The sparkling beaches, incredible coral reefs, easy-going atmosphere, and spectacular natural beauty draw the perfect canvas of Anguilla. However, there is something else that adds a dash of beautiful tints to this already perfect Canvas and makes it more fascinating and attractive. Do you have any idea what we are referring to? Well, we won’t make you wait much. So, we are talking about lip-smacking foods of the islands, especially its national dish, ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’. Don’t get surprised if you get to hear the name ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’ very often from locals in Anguilla. Today, we also thought to talk in detail about ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’.



Why is Pigeon Peas and Rice the national dish of Anguilla?



Well, there is no particular reason behind the fact why ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’ is the national dish of Anguilla. The only reason you can assume is that pigeon peas are indigenous to the island and are grown throughout the region. Also, people love dishes made of it. That’s it. The national dish of the island definitely has an influence of other cultures on it but there is not any particular reason behind its national tag.



Is Pigeon Peas and Rice a single dish?



An interesting question! Actually, the truth is not what you are thinking. With the name, ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’ might seem like two different dishes but, to your surprise, it is a single dish. The dish in itself is the main dish and does not require any side dishes or other ingredients to accompany it. However, you can eat it with any other dish to enhance the flavor of the dish. Since it is the main dish, you can enjoy it either at your lunch or dinner. For breakfast, it would be a little bit heavy.



Is Pigeon Peas and Rice vegetarian?



Yes, it is. The name itself clearly says that ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’ is vegetarian. Given the fact, if you are a total vegan and don’t even touch nonveg, you are definitely going to enjoy this wholesome national dish of Anguilla. You already know what rice is. As for the pigeon peas, they are a kind of legume and really enriched with a variety of nutrition. With that said, ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’ is not only flavorsome but also healthy and nutrition-rich.



How is Pigeon Peas and Rice cooked?



The thing that makes this dish popular among people who love cooking new foods at home is the fact that it is extremely easy to prepare. This one-pot dish can be prepared within a few minutes only. Overnight-soaked pigeon peas are used for the dish. Pigeon peas, rice, spices, and a mix of herbs are cooked together to prepare this dish.

Step-by-step directions to prepare Pigeon Peas and Rice



If your mouth is already watering with the mind-blowing flavor of ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’ and you want to give it a try at your home, we are here to help you with a step-by-step guide. You will be able to easily prepare the dish because it takes very little time and there are also not many ingredients required for the dish. So, have a look at the step-by-step guide and ingredients list.







    • water



    • Juice of one lime



    • 1 cup rice



    • 1⁄4 teaspoon thyme



    • ButtEr



    • Hot pepper sauce



    • Some ounces of dried pigeon peas



    • Black pepper



    • Salt



    • Corned beef ( optional)




Step-by-step guide




    • First of all, take some pigeon peas and soak them overnight. If you have forgotten this step somehow, alternately, you can boil the pigeon peas for about two hours.



    • Once they are soaked or boiled, drain and rinse the peas.



    • If you are using corned beef, you need to add it now. so, add it to the pot with just enough water and boil until the meat is cooked.



    • However, if you are not adding beef to your ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’, you can completely leave the third step and move to the next one.



    • In the next step, take about two cups of water in the pot and put those overnight-soaked beans into it. Then, bring it to a boil.



    • Rinse around 1 cup of rice well.



    • Now, add the rice, lime juice, hot sauce, thyme, butter, and whatever flavor-enhancing ingredients you want. Like, you can add coconut milk. Many people love ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’ having the flavor of coconut milk.



    • Once you have put everything into the pot, cover it, and reduce the heat.



    • Simmer until the water gets absorbed and everything is cooked well. It would take about 20 minutes.




Nutrition Facts of ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’



Homemade, 0.5 cups cooked



    • Calories: 243



    • Carbs: 43g



    • Fat: 5g



    • Protein: 8g




Best places to eat Pigeon Peas and Rice in the Caribbean



With the fact that ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’ is the national dish of Anguilla, it is not famous only on that particular Island but in the whole Caribbean. So, when you are in any corner of the Caribbean, make sure to relish the flavor of this hearty and amazingly flavourful dish. To help you find the best restaurants for this particular dish, here we have listed down a couple of the best places to eat ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’ in the Caribbean.




    • Bahamian Cookin’ Restaurant and Bar, Nassau, Bahamas



    • Barrachina, San Juan, Puerto Rico



    • Shaker’s Conch House, Caribbean



    • Banana Bay, Freeport, Bahamas



    • Orozcos Restaurant, San Juan, Puerto Rico




Other dishes to try in Anguilla



Just don’t put your hands up after trying ‘Pigeon Peas and Rice’. There are many other dishes to try in the island. Some of them are:




    • Callaloo



    • Roast Corn



    • Saltfish



    • Conch Fritters



    • Grilled Spiny Lobster



    • Barbecue and Jerk Chicken



    • Caribbean Fish Soup or Bisque




As you will set your feet in Anguilla, you will understand the love of local people for this luscious and sumptuous dish. You too don’t forget to relish the mind-blowing flavor of the dish. Else, it would definitely be no less than dishonor to the majestic glory of the island.



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