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Top 3 Popular Cruises to Cuba

Popular cruises to Cuba have become the preferred choice for travelers planning their vacation to this Caribbean gem. There are many ways you can travel to Cuba from America but Cruising is the best way that you will get to enjoy both the journey and your stay. The U.S. government allowed the use of Cruises to Cuba, and the Caribbean Island has opened doors to many cruising companies that want to be part of the new trending and exciting route that promises many customers visiting Cuba.

Different cruise lines offer diverse packages based on your plans, style, and budget. Before booking your trip with a Cruise line, you must consider which Cruise lines are offering the best itineraries, Cost, how long you want to stay on vacation, and services offered if you are travelling as a family, check on family-friendly cruise lines that will make your stay enjoyable and memorable. Therefore, the blog explores the Top three cruises to Cuba that meet all your needs.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Best for both quick gateways and longer Caribbean exploration that includes Cuba. Sailing from Miami will take only four nights for a quick gateway with a Norwegian sky. From port Canaveral to Havana will also take five days on Norwegian Sun with an additional free open bar onboard where you can even enjoy mojitos.

For a longer exploration of the Caribbean, Norwegian offers a seven-night package from different destinations such as Miami, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale to Havana through other ports such as Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Ocho Rios, Stirrup Cay or Key West and Nassau. It provides multiple shore excursions that include; performances in Tropicana or Buena Vista, a Tour to Havana in classic cars, and an outing to a major art gallery Fabrica de Arte Cubano.

  • The cost from Miami on a 7-day cruise starts from $599 with five ports to call.
  • The four-day cruise tour minimum cost is $449 beginning its journey from Port Canaveral.
  • Five-day cruise starts from $449 from New Orleans, Louisiana with three ports of call.
  • A twelve-day cruise tour is $2,728 from Seattle, Washington with five land tours and six ports of call.
  • All the cruise tours have four free offers which are free open bar, free excursions, free WIFI, and free specialty dining.

MSC Cruises

The cruise line offers a longer exploration of the Caribbean Island. It offers a cruising itinerary from a 7-day exploration and a fourteen-day exploration. It is important because tourists get to enjoy a full week of exploration in different Caribbean countries and engage in inland excursions. The MSC Opera and MC Armonias offer luxury and comfort as people explore the sights of Mexico, Jamaica, and Honduras.

Tourists visit Cuban historical towns such as Havana, Santiago de Cuba, and Cienfuegos as they enjoy Cayo Largo beaches. The cruise offers entertainment by ensuring an overnight stay in Havana as you enjoy dance and music in the biggest nightclub in Cuba, ride in Vintage American cars, and enjoy Hanabos cigars and local rum.

The MSC Cruise package includes meals and collaborates with Sunwing Airlines for roundtrips and port transfers from Thunder Bay and Montreal where visitors get to enjoy airplane rides. Adults can enjoy beverages, drinks, and different alcohol brands and they can select other drinks at their own cost.

Tourists enjoy freshly prepared cuisine, amazing décor, entertainment, and ocean views from balconies and accommodations that have the best air conditioner, double-size bed, bathroom with shower, free internet, and room service.

Also, the MSC cruise is family-friendly as it offers programs for kids as a complimentary for different age groups. Amenities include swimming pools with a splash for children, a gym, and beauty salons.

  • The cost from Miami on a 7-day cruise starts from $569 with five ports to call.
  • The cost from Miami on an 11-day cruise starts from $569 with six ports to call.
  • The cost from Miami on a 14-day with 4 nights in Cuba, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Belize, and Honduras cruise starts from $569 with eight ports to call.

Oceanic Cruises

It is considered the most luxurious and delightful cruise on the Caribbean Island of Cuba. It offers a longer exploration of Caribbean islands with a 10-night and 24-night exploration.  The 10-night sail has a night in Havana, Cozumel, and Santiago de Cuba and a 24-night spend in Panama and Honolulu but both itineraries have other same Cuban cities. Marina ship has the capacity to carry 1250 crew members with three port calls on Regatta, Insignia, and Sirena. The cruise has about 524 balcony cabins meaning most of the visitors will enjoy the sea view.

The cruise is equipped with hot tubs where you can relax with a glass of wine. The crew enjoys a popular cuisine or Neapolitan pizza but with other many choices that they can choose from. The Oceanic cruise is filled with entertainment from theatre shows, comedies, musicals games, and acrobats that everyone gets engaged and participates to spend their night.  It has nine swimming pools and hot tubs. And twelve bars and lounges.

Conclusively, Norwegian, Oceanic, and MSC cruises are considered the best Caribbean cruise line but they are not the only Cruise line available to get you to Cuba. It is important to research the best cruise line as time passes because rankings continue to change. In the meantime, you can be sure that the above cruise lines are the top three and you should consider booking a trip with one of them that suits you.

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