Airports are the place where you make your first impression of the country you are about to visit. Although it is important to know the best ways to get in and out, it is still the ever-missing part of any traveling plans.

Now we are going to get in touch with the St Thomas Airport. This airport not only serves the island of St Thomas but also serves some neighboring islands such as St John, nearby British Virgin Islands, and other islands in the West Indies.

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Cyril E. King Airport Terminal (Source)

Amenities inside the Cyril E. King Airport

As a passenger, it is very useful to know the place you are going to and to collect data about the facilities and amenities in this place. Good data makes good decisions.

Don’t search more, you can find all your needed data about St Thomas Airport here. Let’s explore the amenities inside the airport to make sure that you know everything for better planning.

Parking Area

The car parking area in the Cyril E. King Airport is free for the first 15 minutes. After this, you will be charged an additional 2 USD for every hour till you reach the maximum charge of 10 USD.

Any lost ticket will be charged 10 USD. The parking is performing from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.


There is free wi-fi in the St Thomas Airport, but the passenger needs to fill in a survey about his vacation to log into the airport network. The local internet service provider also offers free wi-fi hotspots through the airport.

After the 2018 hurricane, the wi-fi service was disabled, and is not known if it is available now or still not.

Eating and Drinking

You can find at St Thomas Airport some choices to buy the food you need or drinks. From these choices 2 restaurants, a cafe, and some snack bars. These are some of them

Note that the St Thomas Airport closes at 11 p.m. so you should plan your needs because there are no 24 hours food service.

Car Rental Desks

There are desks for car rentals from a number of agencies. These agencies include

  • Avis
  • Hertz
  • Budget

Or you can rent a car online using this link. This gives you more options to compare, and a chance to reserve in advance.

Passengers with Disabilities

St Thomas Airport can be considered passengers with disabilities friendly. The passengers can find a lot of amenities including adapted toilets, elevators, automatic doors, reserved parking spaces, and more.

Remember to inform your airlines about your disability type and any specific needs you want them to provide in advance.

People with Disabilities Sign


The St Thomas Airport shops has shops that sell gifts and alcoholic beverages.


Passengers can find ATMs to withdraw cash when needed.

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Amenities outside the Cyril E. King Airport

Local Transportation

  • You can find the public bus Line (102) which operates from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Local taxis are available outside the terminal and it takes about 10 minutes to the city.

Car Rental Agencies

You can find Car rental agencies inside the airport, but you may check with your hotel or resort about the service of moving from or to the hotel. Some hotels offer this service and can afford it to you.

Car Rentals Agencies in St Thomas Island can vary. You can Check a variety of them using the following link and rent a car in advance to your most comfort.

Rent a Car with BookingBuddy and Save Big!

Taxi Reservation

You can reserve a taxi in advance from Virgin Islands Association using this phone number (340) 774-4550.

Additional information for the neighboring islands’ visitors

St Thomas Airport is not serving the Island of St Thomas only as we mentioned before. The neighboring island of St John has no airports, so the passengers need more trip planning to make it a comfortable trip.

The only way to reach this island is by boat. Visitors who want to stay at St John may arrive at any neighboring island’s airport, mostly St Thomas, and get to the harbor to go to St John.

Passengers can choose from many options such as Ferry, water taxi, or car barge. They have two options, one is to take a taxi van and wait for a while to collect 6 or 8 passengers then start their trip to the red hook ferry or the Charlotte Amalie ferry. The second is to take a private taxi to the same place.

St Thomas Cab at Red Hook (Source)
  • Passengers Ferries

There are hourly trips from red hook St Thomas to Cruz Bay St John. Less frequent trips are available from Charlotte Amalie. It takes between 10 to 20 minutes to arrive at your destination.

  • Water Taxi

The water taxi is a private transportation mean, which is suitable for small groups. The minimum number of passengers is 5. Travelers should reach the Red Hook with the same mentioned options.

  • Car Berge

The same trip to reach Red Hook. There are three carriers for this type of ferry: Boyson, Love City, and Global Marine. Remember that you need to arrive 15 minutes before departure.

Car Barge

Any Island you will plan to stay on, or any way that you will choose to use for transportation, prior planning will help you to get the most benefits at an affordable rate.

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Finally, you know that the St Thomas Airport will be your first impression when you land on the USVI, So try to know well what you need and get all the knowledge that can make your trip easy and comfortable.