10 Best Attractions and things to do in Anguilla You Must Visit

We are familiar with the Caribbean Islands, known for their beaches and other destinations. People often choose these islands for their vacations. Every country on these islands is unique in terms of beaches and attractions. Anguilla is one of them.

Here we incorporated a list of 10 attractions in Anguilla you can visit.

About Anguilla

Anguilla is located to the east of Puerto Rico and the virgin islands. The capital of Anguilla is The Valley.

The terrain is low-lying with its highest point lying in The Valley. The highest peak of Anguilla is Crocus Hill (73m).

This territory is abundant in Coral reefs and astonishing beaches.

The climate is relatively cool and dry. The average annual temperature is 27°C and the average annual rainfall is 35 inches.

The population of this territory is 14,731, out of which 72% belongs to Anguillan and 28% belongs to Non-Anguillan.

The standard language is English but some of the people also speak Spanish and Chinese.

Boat racing is the national sport of Anguilla. People also play cricket and represent themselves at the County cricket level.

Best Attractions and things to do in Anguilla

Here is the list of the 10 best attractions in Anguilla for your vacation:

  • Anguillita
  • Scrub island
  • Dog island
  • Meads Bay Pond
  • Sandy Ground Village
  • Shoal Bay East
  • Island Harbour
  • The Valley
  • Maundays Bay
  • Crocus Bay Beach


A small, uninhabited rocky island found in Anguilla. You can easily get to this beach and it is accessible by sea kayaking.

This island offers diving and snorkelling to tourists. Marine life species like Stingraysturtles and barracudas can be seen in these waters.

Scrub Island

Being one of the abandoned islands in the Eastern Caribbean islands and one of the popular attractions in Anguilla, Scrub Island is located by the eastern tip of Anguilla.

Special Bird species like Caribbean Elaeniapearly-eyed thrasherslaughing gullsroseate, and least terns are found here, resulting in this island being identified as an important bird area by BirdLife International.

Special Reptile species like Anguilla Bank ameiva, Anolis gingivitis, little dwarf gecko, island dwarf gecko and the endangered leeward island racer are found at this island.

Dog Island

Located 13km to the northwest of Anguilla, Dog island is also an uninhabited island and its coastline consists of low-cliffs and sandy beaches.

Like Scrub island, Dog Island is also identified as an important bird area by BirdLife International as nearly 100,000 Pairs of sooty terns are recorded.

Red-billed tropicbirds, laughing gulls, brown boobies, bridled terns, magnificent frigatebirds and brown noddies are also present.

Meads Bay Pond

Being a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean Sea, Meads Bay Pond is one of the Best Attractions in Anguilla.

This Pond was identified as IBA (Important Bird Area) by BirdLife International due to the presence of least terns as well as royal terns.

This Bay consists of Silky-Smooth Sand with azure waters and breathtaking views. Tourists/travellers would visit this bay just to enjoy its scenic beauty and lay back on lounges and enjoy fresh cocktails.

Sandy Ground Village

Located by Anguilla’s Northern coast, Sandy Ground Village is one of the most popular attractions in Anguilla. You can visit Crescent Beach located in this village.

Being surrounded by the Warm Ocean and Road Salt Pond, this Village is home to stilt birds and herons, hanging at the small oasis.

For fresh beverages and food, you can visit the Elvis Beach Bar and Roy’s Bayside Grill.

Shoal Bay East

Being one of the most popular attractions in Anguilla, Shoal Bay East is highly crowded with visitors. You can find people enjoying the pristine white sand and the azure waters, resting on the lounges and having delightful cocktails.

People often choose this beach for their vacation due to the breathtaking views and facilities available at this beach.

Being located on the north-eastern side of Anguilla, this beach has easy public access. You can also find some luxurious resorts located along the stretch of this beach.

Coconut and Sea Grape trees form an enclosed shade along this beach, thereby making the view beautiful.

Island Harbour

Island Harbour is one of Anguilla’s finest fishing villages. This is located on the North-eastern side of Anguilla.

Falcon Nest, one of the best seafood places you can find in Anguilla, serves delicious seafood for its customers. You can also visit the Festival del Mar, an annual event in Anguilla where people gather and celebrate every aspect related to this festival.

You can also visit the famous Lime Keel House at this place which is owned and operated by the Lloyd family. Hibernia is a famous restaurant located near this house, serving varieties of cuisines.

The Valley

This city is the capital of Anguilla, located in the middle of the Island.

The climate in this city is tropical wet and dry. This City remains dry from February to March and wets during the rest of the year.

The average annual highest temperature recorded is about 30°C and the annual lowest temperature is 23°C. The average relative humidity is about 76%.

The population of this city is about 1070 and the population density is 398.4/km^2.

You can find some old-style houses in this city, including the Wallblake house, one of the surviving plantation houses in the Caribbean.

Maundays Bay

Being located along the westernmost tip of Anguilla, Maundays Bay is one of the popular attractions in Anguilla due to its turquoise waters and pristine white sand.

You can also spot some upscale hotels nearby this bay, providing accommodations for their customers.

Water-based activities like Sunbathing, Swimming in the placid waters and exploring the reef by Snorkelling are highly performed at this bay.

Around Maundays Bay, you can find some food popups, beach shacks serving delicious food and island fare at a distance from this bay.

You can also visit some of the attractions like the Old Salt Factory, Pumphouse, Devonish art gallery etc. located near this bay.

Crocus Bay Beach

This beach is easily accessible to The Valley, the Capital of Anguilla. You can hang out at this beach if you can’t find enough time for a trip to The Valley.

The undeveloped white sand and the turquoise waters spice up the view at this beach. You can also find the delicious local seafood being served at the shops located at this beach.

You can also find some condos providing various accommodation packages for their customers.