With the name itself, you would have understood what the festival is all about? Yes, lobsters are the center point of this festival. If you love lobster dishes, you can enjoy a bunch of them bursting with mind-blowing flavor in this festival. This multi-day festival is one of the biggest culinary events in Anegada, British Virgin Islands. It is all about giving your taste buds a heavenly treat. People from all around the world rush to Anegada to attend this festival and enjoy a wide range of lobster dishes.

Origin of the Anegada Lobster Festival

It’s not been much time since the inception of this gourmet festival. It has been in its existence for just a decade. The festival took place for the first time in 2011. It was started by West End boat captain Bradshawe Browne with the purpose to promote the tourism of Anegada. At that time, he really had no idea that the festival would turn out to be one of the biggest culinary events on the Island. The boat captain started the festival along with his team and today it is the crowd-pulling event on the island.

Who hosts the Anegada Lobster Festival?

Well, we already told you that the festival was initially started by the captain, Bradshawe Browne and his team. Once it was all set up and was quite popular among people, Anegada Lobster Association took the management into its hand and became the main organizer of this festival. Now, the Anegada Lobster Association organizes and manages everything.

Why is the Anegada Lobster Festival held in Anegada?

You know Anegada is called the Caribbean capital of lobster. With the fact you can assume why the festival takes place only in Anegada, not on any other island of BVI. There are plenty of lobsters of different sizes on this Island. Unlike any other place in the world, here you will get to enjoy lobster dishes in different formats and flavors.

When does the Anegada Lobster Festival take place?

The Anegada Lobster Festival is not celebrated on a particular date every year. Instead, it takes place every year on the American Thanksgiving holiday, which is the fourth Thursday of November. Given the fact, the dates may vary each year but it will definitely be on the 4th Thursday of November.

How long does the Anegada Lobster Festival last?

The Anegada Lobster Festival is a two-day gastronomic event, which is held on the shores of the panoramic beaches of Anegada. Though the festival is called a 2-day event, it’s actually celebrated for 3 days. The opening day is not counted. The event is also a part of the BVI Food Fete.

Who participates in the Anegada Lobster Festival?

Well, everyone can participate in the event as long as they love enjoying lobster dishes. If you don’t love it, you can still attend the event and enjoy its fun. The event has many other dishes like fresh fish and barbecue meat to tickle your tongue.

Anegada Lobster Festival 2022

Like every year, this year too, this grand gastronomic event is going to take place on the fourth Thursday of November. It will be the 10th edition of this event this year. This is why it is a little more special than previous editions.

What is unique in the Anegada Lobster Festival 2022?

Anegada Lobster Festival 2022 is going to be different and grander than the previous editions in many ways. First of all, this year 10 local restaurants will participate in the event with their live music and top local DJs. The celebration of the event does not stop here. The culinary event will continue to amaze the people by offering 10 different flavors of lobster dishes in the event.

The dishes will obviously be prepared by expert cooks. The major restaurants participating in this event are Potter’s by the Sea, Anegada Reef Hotel, Sid’s Pomato Point, Cow Wreck, Lobster Trap, Pink Flamingo, Tipsy, Big Bamboo and Flash of Beauty.

When will the Anegada Lobster Festival 2022 start? 

This mega culinary event will mark its beginning on the 25th of November and will continue to offer people mind-blowing fun till the 27th of November. On the opening day, there might not be any major activity but the last two days of the event are going to be filled with fun, thrill, amazement, and much more.

What will happen at the Anegada Lobster Festival 2022?

Anegada Lobster Festival is one of the most anticipated food events of the year in BVI. With this fact, you can assume what will happen in this event. Since it is a gastronomic event, you will get to enjoy luscious dishes made from freshly caught spiny lobsters on the shores of beaches amid soulful live music. Believe us, it will impart you a feeling as if you are literally in a culinary oasis amid the lap of the beautiful island, the Caribbean.

How does the Anegada Lobster Festival contribute to the tourism of Anegada?

The main purpose of this event was to promote and bring the unspoiled tourism of Anegada in front of people. Captain, Bradshawe Browne, the founder of the Anegada Lobster Festival, has talked about the purpose of initiating this festival in detail. According to him, the organizers of this festival want people to enjoy not just lobster dishes but also experience untouched tourism, open roads, awe-inspiring scenery, deserted sparkling beaches, and the salty breeze of the island. The interesting thing is that this mega festival has managed to meet its purpose and really drove masses of visitors to the islands, especially during the Anegada Lobster Festival.

No doubt the Anegada Lobster Festival is going to be one of the biggest culinary celebrations in BVI. Though it is a food festival, it has something more than that to offer. It will offer you not just lip-smacking dishes but also mind-blowing tourist experiences. So, what is holding you, just book your tickets now and head to Anegada where this festival is going to come in full swing from 25th November.

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