The touristic glory of the Caribbean needs no introduction. If you need sand, sun, and soothing relaxation altogether in one place, the Caribbean is definitely the best tourist destination to head on. This beautiful region full of islands is known for its sparkling beaches, mind-blowing topography, tropical climate, and azure blue water. However, today we are not here to talk about the irresistible charisma of the Caribbean but about something that puts the region apart from the world and it is its wheelchair accessibility. Yes, you read it right.

The Caribbean has several wheelchair-accessible islands that are very much loved among physically-impaired tourists. So, today we are going to talk about the best 7 wheelchair-accessible islands of the Caribbean that can be easily explored.

Wheelchair-accessible islands in the Caribbean

  • Aruba

The first wheelchair-accessible island on this list is Aruba, which is known for its breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you want to sunbathe at a mesmerizing beach or go for local shopping in the colorful markets of the island, Aruba will not disappoint you. For that, all you need is your wheelchair and of course, a fat wallet. To let disabled visitors enjoy the island completely without any problem, there are also many specific excursions that will guide mobility-limited tourists and help them explore the beauty of this wheelchair-accessible island.

Though you yourself can explore the island alone, taking the help of a tour guide would definitely be a wise idea. Physically-challenged people can easily explore the most notable sites of Aruba including the Natural Bridge, Ayo Rock Formations, the California Lighthouse, the ruins of Bushiribana Gold Mine, Baby Beach, Sero Colorado, and Rodgers Beach.

  • Bahamas

Yes, you can explore the awesomeness of the Bahamas even if you are physically challenged and traveling the world in a wheelchair. From exploring the historic Fincastle to enjoying a thrilling streaming experience with dolphins, you can revel in everything in the Bahamas. This wheelchair-accessible island is completely wheelchair friendly and makes sure the visitors don’t encounter any problems that can ruin the whole experience. There are many excursion packages available particularly for disabled visitors.

So, you can book any of them and enjoy a memorable trip with your wheelchair. The most popular excursion packages are ‘The best of Bahamas Accessible Tour’, ‘Shore Excursion’, and ‘Atlantis and Nassau Accessible Cruise Excursion’.

  • Barbados

Located majestically in the Southern Caribbean, Barbados is another wheelchair-accessible island in the Caribbean, which has a lot in store to please its visitors. In fact, it is one of the best wheelchair-friendly tourist destinations in entire North America. Tourism in Barbados is centered around beaches and other water sites. Though you can’t explore every beach with a wheelchair, there are a few that can be explored easily as long as you have a beach wheelchair.

Other than beaches, you can explore other tourist places of Barbados like Majestic Harrison cave, the George Washington House, the Barbados Parliament and Museum, St John Parish Church, the Barbados museum, historic churches, and a boardwalk in Bridgetown with your wheelchair.

  • Jamaica

Jamaica is another Caribbean wheelchair-accessible island that is quite popular among physically disabled visitors. The unspoiled beauty of Jamaica is sweeping not just normal people off their feet and making them fall in love with its irresistible allure but also people with wheelchairs. The unique thing about Jamaica is that it offers even thrilling experiences like river rafting to its disabled tourists. Yes, you can enjoy a soul-stirring river rafting experience in Martha Brae Bamboo river. In addition, you can also explore historic places like Rose Hall Great House, Columbus Park, Discovery Bay, Dunn’s River Falls, Konoko Falls, Fern Gully, and many more.

You can explore this wheelchair-accessible island on your own or book any exclusive accessible excursion package like Falmouth Accessible Private Driving Tour or Ocho Rios Accessible Private Driving Tour.

  • Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, this Caribbean wheelchair-accessible island has a lot in store to offer people with limited mobility. In fact, it is one of the most loved tourist destinations among physically disabled people because it has easy accessibility and connectivity for these types of people. You can easily explore the major tourist destinations in Puerto Rico such as the majestic El Morro fortress, stunning Bacardi distillery, and sparkling Luquillo Beach.

Yes, even the beaches are accessible to mobility-impaired visitors in Puerto Rico. Don’t end your tour just to these tourist destinations. Apart from that, there is a lot more to explore on this panoramic wheelchair-accessible island from colorful markets to a variety of luscious cuisines.

  • St Martin

Don’t overlook the small islands in front of the big ones because there are a couple of small Caribbean wheelchair-accessible islands like ST Martin, which are easily accessible for physically-impaired people and offer them a mind-blowing tourist experience. Known for its porch restaurants, colorful markets, and of course, sandy beaches, ST Martin is a loved tourist destination among physically disabled and senior passengers.

You can explore the capital cities Marigot and Philipsburg on this wheelchair-accessible island and collect many amazing memories. Plus, you can also visit Mahu Beach, old Frenchtown, and many other tourist places on this island with your wheelchair.

  • St Thomas

Another Small Caribbean wheelchair-accessible island, which calls International physically-impaired tourists is St Thomas. The island has mind-blowing things to offer its disabled visitors ranging from thrilling water activities to interesting historical places. Yes, here you can go scuba diving. You will get a certified instructor that is specialized in disabled scuba. The interesting thing is that you don’t even need prior scuba diving experience to indulge in scuba diving in St Thomas. Not just that, you can also enjoy the beach water activities if you have a beach wheelchair. To enjoy your tour with ease in the Caribbean, you can book one of many exclusive excursion-accessible packages that are easily available.

Don’t limit your travel desires just because you’re physically impaired and need a wheelchair with you all the time. These beautiful wheelchair-accessible islands have a lot to satisfy your wanderlust and offer you a lifetime experience. So, just pack your bags and land in the beautiful Caribbean.

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