8 BEST beaches in Grenada

Grenada has some of the best beaches in the world which you visit at least one of them in your life. In this article, you can get to know about the beaches in Grenada and their significance and their attributes you can know.

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best beaches in Grenada:

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

Grand Anse is a protected section of coastland in the southwest with nearly three kilometres of beautiful sands. Grand Anse is Grenada’s most adored and popular beach, and one of the most unforgettable coastal sites you’ll ever visit, located just a few kilometres from the main town of St. George.

Grand Anse, which is surrounded by some wonderful tourist amenities, is the ideal place for people who wish to get off the cruise ship and discover a length of beach where they can relax and enjoy the finest of the Caribbean coastline. This is the place to go if you want to soak up some sun, swim in crystal clear seas, or participate in one of the many local water sports that draw thousands of visitors each year.

Water skiing, parasailing, kayaking, and even a few diving and snorkelling excursions are all available, allowing you to swim amid spectacular schools of fish. The Bianca-C wreckage, a luxury ship that sank in the Caribbean Sea, may be seen by expert divers. Turtles and sleeping schools of fish may also be seen around here at night.

The neighbourhood used to be swamped with street sellers. Vendors may now sell their wares in a market area that has been constructed. If you’re searching for a unique gift, here is the place to go. You will not be sorry.

Numerous pubs and restaurants along the beach, providing the best local food from terraces overlooking the sea. Grand Anse is an excellent place to start a trek. Make sure to wear comfy shoes and carry a camera to document every minute of your visit.

Morne Rouge Beach, Grenada

Welcome to Morne Rouge, one of Grenada’s most beautiful beaches. If you’ve come to see the beach, it’s presumably because it’s well-known. Morne Rouge is a beautiful stretch of unspoiled coastline that draws thousands of snorkelers looking for the ideal site to appreciate the Caribbean bottom.

Morne Rouge isn’t far from Grand Anse, but be warned: if you stop here for a brief visit, you’ll most likely want to spend all day! Bring a beach towel and all of your beach essentials. The silky sand beneath your feet, which softly dips into crystal blue sea waters, will undoubtedly charm you. Swimming is a tremendous delight here because the ocean is quiet and pleasant.

Morne Rouge is located on Grenada’s southwest coast, close to the city of St. George. The location is encircled by thick, lush foliage. Morne Rouge, often known as the BBC beach, was formerly desired by locals who kept it a well-guarded secret. It is now well-known, and many visitors come searching for a space to layout their towels on this lovely beach.

The beach at Grand Anse is easily accessible from Morne Rouge. Simply go to the southern end of the beach and beyond the hill to be struck by the picture-perfect beauty of this sought-after spot.

Although there are no restaurants immediately on the beach, you may always go to the adjacent coastal districts to sample local fare and the best of Caribbean food.

Magazine Beach, Grenada

Grenada has a plethora of attractions waiting to pique your interest. Some are well-kept secrets that you’ll only find out about after doing some beach research. Magazine Beach is a tiny beach on the island’s southern shore with golden sands and a breathtaking natural backdrop, providing for a picture-perfect setting. The Caribbean’s breathtakingly pure waves softly lap towards the coast. Come here for a swim or a snorkelling excursion in the afternoon.

Place your towel on the ground and take in the scenery. Despite its proximity to the airport, Magazine Beach is ideal for resting in a less congested region than Grand Anse, and it provides a range of amenities to help you get the most out of your vacation. Every Sunday, for example, the Aquarium restaurant conducts a magnificent BBQ.


Magazine Beach is reachable by cab. Because there is no public transportation in this region, it is quite silent. However, there are public restrooms, allowing you to relax and enjoy a worry-free day in the company of a few restricted beach amenities.

Bathway Beach, Grenada

Bathway Beach, of all the beaches of Grenada, is possibly the busiest during celebrations. This stretch of white sand beach is frequently filled with visitors ready to celebrate with live music, local food, and delectable beverages. We recommend that you come here if you arrive on one of these days. You are in for a truly amazing cultural experience!

However, if you visit Bathway at any other time of year, you’ll almost certainly find it abandoned! We aren’t joking! Bathway Beach is a tranquil spot with smooth sand that slowly falls into the Caribbean’s crystal clear seas. You’ll also need to bring your own snorkelling or diving gear if you want to snorkel or dive here.

It’s also a good idea to carry a packed lunch and plenty of water with you. Even if you expect a succession of cuisine or street celebrations to welcome you, it’s always a good idea to be prepared!

Bathway is a dangerous place to swim, so keep near to the coast and don’t go any farther than the coral reef. Even the most experienced local swimmers don’t venture too far! If you’re on vacation with kids, we suggest visiting a different beach.

Levera Beach, Grenada

Levera Beach stands out from Grenada’s otherwise pristine coastline. This region is bordered by mangroves, making it ideal for admiring local wildlife without being bothered by other tourists. Bring your camera and a willingness to learn about the island’s actual character, which differs from Grenada’s customary picture-perfect beaches.

Because of the strong currents, swimming here is not suggested for beginners, yet this gorgeous site will captivate you as you listen to the waves pounding on the rocky beach. You may even take a tour to witness turtles lay their eggs if you visit at the correct time of year. It’s a fantastic sight to behold! Tours are only available at night, but if you visit Levera early in the morning, you may be able to see some turtle footprints in the sand.

Paradise Beach, Grenada

Welcome to Paradise beach, an enchanting stretch of coastline located in western Grenada, between Hillsborough and Tyrrel Bay. The lack of bathing facilities here has allowed the beach to resist mass tourism for now, and the location is calm and peaceful. It’s definitely worth a visit to soak in the unspoiled beauty.

You’ll find Paradise Beach on Carriacou Island, and it provides the perfect combination of comfort and quiet. Come here if you are looking for a peaceful spot that’s not too busy, without giving up the creature comforts that make your day that bit more enjoyable.

Paradise Beach is a white-sand beach that descends down into turquoise seas. Almond and fruit trees cluster behind the shore, adding to the diversified local scenery. The water is shallow and warm, making it ideal for swimming for both young and senior vacationers. The bay is also well-sheltered, which means there are no currents to worry about for inexperienced swimmers.

Black Bay, Grenada

Beautiful Black Bay is about a 20-minute stroll from the main road. This stunning stretch of black sandy shoreline is just a short distance from St. John and is the ideal place for those looking to visit the adjacent Black Cave and relax on a unique beach. Just a few metres from the coast, the water becomes fairly deep and potentially dangerous, but is this spot wonderful!

If you want to recharge your batteries and unwind in between cruise destinations, Black Bay is a terrific option. Even though the beach is modest, it is well worth your time. Black Bay is bordered by lush vegetation, which is ideal for locating refreshments and capturing breathtaking photos. It’s generally best if you don’t bring your kids. Walking on foot might be too much for them, but there are plenty of other options in Grenada!

Anse La Roche, Grenada

On Carriacou Island, you’ll discover Anse la Roche, one of Grenada’s most remote and gorgeous beaches. Because you can swim to the coral reef from here, bringing a mask and snorkel for the day is a smart idea. Come to Anse la Roche and relax on perfect sands while admiring the stunning clear blue seas set against a breathtaking background. Divers will be glad to learn that Anse La Roche is a good alternative to Sandy Beach if a little is more difficult to get to.

This is also an excellent area to see local animals like turtles and be amazed by a landscape that is full of surprises. Bring your camera, and keep in mind that Anse La Roche is essentially a pristine natural paradise. There are no amenities or restaurants in the immediate neighbourhood, but Carriacou Museum, which provides a fascinating glimpse into Grenada’s historical customs and culture, is conveniently accessible.