Travel Tips from Nigeria to Barbados

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Post pandemic era has seen the borders of many countries gradually open up to travelers across the globe. Even though some nations are still skeptical about fully opening their borders, many have begun to do so with less stringent requirements. Barbados has, over the years, been a dream destination spot for many around the world, especially Africans who love to travel far and wide, but many still don’t know what is required to make the trip.

Here are some basic requirements if you are looking to travel from Nigeria, in Africa to Barbados, in the Caribbean, probably in the nearest future. You will need some important travel tips to make your trip a somewhat successful one. Read on!


It will interest you to know that the official language of Barbados is English. This fact, is a welcome information for Nigerians as this is also a language well-spoken by the African Nation. Barbados is an Island nation, located in the West Indies, which is one of the Caribbean countries in North America.

For a nation with most of its population from the African descent, visitors from Nigeria won’t feel out of place when venturing into the Barbadian island. The people are generally friendly and approachable, making you feel as if you’re home away from home.

Barbados is well developed and arguably the most popular of all the Caribbean nations. It is a nation blessed with beautiful beaches and works of nature, lovely resorts that provide amazing activities and a history that will captivate whoever cares to enquire. Nigerians, who are well known for their easy-going lifestyle, will not find it difficult to integrate into the Bajan society.

One very important thing that will interest you about traveling to Barbados from Nigeria is that you do not need a Visa on entry. All you need at the point of entry is an immigration clearance. Yet, owing to the fact that there are no direct flights from Nigeria to the Caribbean island, Barbados, Nigerian travelers would be required to obtain a transit Visa. Many of the countries issuing transit Visas may deny you transit if you do not have a Visa document from Barbados. So, in order to avoid any setbacks or transit visa rejection, it is advisable you obtain a Visa directly from Barbados.

Here are the requirements for obtaining a transit Visa:

  1. A fully completed Barbadian Transit Visa Application Form and your essential declaratio
  2. Photographs (passport size)
  3. A valid national passport
  4. Original of a valid visa, if you are citizen of another country and one c
  5. Your latest bank statements
  6. A confirmation of your travel insurance for Barbados showing the coverage and one copy.
  7. Proof of group travel if you are travelling in a group.
  8. Proof of airline ticket reservation for Barbados and one copy.
  9. Transit visa fees for Nigerian nationals and residents in Nigeria.

There are no direct flights from Nigeria to the Caribbean Island of Barbados and the only way to get there is via Air. This fact means as a Nigerian looking to get to the island, you will be faced with the inevitable, stopover. The connecting countries are the UK, Canada or the United States. These countries can easily deny you a transit Visa simply if your reason for travel is not genuine. Most often than not, transit Visa is granted. You must try to limit your stopovers to just one country to avoid having to obtain multiple Visas and hence, spending much more money.

The total cost of making a round trip from Nigeria to Barbados is dependent on the airline you decide to choose and the length of stay at Barbados. Be it British airways, Lufthansa or KLM, most flights take off from Lagos or Abuja international airport and makes a stop at either Heathrow, Frankfurt or Amsterdam, depending on the airline.

When budgeting, put in mind a range from $1300 for a round trip per person from Nigeria to Barbados. If you are lucky, you could get some flight deals or promos and pay less. All connecting flights land at Grantley Adams international airport, Barbados.

All things being equal, your flight from any of the stopovers will land you at Grantley Adams international airport, Barbados. Your experience in the Caribbean has just begun! In as much as entry in to Barbados from Nigeria is Visa free, there are still compulsory travel documents you must present to the Immigration office upon your arrival.

These documents

are required:

  1. Your 6 months (minimum) valid International passport.
  1. Your return ticket.
  1. Evidence of basic travelling allowance, which should be enough to cater for the entire period you will be staying in Barbados.

  1. Accommodation arrangement or hotel reservation.
  2.   Address you’ll be staying at Barbados.
  3.   Your reasons for visiting Barbados.
  4. Covid-19 vaccination status.

You should note that presentation of all these documents at the point of entry are a must if you wish to proceed into the island as there are no short cuts.

It is advised that matters concerning accommodation be sorted out before taking the trip as you can be fortunate to get discounts when booking ahead and also the stress relief you get when you arrive and head straight to your hotel, rather than spending time and resources looking for accommodation that suits your budget. As for accommodation, Barbados doesn’t fall short of it. Whether you are looking for a luxurious stay or a budget hotel, the island has got you covered. Upon arrival, there are taxis available to get you to your destination. So, do your due diligence by searching for accommodation that fits your budget before making your trip from Nigeria.

Barbadian dollar is the currency used in the Caribbean island, Barbados. However, if you’re coming from Nigeria and you have the United States dollars, it can always be converted to the local currency. Even so, there are some facilities that still receive payments in the United States dollars so be sure not to change all your cash. Also, look up the current conversion rate between the United States dollar and the Barbadian dollar before you embark on your trip.

When it comes to feeding in Barbados, you are spoilt for choice as the restaurants mostly offer English cuisines. As a Nigerian looking to explore, you can try a variety of the international and local dishes available. You should however be informed that dishes in hotels and certain restaurants are expensive. Sourcing for local restaurants or cooking for yourself would help you save a lot of funds depending on your length of stay. For the period, take your mind off Nigerian dishes because there are no African restaurants or dishes in Barbados, none at all!

Traveling to the Caribbean island, you should be prepared for a lot of warmth and sun when it comes to the weather. This is the weather all year round. The average temperature on the island is about 30°C/86°F. It is said that the island has about 3,000 hours of sunshine every year. Well, this may be a problem for travelers coming from cold regions, but when coming from Nigeria, this fact is not a strange weather to its citizens.

One thing you must know for a fact is that, regardless of your main reasons for traveling to Barbados, the island is not in shortfall of places to visit.

Explore the numerous beaches and resorts littered along the coastline of this beautiful island. There are also lots of activities relating to both land and water. You could visit the museum and know more about the people and its history or you could venture into the aquatic world and snorkel with the marine habitats. Your only concern would be the time you have to explore the wonders of the island, which are many!

Here are some options that may interest you on your visit:
1. Barbados Museum & historical society
2. Harrison’s Cave
3. Barbados Wildlife Reserve.
4. Oistin’s Fish fry
5. Bathsheba Bay Bridgetown

Hopefully, this article helped point you towards the right direction and a better and well-planned trip from Nigeria to Barbados. Do have a safe trip!

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