10 Ways to Explore Barbados

As a tourist looking to travel on a Caribbean vacation, alone or with family, there are lots of options to choose from. The Caribbean offers an array of nations to pick from. However, though small, Barbados is one destination spot that offers lots of activities and experience that remain unforgettable.

If you decide a vacation in Barbados, the Caribbean’s easternmost island, you’ll be sure to be immersed in natural ambiance, a homely Bajan culture and a history so rich in information. This amazing island may be small in dimension but presents a long list of activities to explore.

Here are 10 memorable ways to explore Barbados on your next Caribbean vacation

Stroll Through Hunte’s Botanical Gardens

As a lover of nature, peace and tranquillity, Hunte’s Botanical Gardens must be on your must-see list. Littered with an array of colourful flowers and plants with soft classical music playing in the air, this botanical garden is one place to unwind.  Hunte’s Gardens is located in the hills of St. Joseph, and offers nature-lovers one of the finest experiences in the East Caribbean islands. You can also enjoy some refreshments while strolling the garden paths.

Begin the day at Bliss Café

On the street of St. Lawrence gap lies a family run cafe known for the most acclaimed breakfast dishes on the island. Bliss Cafe is known for its speciality and a definite stop for tourist and the likes. Their menu contains varieties of BBQ chicken flat bread and freshly made waffles. You can also get cookies and cream milkshake and a host of other delicacies. Also stop by for coffee, fresh juice and veggie omelettes. Relax in this laidback interior cafe and start your day with a healthy breakfast.

Try out the Bajan delicacies

While at Barbados, you must try out the special delicacies the island has to offer. The cuisine in Barbados is top-notch. You can try dishes from Cou Cou and fried flying fish to pudding and souse. Barbados prides itself of her unique and local specialties. Visit Mount Gay Rum distillery to experience a refreshing rum punch including fresh mangoes, coconuts and sugar cane. If you have access to a kitchen while on your stay and want to try out some dishes yourself, you can try a short culinary class and learn to prepare traditional Barbadian cuisines. Some resorts come with kitchenette so feel free to explore.

Swim with Sea Turtles and Tour a Shipwreck

Carlisle Bay, Holetown, Dover Beach & Drill Hall are the best in Barbados to spot sea turtles.  Well celebrated as one of Barbados’ most beautiful beaches, the clear waters of Carlisle Bay are best suited for scuba diving and snorkeling when searching for a day with Aquatic life.

There are 6 shipwrecks you could find at Carlisle bay, so take your pick. You could also board a boat at Carinage Dock for the short ride to Carlisle Bay while soaking in the views of Barbados’ south coast on your trip. You will get to take underwater photos of this unique experience.

Check out Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Kick off that family vacation with a visit to the wildlife reserve of Barbados. There you will get to see first-hand some special animals unique to the island. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a habitat to a large number of 45 Barbadian Green Monkeys and a reserved organic home for a couple of other wildlife. The Reserve can be found near the top of Farley hill, in the parish of Saint Peter, Barbados. It sits on roughly four acres of mahogany forest. You will not regret a visit to Barbados Wildlife reserve.

 Head Out and Enjoy the Nightlife

St Lawrence Gap is home to most of Barbados nightclubs and Karaoke bars. Be ready to experience the best Caribbean nightlife as there’s something for everyone. Enjoy the Bajan culture and authentic Caribbean reggae music. Don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes!

You could also visit Ostin’s  seaside fish market on Friday night and experience Barbados tailored  fish fry if dancing isn’t your forte. Be ready for the best night-time and street party in the Caribbean.

Take a Walk on the Barbados Boardwalk

The Barbados Boardwalk in the Caribbean gloriously connects about two kilometers of beachfront at the south of the island. This stretch of beach is popular in attracting joggers, strollers or walkers who can navigate all the way to the Coconut Court Beach in the west from the east at Rockley Beach. There are lots of bars and rum shacks to relax and have fun, while there are also numerous places to sit down and relax while taking in the sea breeze.

Beach Day

When in Barbados, you are spoilt for choice as to which beach to visit. Nevertheless, regardless of choice, you will be sure to experience a great time at the beach. Beaches on the island range from white sands and peaceful waters to Rocky coastlines and rough waves. Wide range of activities can be experienced at the beach.

You could decide to just walk on the beach or go snorkelling. You could fly a kite of go scuba diving. It’s all up to you. You could decide to visit the beach at Bottom Bay, where you’ll enjoy a peaceful and private outing under the palm trees or take a trip to Ragged Point to get the best sunsets view on the island.

Visit Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s cave can be found at the centre of Barbados. The cave is one of the great wonders of Barbados. This crystallized splendour and limestone cave is a combination of crystal-clear water deep pools, flowing streams and high columns. Harrison’s Cave is a stream cave system of at least 2.3 kilometers in distance with an interior temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius.

Its largest cavern, the Great Hall, is about 15 metres high and is known to be an active cave as it constantly carries water. The tour of Harrison’s Cave usually takes about 3 hours. About 30 minutes to 1 hour of that time is spent underground. A visit to the Cave is surely to be an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy the waves of Bathsheba Beach

If you’ve come to the Caribbean for surfing or simply to capture exotic pictorial memories, then visit Barbados Bathsheba Beach. This beautiful white sand beach stretches along an eastern coastline, littered with striking rock formations as the Atlantic waters break. In the parish of Saint Joseph with a population of about 5,000 inhabitants lies Bathsheba, which is the main fishing village.

The beach is a known to be a surfer’s and photographer’s dream paradise as its dramatic waves and rock formations offers a picture square for photographers. Amazing waves at the Soup bowl makes for good surfing. The beach’s famous Soup Bowl is so popular which makes it a great place for international surfing competitions.

Thinking about traveling to experience Barbados  in 2022? Be sure to check our Caribbean Travel Requirements COVID-19 updates for the latest requirements for travel to Barbados as well as other Caribbean countries including Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts & Nevis,  and Trinidad and Tobago.