Discover the best things to do in Kralendijk, Bonaire including Bonaire National Marine Park, Tropical Divers, Compass Sailing, EYE SEA Bonaire, Mangrove Information Center, VIP Diving, Sea Cow Snorkeling Bonaire, Div’Ocean, Bonaire East Coast Diving, Roadrunner Bonaire.


A popular destination with countless diving spots, many accessible to the beach, and more than 70 locations with boating boats.

The marine park is basically the entire sea around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire at depths of 60m. The ability to reach so many places to snorkel near the shore is hard to find elsewhere. There are areas of coral damage but there are also areas of healthy corals. The most amazing thing is the diversity of marine life – a huge variety of fish, octopuses, octopuses, tortoises and each place has a unique variety to see.

It really made me want to learn to swim as some areas have deep corals that were less suitable for snorkeling and the best for diving but they still had plenty of places we really enjoyed playing snorkeling. We were there for a week and did not cover half of the places we would like to go, mainly because I was sick but we got to at least one place a day.

2. TROPICAL DIVERS, Kralendijk

We are a small, comfortable SSI “dive academy” located in the center. With small groups, personal attention, an in-depth training pool on the island, tanks of various sizes, a diving boat and excellent air quality that we are very focused on creating the best possible atmosphere for our divers and visitors. Find our lounge in the backyard with green garden and lake.


Mangrove Information Center is a travel center. Visitors to the center learn about mangroves, one of the world’s most endangered and endangered species. The Mangrove Information Center offers guided kayak tours and sun boats through the lush mangrove forests of Lac Bay on the west coast of Bonaire. Meet an enthusiastic and experienced team that will take you on a guided tour of a kayak or sun boat. The center has one or two “sit-on-top” kayaks, easy to carry, especially for beginners. The solar boat has an electric outboard so there is no noise and no dirt! Elly Alberts

This trip was a fun outdoor activity. It was cool to ride a kayak on the beach and cross the Mangrove tunnel and learn all about it. The directions were good and helpful and we were not a big group (8-10 people) Snorkelling was also fun because we saw all the fish in the roots of Mangrove, the director even stopped a few times to show us. cool ingredients such as jellyfishes and sea cucumbers. Bring a shirt because it’s too hot and you can’t bring your sunscreen with you.

VIP DIVING, Kralendijk

VIP Diving is the top PADI 5-star IDC facility in Bonaire. We have everything you can think of for diving. As soon as you walk in our door, you will feel the love that our whole team has for you to show you the best time we can have. We offer the highest quality Air and Nitrox, rated with the highest standards. Drive-thru tank service 365 days a year, 24 hours access to our gearbox, high-quality rental gears, multi-sized tanks (DIN and Yoke). All of our guided dives and courses are groups of no more than 4 divers each guide or instructor. We don’t just give immersion, we create memories


Sea Cow Bonaire, the leading guided snorkeltrip located in Bonaire. A motormaran where shade and sunlight are provided with loving, informative guidelines and excellent service. We bring you the best snorkelspots in Klein Bonaire. Enjoy the cool air, the blue water, the cool air and the amazing underwater world. We guarantee you will have an unforgettable experience.

Div’Ocean is like the name dedicated to diving center, dedicated to helping you find the perfect diving vacation in this amazing water. We are a PADI Dive center that offers air packages, gear rental, beach surfing, boating, tutorials and amazing beach ski trips. With us you can meet anything from rare marine fish and frogs to giant moray eels, sea turtles, rays and even sharks.