Bonaire, st. Eustatius, and saba, also called the “Netherlands antilles,” incorporate the trio of dutch territories referred to as the caribbean netherlands. Luring many nature lovers and eco-tourists, all three islands offer superb possibilities for diving, swimming, snorkeling, and trekking.

Bonaire, just off the north coast of venezuela, close to curaçao and aruba, is famous for its pioneering conservation efforts. Much of the island is protected, and its marine park offers a number of the pleasant diving within the caribbean. Windsurfing and kayaking are different top things to do in bonaire, and the island’s diverse ecosystems encompass cactus-cloaked hills, salt pans, mangroves, coral reefs, and sunbaked beaches.

St. Eustatius, also referred to as “statia,” lies east of puerto rico and is home to a dormant volcano, the quill. This tiny island’s various terrain includes rainforest, rocky beaches, and colourful coral reefs with notable possibilities for diving. St. Eustatius became as soon as a thriving port throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, the island is making efforts to hold its herbal property and heritage homes.

Northwest of st. Eustatius, saba can be tiny at handiest thirteen square kilometers, but the 887-meter height of its volcano is the best factor within the netherlands. Trekking is extremely good at the slopes of the aptly named mount surroundings, and the marine park gives a few honestly pristine dive sites.

Find out the quality locations to go to within the caribbean netherlands with our list of the top tourist attractions in bonaire, st. Eustatius, and saba.

Bonaire National Marine Park, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

Comprising a device of fringing reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves, seashores, and lagoons, bonaire countrywide marine park is one of the caribbean’s top places to visit for diving. The park encircles all of bonaire, as well as klein bonaire islet, and is well-known for its water readability, calm seas, and variety of fish existence.

Snorkelers can get right of entry to a number of the reefs from shore. The park is maintained by means of a non-profit, non-governmental agency stated for its pioneering marine conservation efforts. It changed into the first marine park with a network of everlasting moorings.

Mount Scenery Hike, Saba, Netherlands Antilles

Saba trekking may be hugely worthwhile, and one of the maximum famous trails is on mount surroundings. This 887-meter-excessive summit of saba’s dormant volcano is the highest point within the netherlands.

The most popular hike to the summit begins in windwardside, saba’s 2d largest town. This difficult path includes climbing up more than a thousand steps, some of which can be slippery with moss and dust, but it’s well worth it. Near the top is a mist-shrouded cloud woodland, and on a clear day, you may stand on the summit and revel in a breathtaking view of saba and its neighboring islands.

The hike takes approximately ninety minutes, and trekking poles and sturdy shoes are enormously advocated.

Saba National Marine Park, Saba, Netherlands Antilles

Saba national marine park encircles this tiny island and is zoned for diverse aquatic activities with separate regions for fishing, diving, swimming, and boating.

Due to the fact saba is volcanic in origin, divers will find warm springs and underwater lava tunnels across the island. Fashioned by volcanic interest, the pinnacles are the various most popular dive sites inside the park. Growing from the ocean floor, they may be included in corals and sponges and are domestic to a staggering diversity of fish.

All dives take place inside the protected marine park under the steerage of the island’s dive operators, and everlasting moorings mark authorised sites.

The upkeep of the park has insured minimal effect via tourists, resulting in an unsullied seascape of colorful coral and sponges and an abundance of aquatic life, inclusive of sea turtles, stingrays, and tropical fish.

The coastline of saba is rocky with few seashores, but snorkelers will experience torrens point.

Washington-Slagbaai National Park, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

Occupying about one-fifth of the island of bonaire, the washington-slagbaai national park encompasses cactus-covered hillsides, mangroves, seashores, sand dunes, and salt pans. The park is fine navigated in a four-wheel-drive automobile because of the rugged dust roads.

That is an extremely good region to spot a number of the island’s many species of birds. Flamingos, herons, and parakeets are frequently visible here, and the flowers reflects the island’s arid weather. Many species of cacti, as well as mesquite and brazilwood trees, develop right here.

Different animals discovered within the park encompass donkeys, goats, and iguanas, and all four species of caribbean sea turtles nest on the seashores.

Subi brandaris, the highest point on the island, gives a quality view of the surroundings. On clean days, you would possibly even glimpse the coast of venezuela. Word that there may be a $45 charge to enter the park.

Klein Bonaire, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

A part of the bonaire country wide marine park, klein (“little”) bonaire is a flat, uninhabited islet lying an insignificant 800 meters off bonaire’s concave west coast. Fringed with the aid of white sands, turquoise waters, and coral reefs teeming with marine existence, this island is a favourite of divers and snorkelers. Huge reef fish, many pelagic species, turtles, and seahorses swim those translucent waters, and plenty of dive sites may be accessed from shore.

No name beach right here is arguably the exceptional seashore in bonaire. Water taxis and dive boats transport site visitors throughout from kralendijk, however you want to deliver your very own meals, refreshments, and shade protection.

Lac Bay, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

On bonaire’s japanese windward side, lac bay (lac baai) is a hot spot for windsurfing. Easy waters and constant winds create remarkable situations for both beginner and extra advanced windsurfers.

Thanks to the bay’s shallow waters and prolific marine lifestyles, get up paddleboarding and kayaking are also popular here.

The mangrove forest of lac bay is one of the exceptional preserved in the caribbean. Within the seagrass beds between the mangroves and reef, snorkelers may additionally spot queen conchs, stingrays, and lobsters.