25 Best beaches in US Virgin Islands you must visit on your next trip- Part 3

U.S.Virgin islands have numerous beaches that brought a huge amount of attraction towards the Caribbean islands. Learn and discover about the best beaches in US Virgin Islands and plan your visit accordingly. Check through our website for more information.

This article is the continuation part of the beaches in the virgin islands.

Magnificent Beaches in Virgin islands

Honeymoon Beach, virgin islands

The US Virgin Islands’ Honeymoon Beach is located on the north side of St. John. The beach is smooth and white sand. The beach slowly slopes in the higher and close shore areas, causing the water to progressively deepen. The water is usually tranquil and stunning crystal-clear turquoise blue, almost pool-like in appearance. Swimming and wading are both enjoyable at Honeymoon Beach.

You may either catch some sunshine or rest in the shade on Honeymoon Beach. Large sea grape trees and coconut palms border the beach at Honeymoon Beach. As a result, you may spread your beach blanket under the trees to benefit from the natural shade.

Renting a private cabana at Honeymoon Beach is another option for shade and comfort. For small parties and families, this is a fantastic alternative. Choose a space on the sun-kissed sand to set up your towel or beach chair if you like to soak up the rays.

The view from Honeymoon Beach is a huge plus! The vista is spectacular whether you’re lying on the sand or wading in the sea. From the beach, you can see St. Thomas in the distance, as well as the adjacent islands of Grass Cay, Mingo Cay, and Lovango Cay, as well as boats sailing past and a wide range of blues and teals in the water.

The beach and the beautiful green hillsides of St. John’s island are visible from the ocean. Honeymoon is an undeniably beautiful beach.

Honeymoon Beach has excellent snorkeling. Bring your own snorkeling equipment or hire some at the beach. Both sides of the bay provide snorkeling opportunities. A patch reef may be seen on the west side.

The reef may be found swimming and snorkeling along the rocky headland that stretches into the ocean between Honeymoon Beach and Solomon Bay next door. Because the reef is in semi-deep water, it’s possible to observe the fish and corals up close.

However, due to damage experienced during the 2017 hurricane season, you may need to snorkel into somewhat deeper water to view marine life. You could spot a turtle or ray every now and then. You may snorkel along with the point between Honeymoon Beach and Caneel Bay on the east side of the beach.

Cinnamon Bay beach, virgin islands

Cinnamon Bay is the longest beach in the National Park, stretching for nearly a mile. Snorkeling, swimming, volleyball, and other activities are available at this fantastic beach. Windsurfing equipment, kayaks, and mountain bikes are available for hire at a watersports concession stand. Cinnamon Bay Cay, a short swim from shore, with excellent snorkeling.

The beautiful seas will urge you to go swimming and snorkeling, while the palm trees will entice you to rest on your beach blanket in the shade. A Hiking Trail through the Cinnamon Bay Plantation ruins is located across from the beach and campsite entrance/parking lot.

Beautiful beach all around, and simple to get to when it isn’t raining! Because the ocean is still warm, you’ll have one of the finest beach/sunset vistas in the world, and the drive-in and campsite people have been herded inside the restaurant.

When the parking lot is busy, walk to the end of the dirt road, hang a right, and walk for approximately a third of a mile. You won’t have any shade, but you will have your own beach. Enjoy!

Maho Bay beach, virgin islands

Maho Bay is a long, lovely beach with white sand. It’s close to the road, so it’s simple to get to, however, there’s little parking on the side of the road. On weekends, boaters flock to Maho. The bay is tranquil and protected. Green sea turtles feed on the seagrass meadows in this small bay, which may be observed often in the early morning and late afternoon.

The water is shallow at first and progressively deepens, making it ideal for youngsters. On weekdays, Maho Bay is generally deserted, making it simple to find a peaceful area for oneself.

Hawksnet Bay beach, virgin islands

Hawknest Beach is a National Park Beach with beautifully clean water and a picturesque coastline. The beach is a local favorite, especially on weekends for picnics and late evenings for a peaceful dip after work, thanks to a covered shed with picnic tables.

This beach offers enough parking and is easy to get to from the highway. The beach is bordered by sea grape trees, which provide some shade. A fantastic beach for a few hours of sunshine and beautiful seas!

Great Cruz Bay beach, virgin islands

The Westin Resort is located on Great Cruz Bay, a beautifully groomed beach. The beach is quite appealing, with palm trees along with it. Water sports equipment, beach umbrellas, and beach chairs may all be rented.

Children will enjoy a water trampoline moored in the center of the bay. The water is typically calm, making it ideal for swimming. Seagrass may be found in various regions of the water.

Denis Bay beach, virgin islands

Denis Bay is a lovely, peaceful beach. Its pure white sand beach is typically deserted, owing to the fact that it is only accessible by boat or a steep walk. The trail starts from the Peace Hill trail and descends to the bay’s westernmost point.

The National Park includes Denis Bay. Snorkeling is acceptable to excellent. Because there are no facilities, bring food and beverages with you. The beach property behind the forest line is private.