8 Best Things to Do in Puerto Plata!

Puerto Plata is located on the Dominican Republic‘s Amber Coast, which is called for the profusion of valuable amber resources found there. Vacationers from all over the world come to the all-inclusive beach resorts that line the shore in Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic’s first custom-built tourism attraction.

Although the beaches provide a variety of activities to keep the whole family occupied, those who are willing to go outside of the resort will find plenty of exciting things to do in and around Puerto Plata. With this list of the top attractions in Puerto Plata, you can learn more about the greatest locations to visit and best things to do in Puerto Plata.

Our List Of Top Things To Do In Puerto Plata:

Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata

Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata’s main tourist attraction, is a stretch of golden sand beach where you’ll find the majority of the area’s all-inclusive resorts, as well as all the hustle and bustle that goes with them. On one of the nicest beaches in the Dominican Republic, sunbathers line the water in lounge chairs and cabanas.

Live Merengue music is practically inevitable, and day visitors don’t have to leave the sand to acquire food, beverages, or souvenirs. There are restaurants and a retail area where the beach is not surrounded by hotels. Swimming and water sports are perfect in the warm seas, and there are various rental businesses where you may hire equipment.

Damajagua Waterfalls, Puerto Plata

Aside from the beach, the Damajagua Waterfalls are the area’s main natural feature, and visiting them may be an experience for nature enthusiasts. Visitors may swim, jump, and slide their way downstream, frequently via stone waterslides formed by the flowing water, while wearing helmets and lifejackets. The 20-foot plunge at La Tinajita and the twisted Corkscrew falls are two of the most thrilling, and neither is for the faint of heart.

The pool at Jaiba, named for the freshwater crabs that live in the rocks here, and a strange pool with two layers of water — frigid on top and warm on the bottom — are two more highlights. There is also a visitor centre on the property.

Safari Adventure Tour, Puerto Plata

An outback safari journey to some of the island’s attractions is a great activity for both families and couples visiting Puerto Plata. This is a fantastic way to get a sense of the region’s unique scenery and people.

Tourists may enjoy unobstructed views from the open-air safari vehicle as the guide delivers a narrative about the surrounding region on the 5.5-hour Outback Cultural Adventure Tour. The journey includes excursions to magnificent panoramas such as the slopes of Mount Isabela de Torres, with several pictures stops.

A chocolate, coffee, and fruit plantation, a local residence, a school, and a wildlife rescue, where you may meet some of the creatures, including the endangered rhinoceros iguana, are among the other stops. The day concludes with a visit to a private beach, where you may rest or swim.

Ocean World Adventure Park, Puerto Plata

Because of its interactive marine life experiences, Ocean World Adventure Park, three miles from Puerto Plata, is a popular destination for families and couples. Admission includes access to the water park’s pools and waterslides, as well as snorkelling at the Tropical Reef Aquarium and informative animal presentations including dolphins, sea lions, sharks, and tropical birds.

Visitors may also purchase special access programmes, such as sea lion experiences, stroking stingrays, swimming with sharks, and a variety of methods to engage with the dolphins, ranging from petting and feeding to swimming and even spending a whole day with the trainers assisting with animal care.

Cabarete beach, Puerto Plata

cabarete beach is a magnet for the young, hip, and physically active, as well as daring retirees, and is surrounded by a four-mile stretch of white-sand beach. Restaurants ring the beach’s upper end, where you may dine on the sand or simply relax. Shops and other stores are located behind the main road.

With warm seas and regular winds, cabarete beach is regarded as one of the greatest for kiteboarding in the world. Cabarete’s famed Kite Beach is a great place for novices to learn the sport as well as experienced kitesurfers to have some fun. Surfers frequent the region, particularly the adjacent Playa Encuentro. In the mornings, you can surf, and in the afternoons, you can kite.

Sosua Beach, Puerto Plata

Sosa, about 15 miles east of Puerto Plata, is noted for its protected beaches and cosmopolitan vibe, owing to its history as a haven for Jewish Europeans fleeing persecution who arrived in the 1940s to establish a new life. Many guesthouses, villas, hotels, and cafés can now be found in the neighbourhood.

The crescent-shaped Sosa Beach is flanked with leafy trees and bustles with merchants, making it one of the greatest SCUBA diving and snorkelling spots in the region. You might be able to see migratory whales in the bay if you visit in the winter.

If you’re in Sosa, make a point of stopping by Casa De Arte in the town centre, where you’ll discover displays of local artists’ work, including paintings, drawings, jewellery, and sculpture. The Casa de Arte also serves as a school, teaching a range of visual and performing arts to local teenagers and children, as well as hosting cultural events.

Fort San Felipe, Puerto Plata

The lone existing colonial structure in Puerto Plata, Fort San Felipe (Fuerte San Felipe), is one of the earliest European forts built in the Americas. It was constructed between 1564 and 1577 to keep off immigrants from other European kingdoms as well as pirates in search of silver and gold.

It has mostly served as a jail over the ages, most infamously as a prison for political prisoners under Trujillo’s dictatorship. Visitors will find some intriguing wartime historical objects as well as a small museum inside the eight-foot-thick walls.

The fort is surrounded by a moat and illuminated at night, and the park below it is a great place to watch the sunset; there are also great views from the fort.

Mount Isabel de Torres, Puerto Plata

Mount Isabel de Torres (also known as Pico Isabella de Torres) towers over Puerto Plata, providing breathtaking views of the city, beach, and Atlantic Ocean. Most people take the cable car (the only one in the Caribbean) up the mountain to enjoy the additional vistas and photo opportunities, however, more adventurous travellers can trek to the summit.

A statue of Christ the Redeemer stands on the peak, looking down on the city below, similar to the famed landmark in Rio de Janeiro. Vendors congregate at his feet to form a bustling shopping area with beverages and gifts such as amber jewellery and homemade crafts, as well as a restaurant. A short stroll will take you to the botanical gardens, where you may relax among the indigenous flowers and foliage.