In order to win the super-rich tourists over, Anguilla Island pride it’self with some ultra-Luxury blue-prints.

Remarkably, the alluring and unassuming Anguilla is indeed a Caribbean gem! The island’s biggest draw; been its dazzling beaches, Luxurious hotels, resorts and restaurants coupled with its friendly locals and absolute authentic Caribbean vibe. As a rare Caribbean Island without a cruise marina, Anguilla, is even made more special by being difficult to access. Besides, it has a little airport that only last month started to welcoming one major U.S. carrier—American Airlines, with a direct flight from Miami. Located between West End Village and Long Bay, Meads Bay is the ideal destination to stay in Anguilla for your first time. Its prime location on the West End grants all its visitors access to some of the most picturesque beaches on the island as well as the best hotels and restaurants in the nation. Meads Bay is beloved for its aquamarine waters, silky-smooth sand and exquisite views.

Therefore, unless you’re among the visitors with a private jet, arrival is typically by a small Caribbean airline that flies noisy charter planes or by a choppy 45-minute ferry ride from nearby St. Maarten. “Anguilla has always had an issue with access,” says Kenroy Herbert, chairman of the Anguilla Tourist Board. “But we don’t want to open the floodgates, so to speak.” That appears to be a pretty unconventional thing for a tourism executive to say, particularly one in service of a 14,000-person island the size of Manhattan that claims virtually no industry beyond, tourism. Nonetheless, that was for the health-interest of its people. But Herbert has made that stance—which prioritizes a low-volume tourism strategy focusing on high-spending visitors—a selling point, especially during the pandemic. In August 2020, Anguilla reopened its borders with a unique “bubble” concept designed to insulate travellers and locals from transmission risk by requiring visitors to test aggressively before and after arrival in addition to remaining quarantined in villas for at least 10 days before being allowed to explore. The bubble worked. From April to December 2020, Anguilla didn’t record a single case of Covid-19, according to the World Health Organization. For a certain traveller—both time- and cash-rich, yet also Covid-cautious—that made it irresistible. “Other Caribbean islands were calling to get details as to how we made it all work,” Herbert says. The rules have since been relaxed, but they remain strict compared with other countries.

Even in the busiest of times, Anguilla is uncrowded (don’t forget, no large cruise ships), with 33 beaches and an especially intimate Caribbean vibe—the island’s small size and population mean everyone knows everyone. Most visitors are regulars, but even first-timers will quickly become acquainted with locals.

Given the above, the luxury quotient is high; hotel prices, which hover around $1,000 per night at many spots, are rivalled in the region only by jet-set magnet St. Barts. The bubble concept has set up Anguilla for an exciting new chapter in which it can use the spotlight to increase its tourism footprint slowly, with an eye toward singularity and inventive amenities. Here are Anguilla’s Blueprints to attract the super-rich: Celebrities’ Presence and Premier destination Citing ‘Bird of a feather flock together’ analogy according to Wikipedia, ‘beings of similar type, interest, personality, character or other distinctive attribute tend to mutually associate’. In other words, rich attract even the super-rich.

Celebrities love the petite and picture-perfect Caribbean Island of Anguilla, not only because of its breath-taking beaches and crystal waters but also because it offers a more tranquil and private winter sun getaway than flashier neighbouring islands like St. Barts. Anguilla has seen the likes of Bill Clinton, Conan O’Brien, Paul Simon, Paris Hilton, Paul McCartney, Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Sandra BullockKeith RichardsBrad PittJay-Z, Beyonce and Denzel Washington, all big names who have changed the world and touched lives. Car after car driving up to the Anguilla airport to snag their shot of Michael Jordan’s private jet. Michael Jordan didn’t come to Viceroy Anguilla alone but was spotted riding bikes around with celebrity friends 50 Cent and NY Yankees Captain, Derek Jeter.

Also, it’s no secret that pop queen Adele along with BFFs Harry Styles and James Corden have been enjoying the sand and sunshine of Anguilla, and they’re following in the footsteps of many other celebs including Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Justin and Hailey Bieber, LeBron James, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Festive period like Christmas and New year remains the best time to see celebrities in Anguilla. But sometimes they do show up during other times Never say never,” especially in Anguilla during the holiday season. It’s that time of year when the jet set arrive aboard private jet and private yacht. Unlike in St. Barths, they come to Anguilla incognito and they come to disappear. So, you often won’t realize you are dining next to the likes of Michael Jordan and Meryl Streep.

There have been speculations that it seems most celebs make a visit to Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve (at night) and the sunset lounge at Four Seasons. Locals spotted Mick Jagger walking in the buff along a beach. Christmas 2015 couldn’t have been further from that general truth when the most famous performer in the world, Justin Bieber touched down in Anguilla. First spotted by Anne Parles, owner of Straw Hat, while he was kayaking at da’Vida, the island quickly came down with a serious case of Bieber Fever! “Home” for Bieber was Meads Bay’s ultra-luxurious villa, The Beach House. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and set on the island’s most popular beach, during the island’s busiest time of the year, he was seen regularly. Sitting outside of his villa, walking on the sands of Meads Bay… he was in plain sight. And, posting photos to his Instagram daily.

A few days after Justin Bieber was spotted, another one of the world’s leading pop stars, Harry Styles was photographed dining at Blanchards Restaurant. Here in Anguilla on a yacht, Styles was elusive and reclusive Another talented star to grace Anguilla was Emmy Rossum, lead actress on Shameless. Privacy Unlike other paradise islands that attract the jet-setting ‘flashback’, Anguilla retains a peaceful and relaxing vibe that allows the wealthy to feel like they are truly getting away from it all. Paris Hilton famously called the dreamy destination her “secret island” because it allowed her to enjoy a getaway completely undetected until after her departure. The stunning beaches are less crowded, the incredible azure waters unspoilt and even Hollywood royalty can enjoy relative anonymity amidst the welcoming locals. Further privacy-loving stars that have holidayed on the island include Leonardo DiCaprio, Liam Neeson, and former Beatle Paul McCartney. Lonely Planet accolade The island has recently been named one of the must-visit destinations in the world for 2022 by global travel authority, Lonely Planet. This is the first time that Anguilla has received a special honour in the annual Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel, a collection of the world’s hottest destinations and must-have travel experiences for the year ahead.  Anguilla was also the only Caribbean Island to make the Top 10 countries list for 2022.

Health and Wellness Reputation Anguilla may have been a deliberate choice for the super-rich as the island has a growing reputation for wellness (not least a dedicated Spa & Wellness Month in June) and offers plenty of ways to rest, restore and rejuvenate. From the Taino Bathing Ritual at Zemi Thai House Spa to the Tropical Spice Body Polish at the Belmond Cap Juluca, visitors can enjoy an abundance of spa packages from a variety of hotels, healthy eating menus at local restaurants, public yoga classes or fitness sessions on the beach and much more! Affluent visitors keen to keep fit on their holidays can enjoy sea-kayaking by day or night, try their hand at SUP (stand-up paddle-boarding), get their steps in on a beach walk or explore the more rugged part of the island on hikes that reveal some of Anguilla’s most stunning sights. Opened in September 2021, Anguilla Sands and Salts Oasis is a unique shop selling handmade keepsakes and wellness products such as jewellery and keyrings, bath salt and body scrubs, all made from the beautiful beaches of Anguilla. By night, the shop doubles as a bar putting on regular themed events such as ‘Margarita Thursday’ and ‘Wine Wednesday’. Notably, due to its bubble concept, from April to December 2020, Anguilla didn’t record a single case of Covid-19, according to the World Health Organization.

The Local Hospitality Even the most famous of celebrities will be able to relax amongst the down-to-earth, friendly locals, who are used to dealing with super stars during the high season in December and January. With an unspoken rule to allow visitors to enjoy the island as the locals do, even international superstars are left to enjoy their holiday in peace. For instance in 2015, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were spotted enjoying a low-key dinner together at Blanchards, and he recently returned to the renowned eatery with popstar pal Adele. The restaurant, which specialises in a range of Caribbean, Asian, Mediterranean and American cuisine, also has a hugely popular second venue called The Beach Shack, which is perfect for grabbing an ice cream or enjoying sunset cocktails in a relaxed setting. Moreover, Justin Bieber delighted his fans while letting his hair down during a spontaneous drum session at Viceroy’s Sunset Lounge. New air routes On 11 December 2021, American Airlines launched twice-weekly flights between Miami and Anguilla – increasing to three times a week from 5 January 2022. This new route offers sunseekers the chance to combine Miami and Anguilla in a twin-centre getaway. Regional inter-island routes have also expanded with Tradewind Aviation returning for the winter season on routes between San Juan and Anguilla (through to April 2022) and a new Cape Air route from St Thomas, USVI to Anguilla. Trans-Anguilla Airways and Anguilla Air Services continue to offer both charter and schedule services across the region including to UK gateways Antigua, St Maarten and St Barths.

Aurora Anguilla resort is taking full advantage of the excellent provision for private jets at Clayton J Lloyd airport with a fleet of dedicated Embraers, currently available (charter only) to bring their guests to the resort directly from the US. Heritage Collection Museum History enthusiasts and visitors who want to learn about Anguilla will love this interesting Heritage Collection Museum. Anguillan artifacts, early 20th-century photographs, old postage stamps, and important documents trace the island’s history from the days of the Taino to the present. The museum’s curator, Colville Petty, is an authority on Anguilla’s history and an author on the subject.   Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience Activities Action-loving stars like Justin Bieber, who is never straying far from his ‘boys’ toys’, can get their adrenalin fix during a jet-ski ride through the azure waves or a daredevil cliff-jump like basketball royalty LeBron James. And for couples, it doesn’t get more romantic than a horseback ride on the beach, a sunset boat trip or even a ‘glow-in-the-dark’ kayak excursion   Exotic restaurants for your Carib-signature culinary Anguilla prides itself on its quality restaurants, like the excellent Jacala in Meads Bay, near Malliouhana, and many are quite expensive but impressive.

Delectable new dining: Cap Juluca, A Belmond Hotel, now boasts a new, seafront Peruvian restaurant, the only one of its kind on the island. At Uchu, guests will savour a selection of delightful light bites and creative cocktails on the connecting pool terrace by day. As the stars come out, chef Cesar Soto will take guests on a tantalising journey through Peru, where regional Peruvian cuisine inspires sophisticated dishes. An authentic raspadilla, or shaved ice maker and a ceviche bar are on hand to add to the experience. Owned by Anguillan singer and 2017 X-Factor UK contestant, Deana Mussington, The Lit Lounge, Anguilla’s nightlife hotspot, made a welcome return in May 2021. Serving refreshing cocktails as palm trees sway overhead and string lights twinkle above the decking, this beach lounge, bar, grill and pizzeria is one of the best spots to enjoy Anguilla’s breath-taking sunsets. The historic Barrel Stay restaurant – one of the oldest in Sandy Ground – has recently re-opened under new ownership. The new dinner menu is packed with tempting seafood options including lobster, snapper and mahi-mahi. There’s also a bar menu on offer, taking inspiration from Asian, Caribbean and international cuisine. Located right on the beachfront, guests come for the delicious food and signature cocktails, live music and beautiful scenery.

The Sun Shine Shack, just down Rendezvous Bay from Aurora, locals call it “Garvey’s,” after its jack-of-all-trades proprietor: He fires up barbecue ribs and spiny lobster on outdoor smokers on the sand, then serves his guests before strumming reggae on his guitar. This restaurant stocks Minuty rosé and Laurent-Perrier Champagne. For Anguillians food, try Sharky’s on the namesake chef-owner’s home patio. His savoury, aromatic curries, which coat chicken, shrimp, and fish, linger not just on your palate but in your mind. Cip’s by Cipriani Enjoy a little slice of Venetian glamour surrounded by the endless blue of the Caribbean Sea.

Named after the iconic restaurant at our sister hotel, Cipriani, Cip’s offers a casual Italian menu rich with comfort food in an open, al fresco setting. Delicious fresh produce becomes tempting antipasti, salads, pastas and the famous Cipriani carpaccio. Pimms Vibrant island ingredients worked into sublime Caribbean dishes, served with impeccable style, and perfectly paired with our beachfront setting. Experience true Anguillan excellence at Pimms Pimms is a local institution and one of the most romantic restaurants on the island. A menu of elevated Anguillan cuisine, Caribbean classics and international specialities uses the very best local ingredients and freshest catch. The cool, stylish interiors and open-air waterside setting provide the perfect stage.

Ultra-luxury resorts and hotels With a fresh influx of spectacular luxury hotels and private villas, celebrities can enjoy desert island vibes with all the creature comforts they are accustomed to. The Belmond Cap Juluca, the Four Seasons Resort and Residences, Zemi Beach House, The Reef by CuisinArt and Malliouhana are just a few of the show-stopping accommodation options discerning travellers can choose from and all of them have been extensively renovated if not wholly recreated in the past two years. The island is also a popular mooring point for yachts for those that prefer to sleep offshore, or island-hop around the region (although strictly no cruise ships allowed!). Others are: Santosha Villa Estate (Anguilla’s Most Sophisticated Ultra-Luxury Villa) The name conjures up day dreams of exotic travels to the most far-flung locales. Hindu name meaning ‘the discovery of inner “contentment.” Santosha, the Villa Estate in Anguilla, is the embodiment of that precise feeling. Santosha’s exclusive location is her perfect complement. This immaculately executed 37,000 square foot West Indian-style estate is a classic Caribbean design. A marked sense of relaxed sophistication washes over you, as you walk through the nine-bedroom property. From regal crown mouldings, to mahogany four poster beds, to antique sconces, louvre doors and double-paned windows, to the grand spiral staircase and wrap around verandas, each and every piece has been carefully designed.

Aurora Anguilla This is the island’s newest hotel and a re-imagination of the former CuisinArt resort. Set on the idyllic Rendezvous Bay, Aurora Anguilla spans over 300-acres and honours the rich culture of Anguilla, its natural splendour, and the traditions and personalities that make it so special. Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club is indeed a Caribbean paradise created for the most discerning travellers in search of an authentic and immersive island getaway that is both elegant and relaxed, refined and playful, and singular in every sense. The 178-suite property is home to a collection of world-class amenities placing the resort in a league of its own. Its crown jewels include a fleet of private planes, seven restaurants and bars, Sorana Spa and Aurora International Golf Course, an 18-hole Championship Golf Course envisioned by Greg Norman Golf Course Design. The new owner, billionaire and Best Buy Co. founder Richard Schulze, has added a culinary team led by veterans of New York’s Eleven Madison Park and introduced a rare opportunity: packaged hotel rooms and flights on Aurora Anguilla’s private jet direct from either Teterboro, N.J., or Opa-Locka, Fla. “We want to be the best hotel in Anguilla,” Managing Director Simon Fricker said over Zoom the week the property was set to open in early December.

Long Bay Villas (Anguilla’s Most Iconic Ultra-Luxury Villa) The property takes your breath away in three distinct ways…Sky Villa, Sea Villa and Sand Villa. The estate’s three stark-white villas tier down the lush hillside that slopes up from pristine and exclusive Long Bay beach. Each villa’s unique setting emphasizes a different perspective of “Long Bay Blue.” Inside, the grand villas combine to boast 16 bedrooms with over 19,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor living space that can accommodate 33 guests. It was recently refurbished with state-of-the-art furnishings Tranquillity Beach Anguilla (A Plush Seat on Meads Bay Beach) Set on a one-of-a-kind piece of Caribbean beachfront real estate, it brings chic, modern living to Anguilla’s grand jewel… After following Tranquillity Beach’s development since 2018, it is with great excitement that we announce… Tranquillity Beach Anguilla is the latest development by internationally recognized Property Developer and Architectural Designer, Ian “Sugar George” Edwards and a man with over 30 years in finance and real estate, Neil Freeman of Aries Capital. The development’s first phase, Signature Suites, features 15 luxury residences set in three modern beach villas. Tranquillity Beach Anguilla is now open as a boutique hotel with vacation rental and residence opportunities. A project of passion!

Arawak Beach Club (Ultra-High Value Stay by The Caribbean Sea) Set at the water’s edge in scenic Island Harbour, Arawak Beach Club is one of Anguilla’s most iconic hotels. Painted tropical colours that catch the eye, the hotel’s cheerful atmosphere has always been one of our family’s favourites. With a warm, inviting atmosphere, we have so many fond memories of meals and days at the Arawak. We breathed a heavy sigh when Arawak closed its doors in 2017. Fast forward to 2021 and we are overjoyed to announce that… Arawak Beach Club is back! New owners, Judd & Mindie Burdon have restored the historic property and are pushing it levels higher. From top-to-bottom room renovations, adding a brand-new restaurant and pool, and with a host of excellent amenities… Arawak Beach Club is once again delivering ultra-high value Anguilla accommodations!

The Beach House (Meads Bay’s ultra-luxurious villa) The Beach House sits directly on Meads Bay, one of Anguilla’s premier world-class beaches. Breath-taking views abound from stunning indoor/outdoor living areas, including terraces on two levels, infinity pool, deck, outdoor dining areas and gathering rooms. Offering eight master suites and ten baths, The Beach House’s dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows offer beach vistas at every turn. Spectacular architectural details earned The Beach house an International Property Award for excellence in single-residence architectural design. This unique and prestigious property offers the opportunity for complete rest and relaxation on a shimmering white sand beach in the heart of the Caribbean. Step right off the pool deck to savour the gracious natural beauty of Anguilla through water sports and beachcombing or walk to some of Anguilla’s best restaurants. Additional amenities include a private tennis court, fully equipped gym, home theatre, children’s play area, basketball goal and a game room with ping pong, air hockey and pool tables as well as Paddleboards, kayaks, rowboat & snorkelling. A private service team including a chef, butler, maids, groundskeeper, personal laundry, and security specialist attends to each guest’s need or request.

Beach Escape Villa (A Piece of paradise and a hidden gem) Beach Escape Villa is a 5-bedroom beachfront villa located along the coast of Anguilla. Beach Escape is the perfect villa rental for multiple families and large groups. There is a main house and a guest house, and both have bedrooms with exterior access, ensuite bathrooms, and ocean views. No matter where you end up sleeping, you can expect a gorgeous view right outside your window. Best of all, there’s a path leading right to Sandy Point Beach! Its five-star location is supported by supreme natural beauty, a host of amenities and an attention to guest experience that creates the most relaxing effect.

Five bedrooms, plush media room, modern kitchen with outdoor cooking options and indoor and outdoor dining and lounging spaces span out over the villa’s two buildings. Two heavenly master suites lay in the villa’s main house, with two additional master suites and a twin room in the guest house. With direct beach access, grassy lawn, sandy front, Apple TV, SONOS, Charcoal and EVO grill, tropical landscaping, Concierge services, Meet & greet at the villa, Beach volleyball, Snorkel equipment, 166 feet of beach frontage, Air conditioning throughout, solarium-eque showers, oversized screened-in patios, luxurious outdoor couches, housekeeping six days per week and on-call staff… Everywhere you look at Beach Escape Villa, a picturesque view awaits. Beach Escape Villa is minutes from Blowing Point Ferry Terminal. Several restaurants and activities are within a short drive, and the grocery store is less than five minutes from the villa. This villa is irresistibly comfortable, a true tropical getaway at a competitive rate!

Super-Luxurious Breath-taking Beaches For the ultimate romantic getaway, Anguilla features 33 stunning beaches! From the infinite blue waters at Meads Bay to the powder-soft golden sands of Shoal Bay East or the vibrant Sandy Ground with its many bars and restaurants, the choice is yours! Enjoy blissful tranquillity or soak up the lively atmosphere and a rum punch or two for instant holiday vibes. Some of them areMaundays Bay Beach Stretching for one-and-a-half kilometres, Maundays Bay Beach is a sublime stretch of soft powdery sand and aquamarine waters. The Moorish-themed Cap Juluca luxury resort hugs the beach, welcoming guests, both tourists and locals alike. In calm conditions, beach lovers can enjoy snorkelling and swimming amongst the ocean’s wildlife in these crystal-clear waters. On windy days sailboats and windsurfers skim the bay. This miraculous beach is also a popular spot for weddings. Anguilla

Meads Bay Beach Come and relax on one of the most popular beaches on the island’s West end. Walk along a stunning one-and-a-half-kilometre stretch of white sandy beaches with clear, calm waters for swimming. Luxury villas and resorts are along this beautiful beach as well as some magnificent restaurants. This beach is a must when visiting Anguilla!

Sandy Island A visit to Sandy Island is a must-do Anguilla activity as it takes you far away from the stress, hustle and bustle. A Sandy Island excursion includes a fun and exciting boat ride, exploring or lazing on a spit of sand in the middle of crystal-clear turquoise waters. There are delicious rum punches, and fresh-from-the-grill food for visitors to enjoy. Are you super-rich and wants a paparazzi-free destination…? then escape into Anguilla!