Top 10 of the most stunning destinations to visit in Samaná


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Samaná is known as one of the most beautiful provinces in the entire Dominican Republic. Its territory occupies a peninsula that bears the same name and has an extensive coastline with more than 50 paradisiacal beaches, most of which turn out to be virgins.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, the Samaná peninsula has a chain of mountains called the Samaná mountain range, where incredible rivers are born, which end in waterfalls and flow into both the Atlantic Ocean and the Samaná Bay.



Also known as La Chorcha, the first Methodist church in the Dominican Republic, was transported by boat from England in 1901 and was a gift from the Queen to the free African descendants who were in the Samaná peninsula. It is the oldest structure in Samaná and its masses are still celebrated.



Means high land or land of mountains and this name perfectly describes the conditions of this national park, known as one of the most important national parks in the Caribbean for the large number of endangered species that live in its forests and on its coasts, There you can observe both manatees and solenodonte and also the famous Hispaniolan hawk a bird that is in extreme danger of extinction, which has been working and protecting itself for several years in this area and in addition to its natural endowments has a large number of caves with pictographs and petroglyphs tainos of the time ore Colombian perfectly preserved just waiting for you.


Formerly known as Bacardi Island, is one of the most visited destinations in the entire province of Samaná, a paradisiacal beach that can be discovered with a short boat ride from the Samaná pier. There you will find Piña colada, typical food, many handicrafts but above all one of the best views of the entire province.


 If you love the adrenaline you can not miss this zip line, from the mountains of Samana, while you are transported by its cables you can have a 360-degree view of the peninsula, observing the coast of the Atlantic Ocean side as well as the side of the bay of Samana.


Every year hundreds of humpback whales travel from the cold waters of the north to the warm waters of the bay of Samana, to reproduce and also to give birth. Thousands of people from all over the world come and visit Samana because it is one of the best places on the planet to see these majestic mammals.

One of the most beautiful places in the Dominican Republic, so much so that some international magazines have said that Rincon Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and not only that, in its two kilometers of beach also has a river that flows right into the white sand that is known as Caño Frio. You have both options, a paradisiacal virgin beach as well as a beautiful fresh water river, it is a place that you will never forget because of its views.



The most scenic beach of the Dominican Republic, because it is limited by a huge rocky outcrop that can be seen for miles, and also on its coast has a large barrier reef. To get there you only have to take a boat from the galleys and enjoy the beautiful view.


Is a natural monument located at the eastern end of the Samaná peninsula, and it is not only important because that is where the peninsula ends but also because after a very short boat ride that takes you to the beginning of the trail and walking after 30 min you will find not only where the province of Samaná ends, but also, some incredible lakes and pre-saline, because they are fed by the high tide, but with the sun’s rays evaporate making them saltier and saltier, this creates super-dense water that when you dive you will feel like you are flying.


Is an emblematic waterfall, it is a waterfall of more than 50 meters high that requires a small path on foot or on horseback and descend a few steps to reach a paradisiacal and beautiful place.


Is a place you can not miss, the municipality of Las Terrenas was formerly the second home of hundreds of Europeans who decided to change their cold climate for a little piece of beach in paradise, and today is a cultural oasis. If you visit Las Terrenas do not forget to eat in their restaurants and visit the beaches of Las Caleras, Playa Bonita, and Playa Coson which are pieces of heaven.

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