The Top 10 Surreal Beaches in Martinique

Martinique is a Caribbean sailors’ paradise with fantastic French cuisine. The verdant jungles, tropical flowers, volcanoes, and beaches all contribute to the incredible biodiversity. There are over 60 beaches to choose from, with sand in a variety of colours ranging from white, golden, and pink to grey and black. Every day, there are beaches for everyone.

The north is known for its wild black sand beaches, which are black owing to volcanic eruptions, whereas the south Caribbean coast is known for its white powder sand beaches. If you enjoy watersports such as surfing, kitesurfing, or windsurfing, Tartane, Vauclin, or Anse Michel are the places to go for great waves and wind.

Martinique’s weather is nice all year, so the ideal time to come is whenever you choose! While there is an annual rainy season that runs from June to November, the weather has become somewhat erratic. This implies that travellers may go snorkelling, surfing, and sunbathing practically any month of the year.


Because Martinique is a French territory, you’ll notice a distinctly French flavour that you won’t find on other Caribbean islands. Because French vacationers are more laid-back than those on certain islands, you won’t see as many lounge chairs for sale or vendors attempting to sell stuff on the beach.


Martinique, often known as the Lesser Antilles, is a beautiful island in the Caribbean’s south. One of the first questions tourists have when planning a vacation to Martinique, like with other Caribbean islands, is where the greatest beach is.

Beaches in Martinique

Anse Couleuvre, Martinique

If you’re searching for a distant location with natural beauty, anse couleuvre is an excellent option. This beach, which is located in Martinique’s far north, has stunning black beaches fringed by coconut palms. With their rocky prominences, overhanging cliffs make this site seem even more dangerous. The seas here are unpredictable; sometimes you can go snorkelling and swimming, and other times you can have a good time in the strong waves.

However, keep in mind that depending on the weather, the current may be fairly powerful. Many people regard this to be a genuine landscape, and they like spending time in it.

Madiana beach, Martinique

Madiana is a beautiful, picturesque location for solitude and leisure. The beach is in the heart of Schoelcher, yet it’s far enough away from the residences that it doesn’t seem like you’re in the city. The waves are calm, and there is a wonderful shade under the trees, as well as a grey, sandy beach. It’s a safe area to swim with the entire family, even tiny children.

This is a popular hangout location for locals.

Carbet beach, Martinique

This beach is located near the same-named town and provides a range of activities. Paddle and kayak rentals, fishing, windsurfing, and beach activities are all available.

Restaurants and a lively ambience are also popular in this neighbourhood. Picnic tables are available for you to enjoy meals with your family. Although the waves are normally quiet, stay careful that they can swiftly deepen.

Anse Noire, Martinique

Anse noire is one of Martinique’s unique black sand beaches, and it’s breathtaking! Anse noire is accessible only through a flight of steps, it is not as popular with visitors as Les Salines beach. This beach’s finest feature is that it’s ideal for snorkelling. You might be able to notice the gorgeous turtles that live in the region if you’re lucky.

Remember that this is their home, so don’t startle them, touch them, or try to handle their kids. Also, please clean up any rubbish and remove any plastic from the area. Feel free to pick up any abandoned rubbish you notice on your way out if you want to be extra kind.

Anse Mitan, Martinique

Anse mitan is a popular beach with spectacular views of the harbour of Fort-de-France and a wide range of activities. If you enjoy snorkelling, you will love the coral reefs that run down the left side of the island and extend deep into the sea, where you can see a variety of seabeds and colourful species.

From grilled lobsters to traditional Martinican cuisine, the several eateries provide a diverse menu. In the evening, the area comes alive with bars, music, and other activities. anse mitan is a popular beach where people of all ages enjoy themselves.

Grande Anse du Diamant (Dizac), Martinique

This beach, which is located near the town of Diamant, is one of the largest and most well-known on the island. The view of Diamond Rock from above is breathtaking. It is a popular jogging beach because of its 3-kilometre length. Strong currents can be perilous at times, so if you see a red flag, bear in mind that swimming is no longer permitted. Picnic spaces are strewn around this beach, which is shaded by coconut trees. Nearby, there are additional pubs and restaurants.

Pointe Marin, Martinique

It’s a nice spot to sit and watch the boats and ships pass by along the coast. The location is elegant, and modern highways make it conveniently accessible. This beach offers gentler surf and pristine sand, making it ideal for families with children. There are shaded locations to escape the sun, as well as a variety of restaurants and pubs where you can obtain drinks and a wonderful dinner. There are a number of different kiosks where you may hire kayaks and other types of equipment. Club Med, a prominent tourist resort, is located in this neighbourhood.

Anse Figuier, Martinique

Do you wish to relax on a beautiful Caribbean beach with clear water? You’ve found the beach you’ve been looking for. Snorkelling with sea urchins and tropical fish is fantastic. The majority of the fish come out in the late afternoon, so if you’re a snorkelling enthusiast, don’t leave too early!

This beach is not to be missed, with wooden tables for a great Caribbean meal while enjoying breathtaking views of Morne Larcher and Diamond Rock. If you want to get out of the sun and learn more about Martinique’s traditional side, there is a fantastic Ecomuseum beyond the beach where you can learn about the island’s customs.

Anse Michel, Martinique

This gorgeous location, with its shallow crystalline water, is ideal for swimming and resting. The abundant coconut palms will give you delightful cool shady spaces. This is a great place for kitesurfers and windsurfers to have a good time. You may also hire jet skis and other watercraft. There are also several seats, picnic tables, and local eateries on the beach that provide delicious meals. If you prefer more seclusion, take a walk north along the shore and you’ll come across more beaches.

Grande Anse des Salines, Martinique

One of Martinique’s most stunning beaches, Les Salines, is located on the island of Martinique. It’s on the island’s southeast tip, with beautiful vistas and a kilometre of golden sand. The beach is lined with coconut palms, from which you may hang your hammock, and the sea is peaceful. Street vendors offering handicrafts, jewellery, and a variety of snacks and drinks, including handmade ice cream, fruit juice, and more, are available for consumers.

Les Salines features a few tiny restaurants and pubs where you may sample local delicacies like Colombo chicken and grilled seafood. Because it is one of the most popular beaches, it is frequently congested.