25 Best beaches in US Virgin Islands you must visit on your next trip- Part 1

U.S.Virgin islands have numerous beaches that brought a huge amount of attraction towards the Caribbean islands. Learn and discover about the best beaches in US Virgin Islands and plan your visit accordingly. Check through our website for more information.

Magnificent beaches in the Virgin Islands

Here are the beaches in the US Virgin Islands you shouldn’t miss visiting in your life.

Magens Bay Beach, Virgin islands

The most popular beach on St. Thomas is magens bay beach, and Arthur Fairchild gave the magnificent one-mile length to the people of the Virgin Islands as a public park. It is one of only two beaches on St. Thomas with an entrance fee, which supports the upkeep of the facilities and the beach.

The water is generally quiet and precise, with no waves or movement, ideal for floating and swimming. The water progressively deepens as it approaches the coast, making it ideal for little children. Along the rocky shore, snorkeling is feasible. However, magens bay beach is not recognized for its snorkeling. A water sports station hires paddle boats, kayaks, and sunfish. Beach chairs, floats, and snorkel gear is provided at the concession.

A bar and restaurant serving burgers, pizzas, and other refreshments, as well as a gift store and a hair braiding station, are all located at the concession. On days when numerous cruise ships are in town, the beach is a popular destination on island tour itineraries and can get busy.


Most beachgoers choose a position near the restaurant, so you’ll find fewer people if you go down the shore a little further away from the concession. Residents can be found resting after work and enjoying some exercise on weekday afternoons.

Sapphire Beach, Virgin islands

Sapphire Beach is a lovely stretch of white sand. Beachgoers may find cover on the right side of the beach, while sunbathers can enjoy the sun on the left side, where there are fewer trees. On the left side, adjacent to an artificial pond, iguanas and ducks are frequently observed.

A water sports station rents out windsurfers, kayaks, and snorkeling equipment, as well as chairs. You can rent jet skis or go paragliding at the adjacent marina. Sapphire Beach is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy water sports. On the right side, a small rocky ledge and reefs provide excellent snorkeling.

A tiny open-air grill, a drink seller, and the neighboring apartment restaurant serve food and drinks. The Sapphire Beach Resort, Condos, and Marina are all within walking distance of the beach.

Secret Harbour Beach, Virgin islands

The secret harbour beach is modest yet excellent. The water is generally quite tranquil since it is nestled in a secluded, sheltered cove; it is ideal for swimming. The rocky shoreline on the right side is perfect for snorkeling. The beach has palm trees sprinkled along the beachfront, giving it a tropical air; hammocks hanging between the palms add to the ambiance.

A floating raft in the center of the bay is ideal for sunbathing and getting some sunshine. Swimming out to the raft, hopping on, and leaping off are all activities that children enjoy. The Secret Harbor Beach Resort is located in Secret Harbor.

There is a beautiful restaurant and a good beach bar. Secret Harbor is a fantastic beach for snorkeling, swimming, eating lunch, and just hanging out.


Brewers Bay Beach, Virgin islands


Brewers Bay is a hidden beauty in the middle of nothing. Its sun-drenched beach is dominated on the right by lush green hills and on the left by the University of the Virgin Islands campus. It’s one of the quietest beaches on St. Thomas, with crystal-clear water.

Green Sea Turtles and Hawksbill Turtles both love it. The bottom is mainly sand, and it progressively deepens, allowing for a simple sloping entrance. It’s ideal for wading and swimming because of its clarity, tranquility, and sandy bottom. Brewers Bay is wonderfully uncrowded on weekdays.

Brewers Bay is one of the island’s most expansive beaches. The space between the tree line and the water line is ideal for a game of frisbee or kicking a football around. Palm palms and sea grape trees can be seen along the tree line. Other plant life, like salt-tolerant grass and vines, can be found among the trees.

They are an integral element of the natural beachscape and help to avoid beach erosion. You may relax in the shade of the trees or apply reef-safe sunscreen and bask in the sun along the water’s edge. Bring an umbrella or a beach tent if you want to sit near the ocean and have some shade.

Near the ocean, the sand is mainly soft and delicate. On the other hand, the sand is a mix of fine and coarse sand and tiny pebbles. It’s a lovely beach for strolling and beachcombing. Look for fragments of coral, shells, sea glass, and other items washed up on the beach by the tides. After you’ve finished gazing at the shells, be sure to return them to the beach. In the Virgin Islands, it is unlawful to take shells from beaches.

Morning star beach, Virgin islands

The beach is made up of beautiful, silky sand. For drinks and lunch, there is a seaside restaurant and bar. Paddleboats, kayaks, sailboats, jet skis, and other watersports are available at a watersports booth. The hotel provides chairs, umbrellas, snorkeling equipment, and floats for hire.

Morningstar provides a fantastic view of cruise ships and boats entering and exiting Charlotte Amalie Harbor early in the morning and late in the afternoon. The Morningstar Beach Property and its sibling resort, the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef, are located in Morningstar.

Vessup Beach, Virgin islands

Vessup Bay is a beautiful beach. The beach is mainly undeveloped, with diverse vegetation including sea grape trees, cactus, and century plants. The lengthy stretch of sand is ideal for strolling, and the tranquil seas are suitable for swimming.

Seagrass is frequently seen in the ocean and washes up on the coast. The beach is typically deserted during the week, but it is a popular spot for locals hosting birthday parties, barbecues, and family picnics on weekends.

Sugar Bay beach, Virgin islands

Sugar Bay is a small, bikini-sized pocket of a beach on St. Thomas’ eastern side. From one end of the sandy beach to the other, visibility is excellent. The sea is usually calm. The bottom is rocky near the bay’s center, making entrance difficult, although the rocks provide good snorkeling for beginners. The rocky outcrops are a favorite hangout spot for juvenile fish. Enter and swim in the sandy area on the bay’s left side.