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Suppose you are visiting The Bahamas, you should not miss to enjoy Bahamas drinks  as you explore its nature. In that case, you will not only enjoy the white sandy beaches and the rich cultural and historical heritage, but also swim in the crystal-clear waters. You will have a chance to enjoy the food and drinks that are prepared only in the Bahamas. Getting to taste some of their unique and refreshing beverages will help you enjoy the local culture of the tropical paradise. Let’s examine the seven favorite local drinks you cannot miss while on vacation in the Bahamas.

7 Bahamas Drinks you must try for refreshing experience:

Bahama Mama

The classic tropical cocktail is one of the most popular and loved cocktails, perfect for a night out in the towns of the Bahamas. The drink is sweet and fruity, made with coconut rum, orange juice, rum, pineapple juice, and an added splash of grenadine. Its delicious taste and ease of drinking make it the favorite among many tourists on the island.

It can be garnished with a piece of cherry or pineapple which increases the tropical taste of the drink. One will transport you to the beaches of the Bahamas with their refreshing and fruity cocktail, and you will enjoy every moment on the island.

Goombay Smash

You should take advantage of the unique Bahamas drink prepared through a secret recipe. Despite many imitations elsewhere, you will find original goombay smash at Miss Emily’s Blue Beer Bar on Abaco Island. It is made with almost similar products for Bahama mama, which include pineapple juice, orange juice, rum, coconut rum, and grenadine splash, but it has extra apricot brandy that makes it different. The added apricot Brady makes the drink a slight tart and fruity flavor making it a perfect drink for lounging on the beach.

The drink is found in almost all parts of the Bahamas because the family producing it has been able to distribute it to the whole island, and it has become common in the local culture. It is a drink you will always have to post on your social media to remind you of the Caribbean taste.

Yellow Bird

If you are a person that prefers a drink with a milder taste, then the yellow bird is the drink that you must try. It is a sweet and smooth drink made with rum, Galliano, lime juice, triple sec, and pineapple juice. One of its ingredients, Galliano liquors, makes it sweet and tastes herbal, and rum adds alcohol kicks balanced by other spices.

The topping served on Yellow birds can be pineapple or cherry, which makes the drink feel tropical. It is a nice drink to try if you have never tasted it for its smooth and delicious taste it leaves in your taste buds.

The rum punch Bahamas drink

The Bahamas drink compilation is only complete with the finest classic rum punch. The most simple drink but delicious cocktail made with rum, orange juice, lime juice, and rum. The tangy drink is refreshing and perfect for a hot day on the beach or while swimming in a hot pool.

Rum punch is made to balance the tartness of citrus juices with sweetness. It has a beautiful pink color from the ingredients, and many women prefer it over other drinks.

Sky Juice Bahamas drink

Sky Juice is a refreshing Bahamas drink known for its delicious coconut treat, and it is made from three common beverages in the Caribbean. It uses condensed sweet milk, coconut water, and gin. It is a favorite cocktail drink among locals and tourists, which has made it a popular drink available everywhere. Many enjoy the drink during hot and humid weather.

To add the tropical vibe to the drink, it is served in a coconut shell with coconut water that adds natural sweetness balanced by gin. Milk is added to make the drink have a creamy texture. Try sky juice to cool down on a hot day and refresh your mood.


It is a familiar drink for many, and with a good reason. However, the Bahamas type is unique due to the attention to detail that the bartenders give to the drink and maybe because it is served in the Bahamian sun. The cocktail comprises rum, club soda, and simple syrup measured in a spoonful, fresh lime, and ice is added. It is affordable and makes your day and vacation worth it.

Kalik Beer

This is for tourists who are not interested in cocktails or those who may want to taste a new drink. The Kalik beer is made in different varieties, including regular, light, Radler lemon, and lime. It is mostly for nightclubs where you want to enjoy your night with a drink. It is good to taste something different but with caution. It might surprise you to be your favorite Bahamian drink on the island.

Therefore, you can be sure that there are plenty of refreshing cocktails and beer in the tropical Bahamas. From the popular Bahama mama named after the island to Kalik beer shows a rich local culture that understands enjoyment and package of vacation. Take your holiday in the Bahamas to sample different popular drinks on the island and experience the refreshing mood of choosing the right vacation destination.

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