10 amazing places to visit in puerto rico

Places To Visit In Puerto Rico as it is a mix of beautiful beaches and unforgettable activities and walks.

If you are thinking about your next trip and you want beautiful beaches together with other activities, Puerto Rico Island is the place you need to go! Puerto Rico is not only heavenly beaches with crystal clear water and white thin sand beaches…. There are lot of other blow minding activities you can do in this small but full of different attractions island of the Caribbean. Let me tell you all about them, and when this article is over, I am almost sure you can not wait to come and visit Puerto Rico on your next holidays with an extensive information about places to visit in puerto rico! Let’s start!

  1. A walk in Old San Juan

Walking and getting lost in the Historic Centre of Puerto Rico, is something everyone should experience. San Juan was founded in 1521 at the north cost and its historic centre is full of colourful houses. You can visit the San Felipe del Moro Castle, built in the XVI century. This fortification looks outstanding in front of the waters of the Caribbean and it was the main defensive bulwark during the colonial piracy era. You can also visit the San Cristobal Castle, San Juan Bautista Cathedral, Santa Catalina Palace (also known as “The Fortaleza”), the Main Square, San Geronimo Fort, Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis graveyard, the Capitolio, the White House and the Princess walk.

 best places to visit in puerto rico

2. Ron history in Ponce


Are you a ron lover? Do you want to learn more about this Caribbean drink? Then you must visit Ponce. Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico. It has an historic centre, not so old as San Juan’s (end of XIX century and beginning of XX century), because most of its oldest buildings were destroyed by natural disasters. You can visit the Cathedral, The Bomb Park and the properties of the Serralles family, historic sugar cane and ron magnates. Nowadays, these properties are the Museum of the history of sugar and ron and Puerto Rican music museum.

4. Explore the Camuy River Caves

The Camuy River, 19 miles long, begins in the “Cordillera Central” and ends in the Caribbean Sea. It is worldwide known because it is one of the longest underground streams. It goes through 4 Puerto Rican departments (Camuy, Hatillo, Lares, Utuado) and it formed about 220 caves all the way through 10 miles. It is the largest cave system in the western hemisphere and one of the largest in the world. These caves belong to the Rio Camuy Caverns National Park, almost 7 miles of protected area since 1987. “Cueva Clara” is the most impressive, with 50 meters high and beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.  Archaeological evidence indicates these caves were known by the ancient Tainos.

5. A walk between birds through the dry forest of Puerto Rico

Only 25 miles away from Ponce, you reach to the Guanica State Dry Forest, a protected area where you can walk and appreciate birds in their natural environment. This ecosystem are the results of an intensive short rainy season (from August to November) followed by a long dry season. You can find all types of vegetables species and birds. So, if you are a bird lover, this is the place to come to enjoy their company, listen to their singing while walking through an exotic landscape.

5. Coffee farms of Puerto Rico

At some point of our journey, it is necessary to have a break, and what better to enjoy a really good cup of coffee. 40 % of Puerto Rico are mountains, which belong to the “Cordillera Central”.

Coffee production has been planted in the stowage of these mountains since the 18th century. Tourist can visit this coffee plantations, see the processing facilities and end by trying the coffee. Most of these farms are located in Adjuntas, 17 miles northwest from Ponce and 75 miles Southwest from San Juan. This department is also known as “Coffee town” or “Coffee Route”. “Tres Angeles” or “Sandra Farms” are two examples of these coffee farms… Can you imagine all the atmosphere with coffee smell??? Can wait to be there!!

6.Surf and dive with sea turtles in Rincon

If you are looking for another unforgettable experience, then you should come to Rincon, located at the west coast of the main island. In Rincon you can find the best surfing waves and also, dive with sea turtles and bottle nose dolphins. These species, in danger of extinction, are protected by the “Tres Palmas Marine Reserve”. When diving, you can also enjoy the coral reefs, such as “Cuerno de Alce”, one of the most beautiful and complex of all, also in danger of extinction.  Are you going to miss this adventure?

7. Get lost in the National Forest “El Yunque”

It rains more than 5000 mm in this tropical forest located at Sierra de Luquillo, at east of Puerto Rico. It is the only tropical rain forest recorded in the US National Forest system. It is one of the oldest protected area of the western hemisphere. You can climb up the “Pico El toro”. During the climbing, more than 66 different species of birds will accompany you, between them you can appreciate “La Iguaca” or the “Cotorra puertorriquena”, both in danger of extinction.

8. Pre-Columbian carvings in The Indian Carven

Next to the north coast, near Arecibo, deep down this cave has petroglyphs made by indigenous Tainos before the arrival of the Spanish. Near the Cave, there are some cliffs in which the continues blows of the sea, have sculpted rocks of really curious shapes. You can also go to “Cueva Ventana”, located above Rio Grande, which has stalactites, stalagmites and bat colonies.

9. Humacao Natural Reserve

Do you like adventure? This is the perfect place to enjoy all types of activities, such us Kayaking, mountain biking, fishing and trekking, surrounded by nature. Located in Humacao, 36 miles South east of San Juan you can find a place to do all of these activities. While doing any of them, the guides explain all about the vegetation and animals of the area. You can also climb up “El Morrillo” from where you have fantastic views. It has a free access from Wednesdays to Sundays, and there are facilities such as bathrooms, coffee shop, etc.

10. Isabela Cliffs

Isabela is a Pueto rican coastal department, located near the northwestern of the island, 73 miles west form San Juan. Here there are amazing cliffs. “Punta Impresionante” is one of them.  It is not allowed to swim in the beach because if its intense waves, but the natural views are blow minding! With low tide and good weather, you can visit “he cave of Swallows”. This is a really nice walk! For the surf lovers, Jobos Beach is the place to go near Isabela. Not suitable for swimming though, because of the currents.

We have reached the end of this list, even though there are lots of other beautiful attractions In Puerto Rico. As I told you before, Puerto Rico is a small island, but it is full of surprising unforgettable experiences. It is the perfect place to mix relaxing beaches, with all kinds of adventures. It is impossible to get bored in Puerto Rico! I am sure that time is not enough to do everything Puerto Rico has to offer! In another article, I’ll go on with other things to do in Puerto Rico. Nonetheless, if you want to learn more about us, you can visit our webpage or follow us in social media. See you!