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Under the theme “Celebrate our People”, the amazing island is celebrating 43rd St Lucia Independence Day. The celebration persists during the period from 22nd Feb to 13th March 2022.

This celebration is very heart-touching for every Lucian, it is the day to express pride for this unique nation. It is about every Lucian power, persistence, and challenge.

A piece of this Caribbean nation’s history is provided in a look of celebration, joy, pride, and rich cultural events. However, the real history was full of fights, bloody struggles, and a hard achieving dream which became true throughout people’s persistence.

History of St Lucia Independence Day:

St Lucia has a rich and eventful history. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502. He sighted the island on St. Lucy’s day, so he named it with this name. Its history is full of Anglo-French struggles to control this island for centuries. After years of occupation, finally, the people of St Lucia gained their independence on 22nd Feb 1979. St Lucia gained full independence which means:

  • No British control over the country’s internal or external affairs.
  • St Lucia sent ambassadors to other countries to represent their nation.
  • It has all the rights to sign treaties.
  • Has an elected government.
  • Issues their passports.
  • Has their army and defense system.

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Saint Lucia Independence Day 2022:

As same as other countries all over the world, St Lucia has been affected by the global Covid 19 pandemic. The celebration is “low keyed” according to Prime Minister Phillip J Pierre’s statement to the media.

This low-keyed celebration has its disappointing effect on the St Lucian people as they consider this event one of the most important events if it is not the most important.

Despite these disappointing voices, the Government and the tourism authorities planned several events and celebrations. The schedule was issued and the festivities have already begun. The celebrations will continue till the 13th March.

St Lucia Independence Day Promo

St Lucia Independence Day 2022 Celebration Calendar:

As we said before, this celebration came under average according to what the world always expected for this fascinating festival. This celebration started with a rich calendar containing some activities and parades.

This video presents all the activities and parades which started and still have some of them pending to start. Military parades, Live art, independence lectures, many festivities, and virtual and televised celebrations were on the calendar.

St Lucia Independence Day Activities

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Public Health Regulations:

As it is an exceptional situation in the presence of the international pandemic, the tourism authority controlled the celebrations to prevent the spread of the virus following the public health regulations.

Ministry of Health called on citizens and visitors to follow the public health regulations of the Covid 19 pandemic. The regulations comprise the following: avoiding crowds, following the sanitizing requirements, and isolation when contacting a positive case or having a family member with Covid 19 symptoms.

Out Over the Borders:


This year is exceptional. St Lucia took its culture abroad and traveled to another continent to spread the St Lucian brand. In Asia, specifically in United Arab Emirates St Lucia joined Expo 2020 Dubai, under the theme “My Island Home”.

St Lucia in Expo 2020 Dubai:

On Independence Day, which coincided with the event, Expo 2020 Dubai offered a chance to St Lucia, side by side with nearly 200 countries, to showcase their countries. So that a delegation from St Lucia arrived on the past 18th Feb including Darrel Montrope the Deputy Chair of the Independence 43 Committee.

Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, commissioner-general of Expo 2020, explained his happiness about this opportunity. He welcomed the delegation and expressed his pride in this partnership between the two nations.

The Expo 2020 Dubai is a unique opportunity for St Lucia to spread the culture, art, investment opportunities, tourism, and other aspects of the nation to the world.

So the 3 days event presented a live art exhibition. Music, dance, body colorings, and many other entertainment activities were the main ambassadors for the St Lucian culture to the world.

Disappointing Voices:

Despite these good activities made by the government of St Lucia, it was a little bit less average than what was expected by the people of St Lucia. Fortuna Belrose, the United Workers Party candidate for Castries East, announced via a social media post about her disappointment as the 43 celebration was not thoroughly organized locally and hoped that the next year’s event can reflect a better organizing effort.

On the other hand, in a reply to the mentioned criticisms, the Prime Minister apologized and promised the nation that next year’s event will be better. All the Lucian citizens hoped the pandemic situation would not affect the 2023 celebrations as it happened in past years.

Finally, we can’t find anything to end our tour with it, better than the Deputy Chair of the Independence 43 Committee, Darrel Montrope, statement to the Loop News.

“When we think independence, it is not just the flag; it is truly about who we are. Our ability to stand on our own, earn our livelihoods and make something of what we have, so we felt that is an important part of the culture independence calendar. As Sir Arthur Lewis said, a country without social or creative art is like a cultural desert, so what we want to do is bring this front and center.”

Happy Independence Day St Lucia!