Cayman Cookout Festival is one of the largest culinary festivals in the Caribbean. From cooking demonstrations to a number of cuisines to please the visitors and beachside relaxation to poolside parties, it features everything, that too with a full dose of entertainment. The thing that makes this gastronomic event different from others is that it features internationally recognized food experts and chefs and offers you the freedom to even chit-chat with them. This is the reason that foodies from all over the world flock to Cayman Island and experience the fun of this multi-day event. If you are also interested in that, let us disclose all the details about the Cayman Cookout Festival.

History of Cayman Cookout Festival

The Cayman Cookout Festival is not very old. It was first hosted in 2008 by a well-known chef Eric Ripert, the operator of Blue by Eric Ripert, the signature restaurant of the resort. Initially, the event took place to celebrate the culinary skills of chefs. Gradually, it started gaining popularity, and today, it is a worldwide popular event attracting international food experts as well as visitors.

What happens at Cayman Cookout Festival

Cayman Cookout Festival is all about getting immersed in the mind-blowing taste of different types of cuisines, giving your eyes a visual treat with a diverse collection of cooking demonstrations, spending a calm moment on the beachside and, of course, dancing to the tunes of pulsating music of poolside parties. In other words, the Cayman Cookout Festival is a fine amalgamation of sumptuous food and mind-blowing music.

How long does a Cayman Cookout Festival last?

The Cayman Cookout Festival is usually a four-day-long culinary event. These four days are all about delicious lunches, brunch, and dinners. If you can’t get enough of your favorite dish in these 4 days, you literally can never. The reason is, here you will get to enjoy over 100 food events in the four days and those all are nothing but a mind-blowing treat to your taste buds.

When does a Cayman Cookout Festival take place?

Cayman Cookout Festival takes place every year in the month of January. The dates can vary or remain the same every year but the month will definitely remain the same. The place also remains the same every year and it is Ritz- Carlton, Grand Cayman.

Who participates in the Cayman Cookout Festival?

Well, everyone can participate in the event regardless of their age, country, ethnicity, and anything else. The participants are actually divided into two categories. First, the proficient chefs, who take center stage, and second, the ordinary visitors, who take the spectator seat.

Cayman Cookout Festival 2023

Cayman Cookout Festival 2023 is going to ring its bell in the next month and it will be the 14th edition of this culinary event since its inception. This year, this gastronomic event is going to be more special and fun-filled because it will be happening after a 2-year-long hiatus. Unlike its previous celebrations, this year the main emphasis is on expanding the celebration along with new events and more attendees. Several new beverage programming and menus will be offered exclusively designed by global spirits experts. So, you can say, this year’s Cayman Cookout Festival is going to be mind-blowing.

Dates for Cayman Cookout Festival 2023

Cayman Cookout Festival 2023 will mark its presence on 12th January, Thursday and continue to please people till 16th January, Monday. The venue for the Cayman Cookout Festival is Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman.

Schedule for Cayman Cookout Festival 2023

Though the festival actually starts on 12th January, the pre-festivities will start taking place from 9th January itself. The complete schedule for the pre-festivities as well as the main events is as follows:

Monday, January 9

  • Cayman Cookout In-Flight with chief Chef Eric Ripert presented by Cayman Private Aviation

Wednesday, January 11

  • Legendary Bourbon Dinner featuring Master Blender, the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, and Drew Mayville

Thursday, January 12

  • ​The World of Daniel Boulud, enjoy with Mirabeau

Friday, January 13

  • Yoga and Krug

Saturday, January 14

  • Yoga and Krug

Sunday, January 15

  • ​Master Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour

Monday, January 16

  • Culmination

Famous chefs participating in Cayman Cookout Festival 2023

A number of chefs and food experts from all over the world will grace this gastronomic event with their presence. The most popular names are:

  • José Andrés
  • Adrienne Cheatham
  • Master Sommelier Aldo Sohm
  • Andrew Zimmern
  • Antonio Bachour
  • Charles Joly
  • Daniel Boulud
  • Dean Max
  • Dominique Crenn
  • Emeril Lagasse
  • Jennifer Carroll
  • Kristen Kish
  • Tom Colicchio

What will be new at Cayman Cookout Festival 2023

All the signature events of the festival like Beach Bash, Rum & Robusto, and Barefoot BBQ will take place like every year but this year you will see many other new events as well. Those events are:

  • Superbly in-flight experience with Chef Eric Ripert presented by Cayman Private Aviation
  • Wine tasting and discussions with famous and world-class producers like Marc Gagnon
  • Exclusive dining experience including a Le Bernardin Reunion
  • Island culinary excursions including a mind-blowing Cayman Brac Lunch Experience
  • Effervescence Soirée by one and only Moët & Chandon
  • Steakhouse dinners and Latin American/Caribbean-inspired experiences at the newly opened Saint June
  • A Sommelier standoff featuring great chefs like Master Sommelier Aldo Sohm, Michael Kennedy, Monica Dubar, and Enrico Carmassi

Other food & drink festivals to attend in the Caribbean

Cayman Cookout Festival is not the only food and drink festival in the Caribbean but there are many other festivals and events as well that introduce people to the local foods of the Caribbean. Here, we are going to mention a few of those festivals:

  • All Andros Crab Fest, Bahamas
  • Jamaica Food and Drink Festival, Jamaica
  • Mango & Food Festival, Nevis
  • Food, Wine & Rum Festival, Barbados
  • Portland Jerk Festival, Jamaica
  • The BVI Food Fete, BVI
  • Pineapple Festival,  Bahamas
  • Grenada Chocolate Festival, Grenada

These are some of the most popular food and drink festivals in the Caribbean. Make sure to explore each of them and experience a different facade of the Caribbean every time.


So, just be a part of the Cayman Cookout Festival 2023 and experience the biggest culinary extravaganza in the Caribbean. Believe us, you will have a dining experience to remember forever.

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