Take a virtual trip to Puerto Rico this weekend within the comfort of your home!

To lift people’s spirits during coronavirus pandemic, Discover Puerto Rico is hosting a series of virtual events, where you can explore the culture, cuisine, and beauty of Puerto Rico in your living room!

Reported on Discover Puerto Rico’s official website:

“As we face this uncertain time together, we don’t want you to miss anything that Puerto Rico has to offer. Discover Puerto Rico knows that a destination is never just about the place, but about the experiences you encounter and the people you meet along the way. We understand you can’t travel right now, which is why we decided to bring the vibrancy of the island to your home… until we can give you a warm and joyful welcome at the heart and soul of the Caribbean, that is!”

There are three online events lined up for this weekend:

Birthday Cocktails with Rums of Puerto Rico

Friday, April 24

7:00 PM EST

You no longer need to go out. Rums of Puerto Rico is bringing the party to your home.

Join Ambassador Ramon Diaz, in this online cocktail mixing celebration for your upcoming birthdays. Ramon is a true rum expert with immense knowledge in history, aging, mixing, and the traditions of Rums of Puerto Rico. So be ready to raise your glasses to fine rum in an evening filled with cheerful celebrations.

Puerto Rican Coffee Break

Coffee lovers, gear up to make the finest cup of Puerto Rican Coffee with Amanda Munoz! Amanda is a part of Hacienda Munoz, a family-owned coffee plantation. She is an expert barista who will walk you through Puerto Rico’s coffee culture and history. Join in and indulge in the rich coffee-making experience, and take a sensory trip to Puerto Rico.

Boozy Sunday Brunch

Sunday, April 26

10:30 AM EST

Have a delicious brunch at home this weekend with The Spoon Experience. In this meet up the co-founders, Paulina Salach and Gustavo Antonetti will create an inclusive, elaborate, and fun gastronomic experience for you. Paulina and Gustavo are known for organizing group events and their company, Spoon, has won many national and international awards.

All the events will be live on Discover Puerto Rico’s Instagram account.

Relax and unwind on your virtual trip to Puerto Rico this weekend and immerse yourself in Puerto Rican culture and tradition.