Planning a trip to the Caribbean? These are the 5 Hottest Caribbean Destinations You should consider visiting

In 2019, travelers have been swapping country road trips and European visits. It’s for an all-inclusive resort and long walks on the beach. There has been an influx of visitors, and this is expected to continue in 2021. The Caribbean has the best beaches in the world.

What’s so special about the Caribbean? There’re a total of 7,000 tourists on Friendly Island, reasonably low prices, not to mention the most stunning white-sand beaches in the entire world.

Take your adventure to another level. Here are the 5 hottest Caribbean destinations for 2021 you will love.

5. St. Lucia

St. Lucia is undoubtedly one of the top hottest Caribbean destinations! The destination has recently earned a top spot in the Caribbean. The best place for couples looking for romantic beaches and all-inclusive and secluded Island resorts. There’re plenty of activities available for couples. St. Lucia will be one of the best Caribbean destinations in 2021!

Fly above St. Lucia and discover how diverse the island coastline is. The Island is known for its impressive reef-diving resorts, remote fishing villages to the volcanic beaches (iconic to the Caribbean), and luxury hotels. There is something here for each couple, even the singles traveling alone.


Looking for the best beach in the Caribbean? There are over 7,000 island destinations and over 7,000 coastlines to compare. It’s hard to pick a winner. In 2019 Caribbean travelers agree Dark-wood Beach in Antigua is one of the best.

Antigua is the best destination for anyone looking to escape from reality. Not yet convinced?

Check out the most Instagrammed beach in the Caribbean! The top coastline includes Valley church, Half-moon Bay, Runway Bay, or Dickenson Bay.

3. Cuba

Since the re-established relationship with America, Cuba tourism has surged ever since. Cuba’s beaches have been a destination for European and Canadian tourists. American tourists are beginnings to discover the charm of one of the world’s most active cultures in the Caribbean.

Want to travel on a budget in 2021? Cube Island offers the most affordable beaches for North and South American tourists. Be a guest of the historical streets of where Cuba’s rich cultural heritage.

2. Barbados

Barbados is known for its stunning coral reefs, white and pink-sand beaches. The Island hosts the Caribbean chilled vibes. It’s on the verge of development and becoming one of the hottest destinations.

It’s among the most Instagrammed beach in the world. Travel experts predict Barbados will be more prevalent in 2021. It’s due to an increase in interest in scenery, nightlife, and culture.
Don’t forget Barbados is a UNESCO World Heritage, a listed capital with a thumping nightlife backed by energetic festivals.

Book your fright now, and save on the prices during the spring of 2021.

1. Aruba

The Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba takes the top hottest spot in the Caribbean. Aruba deemed “One Happy Island” by the locals and tourists alike. It embodies everything you need out of a Caribbean tropical destination.

Aruba locals are the friendliest people in the world. More importantly, they speak English. The resort and hotels designed with a sense of meeting any vacationer.

These are the best destinations in the Caribbean to visit. Make sure you visit these this year!

Book a trip to Aruba in 2021 and visit Eagle beach, a highly ranked beautiful beach in the Caribbean. You are lucky to visit Druif Beach and Palm Beach, which is equally stunning.