5 Days on One Happy Island: The Ideal Aruba Itinerary for those who have traveled to the Caribbean on their honeymoons, looking for the sun, and enjoying the ocean. No two Caribbean islands are precisely the same because there are so many diverse islands to select from, each with its own influences.

The bulk of the islands in the Caribbean is located in the Hurricane Belt, a susceptible area of the Atlantic Ocean, which is a significant drawback for many Caribbean vacation spots.



Why Aruba is a popular vacation location all year long?

I frequently include a section regarding “the optimal time” to visit a location in my itinerary posts. Nonetheless, there is never a bad time to visit Aruba.

Aruba is a fantastic location all year round due to:

  • Aruba has a hot climate (an average of 84 degrees F) and is generally dry.
  • The island’s primary industry is tourism, and it is prepared to host guests.
  • Aruba has wonderful, drinkable tap water, and it is quite clean and safe for tourists to travel there.
  • Several activities are available, including beach hopping and off-roading in the national park.
  • Also, it is only 4.5 hours from New York or 3 hours from Miami away from the United States.

5-day Aruba itinerary

This is a 5-day schedule to assist you plan your trip to Aruba if you’re thinking of going there yourself. A brief trip to Aruba should last no longer than four or five days.

Please feel free to use this itinerary as inspiration for your own vacation to Aruba!

5 Days on One Happy Island: The Ideal Aruba Itinerary: Arrival and a Sunset Cruise on The First Day

If you’re flying from the continental US, you’ll likely land in Aruba somewhere in the middle of the afternoon. Taxis are the most convenient way to go from the airport to your hotel. I don’t actually advise renting a car for the duration of your stay on the island because I advise taking some tours the first few days.

The majority of Aruba’s taxis operate on fixed rates and are not metered. A taxi will cost $21 USD to take you from the airport to the centre of Oranjestad, while it will cost $28 or $31 to take you to Eagle Beach or the high-rise hotels. After settling in at your hotel, you’ll have some time to unwind. Take a stroll on the beach or get your first drink of the vacation that is tropical.

Travel to the Caribbean for a cruise at dusk! Aruba offers some stunning sunsets, and taking in one from the water is undoubtedly worthwhile. I suggest taking a sunset cruise that includes supper at sea.

Where to stay: I advise booking a room at one of the hotels or resorts on Eagle or Palm Beach for your first few days in Aruba. Together with a large number of eateries and shops, this area of the island has the highest concentration of hotels. Top-rated Aruba hotel is the adults-only Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, while other reasonably priced options nearby include Playa Linda Beach Resort and Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort.

Complete Island “Safari” on The Second Day

I suggest taking a complete island tour of Aruba today after getting a good night’s rest and a hearty breakfast. Although the island is just roughly 20 miles long and 6 miles wide, there is more to see than you might think.

The Fontein Cave, the Bushiribana gold mill remains, the California Lighthouse, and the Casibari Rock Formations should be the must visits.

The Fontein Cave

The Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

The Casibari Rock Formation

Snorkeling Excursion on The Third Day

At three different locations—one right off the stunning Arashi Beach, one in Boca Catalina Bay, and one over the wreck of the German WWII cruiser the Antilla—you should go for snorkeling.

After your excursion, Over the remainder of your visit to Aruba, I advise sticking close to Oranjestad, the city’s vibrant capital. Take a stroll through Oranjestad this evening and along the city’s little port. The architecture is quite lovely, and it is a secure area to explore.

Where to stay: The Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort is where you should stay for the second portion of your trip to Aruba. The adult-only Marina Hotel and the family-friendly Ocean Suites are the two distinct hotels at this resort.

Visit Beach on The Fourth Day

After two very hectic days, here is your chance to spend the entire day lounging on a beach. There are several wonderful beaches in Aruba. You could get a car today and simply drive from the beach to the beach. The majority of the beaches in Aruba are open to the public, so you are welcome to stop by any that catch your eye.

Alternately, if you are a guest at the Renaissance Resort, you can spend the day on the island there.

The only private island and private beaches in Aruba are on Renaissance Private Island, which is mostly intended for Renaissance visitors. The island’s two beaches are Iguana Beach and Flamingo Beach, the latter of which is home to six pink flamingos and is suitable for adults only.

Take advantage of the complimentary shuttle boat service to the private island in the morning to reserve chairs for the day. You can snap pictures with flamingos, swim in the artificial lagoons, eat at Papagayo Bar & Grill, perhaps hire a kayak or some snorkeling equipment, and observe airplanes land at the airport.When you’ve had enough of the beach, you may take a boat back to your hotel (it takes just about 10 minutes) and perhaps go out to supper in Oranjestad; there are several excellent restaurants close to your hotel.

Again, I advise booking a room at the Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort. The adult-only Marina Hotel and the family-friendly Ocean Suites are the two distinct hotels at this resort.

One Last Swim And Home

I advise using your final morning to go for one more swim in the hotel pool or ocean since many flights from Aruba to the US depart in the afternoon. Visit Ocean Suites as well, which features a large pool area and a saltwater lagoon directly on the beach, if you’re staying at the Renaissance Marina Hotel. (If you are staying at one hotel, you may also use its amenities.)After that, it will be time to depart from your accommodation, possibly get lunch, and drive to the airport. Just be aware that before you even leave the island, you’ll be daydreaming about your upcoming vacation to Aruba!


Restaurants in Aruba

There is no doubting that Aruba is a tourism destination. This implies that there are many cosy establishments here, including steakhouses and Starbucks. The majority of hotels and resorts also have their own restaurants, which can be very useful. But here are some great options if you want to eat somewhere a little different:

Yemanja Woodfired Grill – Situated in Oranjestad, Yemanja offers mouthwatering fare that combines European and Caribbean flavours and cooking techniques. It’s regarded as one of the island’s best eateries.
Papiamento – In a rural Aruban home, savour local and foreign cuisine.
Pinchos Bar and Restaurant – If dining on a pier over the water is your thing, you’ll likely appreciate the romantic Pinchos, which is located at Surfside Beach.
Madame Janette – Here, you may find a little bit of everything, including a sizable selection of craft beers.
Zeerovers – is popular among both locals and tourists, serving up delectable fresh seafood. But because it’s in Savaneta, you’ll need a car (or a pricey taxi fare) to get there.

Flying Fishbone – Another popular restaurant in Savaneta is the Flying Fishbone, which is frequented by couples. You sometimes eat with your feet in the ocean or straight on the sand! For this one, bookings must be made well in advance.

Packing list for Aruba

Although Aruba is hot and muggy for the most of the year, light clothing, sandals, and sun protection are essential. I brought some of my favourite things to Aruba, like:Wearing light, airy clothing
A minimum of one evening gown for meals (I adore this dress with the crisscross V-neck)
Two or more swimsuits
Beach robes
A transportable sun hat
Sunblock and after-sun cream (because you probably will get sunburnt)
Commodious sandals for walking
A reusable water bottle

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