The 10 best hotels to stay in Havana,Cuba

 hotels to stay in Havana

The historic and atmospheric capital of Cuba where we will find the best hotels to stay is one of the best examples of a Spanish colonial city in America. Havana not only offers an endless list of cultural attractions, but is also famous for its enchanting nightlife and surrounding beaches. In an exciting state of change, Havana has a unique mix of classic and luxurious hotels; the perfect starting points to explore or relax and enjoy the local rum.

Habana Vieja, the area with the most tourist attractions

When we talk about Havana, we directly relate it to Old Havana. It is the main attraction of the Cuban capital. It is the oldest part of the city: it is a real pleasure to walk through its streets and observe the colorful facades of the buildings.

In Old Havana you will find the main monuments of the city: beautiful squares such as the Cathedral or Plaza Nueva, the spectacular Capitol and a lot more.

But why do we believe that it is the most convenient area to stay in Havana? Basically for the facilities. In Old Havana you will find most of the city’s bars and restaurants, especially for tourists. So if you want to be close to restaurants and nightclubs, this is the most comfortable area to sleep in Havana.

Also, if you are looking for a good hotel to stay in Havana, it is the best option since most of the city’s hotels are located there.

Best hotels to stay in Habana Vieja:

Iberostar Parque Central

Iberostar Grand Packard

Recommended private houses in this area:

Residencia Santa Clara

Casa Pedro-María

Hostal La Maestranza

Centro Habana, favorite area to stay in Havana

If you are looking for an authentic area to stay in Havana, there are few better areas than this. We opted for Centro Habana because it seemed like a very reasonable option. It is just a 10-minute walk from the Capitol and the prices are much cheaper. Unlike Old Havana and Vedado, in Centro Habana there are hardly any hotels, but rather private houses. And that is synonymous with a much more local atmosphere, which is what we find!

Best Accommodations in Havana Center:

Havana Five

Hostal Habana Tu & Yo

Suites Malecón

Barrio Chino, a good alternative to sleep in Havana

Yes, you read it right. Even in Havana there is a Chinatown! The Chinese community is present throughout the world and in the Cuban capital it is no exception. It is very impressive to walk through the streets of the center and find establishments with signs in Chinese. But the most curious thing is to come across them and listen to them, they speak perfect Spanish.

Apart from being an interesting place to stay in Havana, it is also quite practical due to its location. There are several very well-priced private houses just a 15-minute walk from the heart of Old Havana.

Accommodation recommendations in the Chinatown of Havana:

Casa Cubanito

Manrique 60

Jacklyn House

El Vedado, a very interesting area to sleep in Havana

El Vedado is one of the most interesting areas to stay in Havana. It would become the hipster area of ​​the capital for its numerous art galleries and museums. Although in this case, what most attracts the attention of the neighborhood are its old buildings, converted into bars and charming cafes.

Sleeping in El Vedado is not a bad option if you plan to spend one night in Havana and the next day you go by bus to Viñales or Varadero. The main bus station is in the same neighborhood and depending on where you stay, you can even walk there.

Best hotels in Vedado:

Hotel Nacional de Cuba

NH Capri La Habana

Meliá Cohiba

Good private houses in El Vedado:

Casa Buen Día

Hostal Cotarelo

Vedado Piso 15

Miramar, if you are looking for tranquility and a resort

And to finish this post about the best areas and hotels to stay in Havana, we didn’t want to forget about Miramar. It is probably the most well-off and modern neighborhood in the city. There are the majority of embassies, conference centers and luxury houses, owned by the Cuban nobility.

In Havana everything is interesting, but in Miramar you breathe a different air. It is well worth strolling through its streets and observing the mansions with swimming pools. They look like palaces! It is certainly curious to observe the contrast with the buildings of Old Havana. In addition, there you will find the most famous boutiques in the city, so if you look well you can buy a bargain.

The top hotels in Miramar:

Melia Habana

Be Live Habana City Copacabana

Chateau Miramar

Good apartments in the area:

Villa Luna            

Ocean Breeze & Suites

Apartamento El Panameño