

Family Fun Day / Cook-Up/ Cock Up

  • Monday, April 17th

Culture Night & Pan Explosion

  • Tuesday, April 18th

Free Village Chill Night

  • Wednesday, April 19th

The Groove

  • Thursday, April 20th

Road on March & Band Clash Competition

  • Friday, April 21st

R&B/Hip Hop International Concert

  • Saturday, April 22nd

Caribbean Flag Fest

  • Sunday, April 23rd

Bacchanal Sunday

  • Monday, April 24th

Youth Extravaganza

  • Tuesday, April 25th

Creole Fete

  • Wednesday, April 26th

Nagico Senior Calypso Finals

  • Thursday, April 27th 

4 AM: J’ouvert Morning Jump Up

8 PM: Noche Latina

  • Friday, April 28th

II Brothers Entertainment Concert (One Love Reggae Concert)

  • Saturday, April 29th

Night Of The Hit Makers 10th Anniversary

  • Sunday, April 30th

King & Queen Of The Band Competition

  • Monday, May 1st

Grand Carnival Parade

  • Tuesday, May 2nd

Second Day Parade / Jamrade

  • Wednesday, May 3rd

Closing Carnival and burning of King Momo


So, this is all the information about St. Maarten Carnival and its celebration in 2023. The carnival has already set its feat, so don’t waste much time. Just book your tickets today itself and head to St Martin to witness the most colorful side of this tiny Caribbean Island.

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