9 Best Beaches in Anguilla to visit in 2022

Anguilla is a lovely island made up of several little islands and cays, making it a popular tourist destination for millions of people throughout the world. Anguilla is a beach lover’s paradise, with multiple pure white sand beaches. This is not a destination for ultimate glamour, but it is ideal for those who wish to get away from the city’s glitz and rapid pace. Add Anguilla to your next vacation itinerary if you’re a beach bum; it has a plethora of beaches with sandy coasts, mild seas, and delicious drinks. On your next vacation to Anguilla, make sure to stop by a couple of the island’s beaches.

Anguilla’s 9 Most Beautiful Beaches

Now you’re probably wondering how many beaches Anguilla has. Except for the offshore cays and islands, there are more than 33. Read on to find out more about the greatest beaches to visit in Anguilla.

1. Shoal Bay

2. Rendezvous Bay

3. Meads Bay

4. Savannah Bay

5. Sandy Ground Beach

6. Barnes Bay

7. Little Bay

8. Cove Bay

9. Captain’s Bay

Shoal Bay, Anguilla

Shoal Bay is, without a doubt, the most gorgeous beach on the planet. This lovely harbor is one of the nicest beaches to visit in Anguilla, thanks to its crystal blue seas, sandy beaches, water sports, and regular dolphin sightings.

This two-mile-long beach, which is lined with various fantastic resorts, restaurants, and bars, has it all. Simply strolling barefoot on this white sand will soothe and quiet you completely. Shoal Bay has the softest and whitest sand of any beach in the world. The lack of cruise tourists is another significant advantage of Shoal Bay Beach. Simply come here to swim, eat delicious cuisine, drink, and relax. It’s also one of the top swimming spots in the area.

Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla’s most stunning and large beach, is long, broad, and softly sanded. The water transforms into a dazzling shade of swimming-pool blue the instant you step into Rendezvous Bay. This paradise on earth pampers you with crystal clear, quiet water, making it one of Anguilla’s top swimming beaches.

The breathtaking vistas of St. Maarten against the backdrop of a beautiful bay will leave you speechless. Rendezvous Bay and Shoal Bay on the southwest coast are the only two beaches on the planet with greater lengths of white sand per square kilometer.

Meads Bay, Anguilla

Meads Bay, which is located on the island’s north shore, is also one of the best beaches in Anguilla. Meads Bay, with its sandy beaches, the glistening sea in various colors of blue, and luxurious hotels, provides for a memorable vacation. The beaches at Meads Bay are large, wide, and aesthetically stunning. Meads Bay is one of Anguilla’s most popular beaches, with a variety of eateries and lodging choices.

Malliouhana, at Meads Bay, is Anguilla’s most renowned luxury hotel, with a tamarind tree on the beach. Other excellent hotels include the Four Seasons, Ocean Echo, Waves, Frangipani, Petals, Straw Hat, Carimar Beach Club, and others.

Savannah Bay, Anguilla

Savannah Bay is a unique gem in today’s day and a day since it is remote, natural, vast, and lovely. This bay’s pristine breadth makes it a true rarity in Anguilla and the rest of the globe. It is, nevertheless, one of Anguilla’s least developed, biggest, and nicest beaches.

Despite the fact that Savannah Bay is a rural beach, getting it is very easy. At the Palm Grove, you may spend a day relaxing on the beach, swimming, and eating a BBQ crayfish meal while sipping rum punch. When visiting this beach, it is essential that you arrive prepared. The Junk’s Hole, featuring plants, rocks, seashells, and washed-up junk, may be found to the left.

Sandy Ground Beach, Anguilla

Sandy Ground is a fishing community with several restaurants nearby that offer the greatest nightlife and food in Anguilla. Sandy Ground Beach is one of Anguilla’s most well-known beaches, with visitors arriving by boat from all over the world. Tourists who visit Anguilla can also participate in the August Monday boat races, which are held as part of the Anguilla Carnival.

You may either take a relaxing stroll along the beach or do something more interesting like drinking and partying at Johnno’s during the day and Pumphouse at night. Come to Sandy Ground and be a part of this massive celebration.

Barnes Bay, Anguilla

Barnes Bay is one of Anguilla’s most well-known beaches for a more peaceful and private vacation. It’s a quiet, premium location with little to no crowds to ruin your vacation. There are also a variety of relaxation and housing alternatives on Barnes Bay, including Mango’s Seaside Grill, Caribella, Four Seasons Anguilla, and a number of private villas.

This quiet beach in the Caribbean is also ideal for a romantic honeymoon. Barnes Bay is undoubtedly a site that will hatch lifelong memories of photoshoots, swimming, and refreshment.

Little Bay, Anguilla

Little bay, which seems like it came straight out of a picture, is flanked by steep cliffs, a pristine beach, and azure seas. The Little Bay is a remote, rewarding, and one of Anguilla’s best beaches. It is, as its name implies, a little yet stunning beach in Anguilla that needs a little effort to access. Once you arrive, you will be rewarded for your efforts by the peacefulness and unique vistas of this location.

To get here, you’ll either have to rope down or take a boat from the Crocus Bay. For thrill-seekers, Little Bay is one of Anguilla’s top beaches. This beach is ideal for snorkeling, rock diving, and other exciting activities.

Cove Bay, Anguilla

Cove Bay is one of Anguilla’s most popular beaches, because of its attractiveness and vast, easy-to-walk shoreline. Cove Bay, which is close to Rendezvous Bay, offers views of St. Martin as well. With calm waters, undulating dunes, and pristine sands, Anguilla’s unspoiled jewel is brimming with quality lodgings and cafés. The western end of the bay is also accessible to kitesurfers, horseback riders, pedestrians, and swimmers. Anguilla’s Cove Bay also has a spectacular sunset.

Captain’s Bay, Anguilla

Many have heard about it, but few have seen it — Captain’s Bay is one of Anguilla’s second-farthest beaches. This beach is just for the courageous; it is located on the island’s east end and is tough to find. Make sure you have all of your essentials with you, such as sunscreen, a hat, towels, a long sleeve shirt, and a beach umbrella, because this beach is nothing but bushes.

The infamous character of this beach, with large waves crashing against the cliffs and a strong undertow, is a joy to discover. When entering the water, be cautious since Captian’s Bay can create strong currents that can drag you under. A single villa graces the beach’s coastline, which is wonderfully situated and offers captivating views of the beach’s natural beauty.