Puerto Rico food is the result of a combination of the ancient Taino’s and Araka’s secrets with the modern ingredients brought by the conquerors. The most popular are the tropical fruits, corn, rice, seafood, meat, pork among others.

When traveling, eating is basic. But having a really delicious, good dinner or lunch makes all the difference! Don’t you agree? In this Article, I am going to tell you all what you should know about Puerto Rico food and where to eat it.

Puerto Rico food is a unique mixture of local ingredients, such as papaya, coriander, bananas, cacao and celery together with the influence of African, European and American’s cultures. Its taste is something no one will ever forget!

Traditional recipes are transfer from generation to generation, but there is always something new that can be added to them. This makes Puerto Rico food really popular and one of the most delicious worldwide! Its particular taste of “sofrito” (onion, garlic, pepper and sometimes coriander), sweet bananas cooked in any possible way, meat, pork and chicken are some examples of all the different possibilities you can eat and enjoy in Puerto Rico.

Some of the most famous dishes are the “mofongo” (fried green bananas with smashed pork covered in broth), roasted pork with rice, pigeon peas and bananas, fritters stuff with anything you like, for example, chicken, crabmeat or octopus, classic rice with chicken and the unique delicious “coquito”, a drink similar to punch made with different types of milk, white rum and cinnamon.

Puerto Rico food is also influenced by the local fresh ingredients. This means that each region has its own particular menus. From the fresh seafood from the sea, to the 100% Puerto Rican coffee from the mountains, the fusion cuisine of San Juan, there is always something delicious to taste in Puerto Rico, no matter where you are. Let’s see each then in more detail!

1. Fresh Seafood and coastal coffee

The coastal Region of Puerto Rico is well known because of its beautiful beaches and caves, especially those at the north. This area includes Arecibo (North), Fajardo (East) and Ponce (South).

Arecibo is the largest department of Puerto Rico. It is located at the Atlantic Ocean coast. Here you can eat smoked dishes seasoned with cumin and coriander. Also, fresh seafood that are fished at the same place stands out. “Ceti” is a small fish and it is the most used ingredient. You can taste this particular fish in the “mofongo”, “empanadas” and also in pies, but the most popular way to enjoy it is fried ceti.

Going south to Ponce, the second largest metropolitan area after San Juan, you can enjoy drinking a good cup of fresh and delicious coffee.

mariscos-minSome restaurants you can visit are: El Nuevo Acuario (Loiza), Café Lucero (Ponce), Salitre Meson Costero (Arecibo), Las Vistas Café (Fajardo), Salpicon Restaurant (Arecibo), Lola (Ponce).

2. Pork, fritters and cocktails in the metropolitan area

If you are planning to visit Puerto Rico, you must stay some days at Old San Juan. San Juan has more than 500 years of history, great museums to visit, beautiful beaches to relax and of course delicious food to taste. The most important, well known restaurants are located in San Juan. The possibilities are endless… you can try some street food or have an extravagant dinner at a luxury restaurant. There is always something to eat in every corner of the city, for example, you can have a tropical cocktail, roasted pork or just finger food.

As mentioned before, you can simply enjoy the most amazing versions of the classic Puerto Rican dishes, such as “mofongo”, rice with beans and “Tripleta” (an enormous sandwich with pork, meat and jam). Or you can sit down at a fancy restaurant where they used local ingredients to make their dishes unique. You must visit San Juan hungry because every moment spend here promises to be full with delicious food!

Some restaurants to visit are: Sofia’s Old San Juan, Marnalade Restaurant & Wine Bar, Casita Miramar (Loiza), Vianda, San Juan SmokeHouse-La Placita de Santurce.

3. Puerto Rican Burgers, Coffee and steak in the mountains

Puerto Rico is not only beaches and sea. The interior of the island is full of mountains known as “The Cordillera Central” and jungle. It goes from east to west. You can reach this area by Rio Grande from where you can start by visiting the National forest “The Yunque”. This adventure must start with a delicious grill, some sweets and also you can have a perfect lunch at any of the restaurants of the city.

If you are looking for adventure, then you should visit Orocovis, one of the largest towns of the mountainous region. Here you can find the longest zip line of the world and you can end your visit by having a delicious dinner at the great restaurants of the town. All along the other small towns through The Cordillera, you can find a real hospitality, fresh coffee, local dishes and delicious smoked meats. No matter where you are, you are going to find great places to eat with tremendous diches to taste!

Some restaurants to visit: Casa Bavaria (Morovis), Café Nativo (Jayuya), Mi Vida Café (Rio Grande), Restaurant Toro Verde (Morovis), La Casita Restaurant (Jayuya), Pura Vida (Humacao).

I am sure that by the end of this article you must be starving and can wait to eat some or all of the dishes I mentioned in this article! Am I wright? What are you waiting for? Puerto Rico is your next stop for sure! Do not forget to have a look at our webpage or follow us on facebook!