Best 5 Places To Visit In Haiti in 2022

haiti is Often overlooked by harvesting its cool neighbors, Haiti continues to attract curious visitors from all over the world. A home of fascination and excitement . a vibrant and vibrant culture, this is the Caribbean but a dirtier version than its luxurious rivals with dots. You will also find many beautiful places to visit in Haiti is home to beautiful tranquil beaches, cascading waterfalls, and towering mountains. Here are some of the best and most beautiful places to visit in Haiti…


Sailing through the Royal Caribbean is worth a visit to Labadee.

peninsula on the beautiful north coast of Haiti secretly rented by a tourist company.

In this secret paradise, visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery along private, pristine beaches. There are many great options with a sandy beach, free seating, and additional amenities that include a kayak trip. If you want even more privacy, Labadee is the home base for hiking, stone tools, and sand sticks.

Those looking for more trips. can use the (water longest zipline in the world). alpine coaster, water park, ski trip, and more).

Amiga Island

The island of Amiga is a beautiful tropical island away from Labadee and Cap-Haitien. Visitors on a secret trip can relax on the sandy beaches. explore the green island interior, and definitely enjoy the clear waters of the Caribbean. The island is surrounded by coral reefs . (some have called it the best archipelago in the world), making for a thrill of swimming and swimming games.

Although a remote island, Amiga Island also offers excellent amenities to tourists. All guests get a free drink to enjoy the vibrant flavor of Caribbean mixology

Cathedral Notre-Dame

Although not as famous as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in Port-au-Prince. (now a desolate and impossible place to visit).

the Cathedral Notre-Dame in Cap-Haitien is a treasure trove under the Haitian crown. The first building on this site was built in 1670 by French colonies. but has been rebuilt several times since then. It was the site of a series of momentous events in Haiti’s history, including the official announcement. of the liberation of enslaved people in Haiti on August 29, 1793.

Visitors today can enjoy a beautiful colonial facade and a huge nave. The square in front of the cathedral also offers excellent views of the sea and Cap-Haitien

Bassin Bleu

Located a few miles outside the city of Jacmel, Bassin Bleu is one of the most beautiful places in Haiti. This natural resort consists of a few waterfalls that overflow in the Haitian rocky outcrops forming three impressive, rich greenwater lakes. Visitors can swim to the waterfall to experience an unforgettable experience.

The natural area has a small parking space for a 10 minute walk from the ponds themselves. Those who just want a relaxing trip can swim in a high pool near the waterfall. Some sages can dive into the lower ponds with the help of local guides.

Cadras Beach

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Haiti, Cadras Beach is one of the most beautiful places on the north coast of Haiti. Located near Grand Doco and just a short distance from Labadee, it is an ideal destination for many visitors to this region of Haiti. Visitors can enjoy the refreshing blue waters of the Caribbean and the sandy beaches.

The hinterlands of Cadras Beach are as beautiful as the beach. The area is surrounded by lush forests and lush vegetation. Cadras Beach is not the same, but it offers the best opportunity to enjoy the sea as much as the locals do. Take advantage of activities such as snorkeling and swimming.