25 Best beaches in US Virgin Islands you must visit on your next trip- Part 2

U.S.Virgin islands have numerous beaches that brought a huge amount of attraction towards the Caribbean islands. Learn and discover about the best beaches in US Virgin Islands and plan your visit accordingly. Check through our website for more information.

This article is the continuation part of the best beaches in the us virgin islands.

Magnificent Beaches in Virgin islands

Here are the magnificent beaches in virgin islands that are famous for their unique attractive qualities.

Lindquist Beach, Virgin islands

Lindquist Beach is one of the most beautiful and clean beaches on the island of St. Thomas. It’s part of Smith Bay Park, a 21-acre protected area. Swimming is ideal in the beautiful, crystal clear turquoise sea. The swimming area gives way to another section of the bay, a very shallow ledge with tide pools, as you travel west.

The beach is made up of brilliant white sand with a hint of pink. The sand is smooth and ideal for playing Frisbee, making sandcastles, strolling along the beach, or simply lying back and taking in the breathtaking views of St. John and the British Virgin Islands.

On the right side of the beach, you may go snorkeling. Looking for some natural shade while relaxing on the beach? A coconut grove may be found on the right side, while sea grape trees can be seen on the left. Because the tree line is largely low-lying brush, the center region has relatively little shade.

There is a lifeguard on duty, as well as picnic tables and restrooms. Two sheds are available for gatherings and parties; shed rentals are $50 and require previous bookings. The beach, which is sometimes sparsely inhabited during the week, comes alive on weekends, especially Sundays, with locals enjoying picnics and parties.

Coki Point Beach, Virgin islands

Coki Point is a tiny, beautiful, and popular beach. Many people enjoy it because of its vibrant atmosphere and simple snorkeling. During the week, cruise ship passengers dominate the beach, but on weekends, local families take over. Vendors and stalls line the beach, selling a variety of beach-related items such as food, beverages, and souvenirs.

Rentable chairs and umbrellas are available. There may be gentle music playing, or there may be loud music if a DJ is mixing at one of the bars. Patrons at a rum-fueled bar flaunt their reggae and soca dance moves.

Occasionally, the aroma of marijuana may be detected in the air. Scuba divers descend into the shallows of the nearshore underwater hotspots. Snorkelers marvel at the fish that swim about them.

Coki Point’s shoreline is a crescent of white sand with a few tiny stones. Beach chairs and umbrellas are frequently available for hire along the beach. Only a few big trees dot the beach, providing natural shade. The view from the beach is of a beautiful turquoise sea with Thatch Cay in the background.

The crystal-blue water is generally tranquil and progressively deepens. It’s a great place to go swimming. Snorkeling is ideal for beginners along the beach in a rocky region. The friendly fish is a significant lure for snorkeling at Coki Point.

Tourists have been urged to buy dog biscuits to hand feed the fish throughout the years. As a result, the fish are not afraid to approach swimmers in search of food.

Little Magens Bay beach, Virgin islands

Magens Bay really includes Little Magens. There are a few small sandy coves on the right side of the Peterborg Peninsula, which frames Magens Bay, the largest of which is named Little Magens. There is no parking and no access to the road. To go to the little beach, you must first go to Magens Bay.

If you’re facing the sea at Magens Bay, go all the way to the end of the beach and then along the rocky shoreline. Little Magens is a lovely beach that is often deserted. At Little Magens, naked bathing is permitted, however, be advised that public nudity, even on beaches, is prohibited in the Virgin Islands.

Limetree Beach, Virgin Islands

Limetree Beach is a tiny, beautiful beach that extends along the edge of a natural cove. Perfect for a relaxing day of lounging, sipping cocktails, reading a book, and simply unwinding. The water is usually calm to somewhat choppy, and getting in might be challenging because the first portion is rocky.

The Bluebeards Beach Club Time Share/Hotel facility is located around the bay. Limetree is known for being incredibly peaceful, which is part of its allure. The booth for water sports is not always open. In the afternoon, it’s a fantastic place to see the sunset.

Dorothea Bay Beach, Virgin islands

Dorothea Bay has a tropical feel to it, with lush green hills around the wind-swept beach. It is typically sparsely to completely depopulated. The environment is very calming and is excellent for sleeping, thinking, or meditating.

Waves crash against the rocky shore, while palm palms sway in the strong ocean air, creating a dramatic beach scene. On the beach, there is a modest residential condo complex. There are no facilities provided.

The water was choppy and unsuitable for swimming. The shoreline included a variety of sizes of pebbles and gravel, ranging from small to about a foot long, as well as some sand. Natural shade is provided by palm and seagrape plants. The beach was deserted, with just a few occupants from nearby condominiums strolling around the grounds.

Except for the waves and wind, it was really calm. This isn’t a beach for swimming or laying out to tan. It is more of a place to go if you’re looking for some inspiration for painting waves smashing on rocks or just want to relax and play some acoustic guitar. It has a really natural appearance and feels about it, which is lovely.

Mandahl Bay Beach, Virgin islands

With the exception of a few individuals fishing from the shore, Mandahl Bay is generally deserted. Be it the pelicans diving for food with their great aim and ability, or the little tidal pools with tiny fish and crabs, the beach has a rustic, natural appeal.

Exploring the tiny tide pools is fun. The sea area and the beach are both rocky. There are no facilities in the region surrounding the beach because it is undeveloped. People fish from the neighboring lagoon/salt pond’s rough coastline and man-made rock wall entrance.