Vacation islands in Colombia enrich the allure of the Caribbean, adding to its fascination and unspoiled charm of nature. The Caribbean, with its boundless glory, becomes an irresistible haven that captures your heart, ensuring that every visit leaves something worth exploring. No matter how many times you have been in the Caribbean and how thoroughly you have explored it, there would always be something left worth exploring. Today, we are here to talk about those islands in the Caribbean that are not very popular but they definitely deserve a visit. So, delve deep into details and find out the secret Caribbean islands.

9 best secret vacation islands in Colombia

There would be probably hundreds of secret Caribbean islands but today we are targeting only Columbia. Given this fact, we will be talking about the most popular secret Caribbean islands in Columbia.

  • San Andres Island, Colombia

If you are a nature lover and want to spend some soothing moments in the lap of nature, you should definitely consider visiting San Andres island, which is a famous beach destination in Columbia.

The mesmerizing vista and the soul-stirring ambiance would make you feel like staying here a little longer.

The island is the home to UNESCO-protected Seaflower Biosphere Reserve. Once you have given your eyes enough visual treat and want to do something adventurous, you can indulge in the water sports activities offered on its white sandy beaches.

In addition to that, you can also head to Old Point Mangle Regional Park and explore mangrove forests. On the beautiful coastline of the island, you will also find a number of restaurants, pubs, and hotels where you can give your taste buds too a treat.

  • Rosario islands, Colombia

Rosario islands are a chain of as many as 27 islands. Given this fact, you can assume the magnetic charm of these islands and the kind of experience you can get here. This beautiful island is completely draped with the glory of nature all through and never fails to amaze the visitors at every single step.

It is actually an archipelago that has something interesting to offer to all types of travel tastes. Whether you are a wild beach lover or a peace seeker, this island won’t disappoint you in any way. Head to Playa Libre to have the best beach experience on this island.

If you want to see real dolphins, you must not skip your visit to the Oceanarium, which is a conservation center for dolphins. On top of everything, this island is dotted with a number of luxurious and posh hotels and resorts where you can stay and experience the luxuriousness of the Caribbean at its best.

  • Santa Catalina Island, Colombia

Santa Catalina island is one of the most popular secret Caribbean islands. It is again famous among peace lovers. The laid-back atmosphere of the island is perfectly complemented by the soothing surroundings of nature. From beaches to the ocean, it has everything.

The interesting thing about this island is that it is unspoiled and serene despite having human inhabitants. It is home to nearly 7 villages, which will display the remote lifestyle of the Caribbean perfectly. The Old Providence McBean Lagoon National Park is a famous tourist destination on this island.

Among hundreds of natural tourist destinations, there is also a man-made wonder and it is a floating bridge connecting Providencia to Santa Catalina. Above everything, the island has some cool stuff to offer to the history buffs as well.

  • Cholon, Colombia

Cholon Colombia is one of the best secret Caribbean islands for youths because parties are always going on. Whether it is day or night, you will always find something happening and pulsating on the island. If you truly love music and dance, don’t miss visiting this island.

Get on the dance floor and shake your legs on wild Caribbean music and enjoy the night at its best. Besides that, you can also gorge on luscious dishes and give your tongue a treat as well. What’s more to say, you can even experience boat parties on this island.

Beyond the parties, there is a lot more to explore on the island as well. This is why you just don’t restrict yourself to parties and fun. Make sure to visit its stunning beaches that are all ready to tickle your soul.

  • Isla Fuerte, Colombia

We don’t think there would be any more peaceful and serene island in Columbia than Isla Fuerte. This hidden gem covered in the drape of tranquility and serenity is definitely one of the most secret  Caribbean islands. It is sure to spellbind you with this unparalleled beauty and the charm of nature.

Unlike other Caribbean islands, the beaches, mangrove forests, and palm trees are not the major catchment of eyes here but there is something more than that. Here, you will find a thick and dense family of trees ranging in a wide variety. You can witness trees up to 2500 years old.

Once you are enough of this fascination, explore the coconut plantation that you can find all around the island. There is also a famous cave named limestone cave that you must explore before leaving the island. This tiny egg-shaped island is literally paradise in Columbia.

  • Tierra Bomba, Colombia 

Do you love capturing the mind-blowing views of skylines? Then, you must not miss a visit to Tierra Bomba, which offers breathtaking skyline views of Cartagena. The island might be tiny in terms of geography but it is definitely huge and far-reaching when it comes to its tourist glory.

Since it is home to abundant beaches and beach clubs, the island is popular among youngsters. You can soak in the sun while lying on the beach bed and captivating the awe-inspiring vista all around.

After a tiring excursion day, you can release yourself on the bed in its luxurious hotels and experience the comforts and luxury at the best. If you have a special love for history, this island has something different for you. Just stop by the town of Bocachica and admire the ancient architecture.

  • Malpelo island

Malpelo island calls blue ocean water lovers from all around the world. Although there is a lot more to explore on this magnetic island, the blue waters of the ocean are the most popular here. Being home to a huge range of endangered species, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

If you are brave enough and can go for any type of adventure activity, explore the underwater caves of this island where you might get a sight of all types of sharks. The flamboyant and diverse ocean life of this island makes it a one-of-a-kind tourist destination.

It is so vivid and beautiful that it would be a perfect place for underwater photography. Since it is mainly an underwater tourist destination, it is primarily popular among adventurous beasts who love scuba diving.

  • Gorgona island

The list of secret Caribbean islands can never end without a mention of Gorgona island, which is a favorite tourist destination of adventure lovers in the Caribbean. Once a national park of the endangered species is today a tourist destination for people.

Today most parts of the national park have gone into ruins but there is still a lot more to be explored and witnessed. Located just 28 km off the Colombian Pacific coast, it is a remote island in the Caribbean and this is what makes it a secret destination in the Caribbean.

The location of the island is so remote that you can get there only by boat ride. With this fact, you can assume how secret and unspoiled it is. Maybe this is the reason that its tourist glory is intact even in today’s world of modernization.

  • Providencia island

Whether you love Sandy beaches or panoramic scenic beauty or you are the complete opposite of it and love adventurous activities, Providencia island has a bunch of everything to offer you. It’s only its diverse tourism that makes it a famous tourist destination in Columbia.

The island has a plethora of marine life to explore. Among all, scuba diving is the most popular one. If you have enough guts, you can go for it and get a bit closer to the sea creatures. You are sure to be amazed by the biodiversity and the vivacity of the marine life on this island.

Another must-do thing on this island is to hike El Pico, which is the highest point of the island. Given the fact, climbing to this is not going to be a walk on the rose bed. However, once you are there, the insta-worthy pictures and the never-forgetting experience will literally be worth it.


When you are in the Caribbean, don’t be surprised if you get to know about secret places very often because this region is full of such places only. The secret Caribbean islands that we just talked about are also those places. They will definitely make your Caribbean tour a fascinating affair.

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