25 Best Beaches in Virgin islands you must visit- Part 6

U.S. Virgin Islands has numerous beaches that brought a huge amount of attraction towards the Caribbean islands. Learn and discover about the best beaches in US Virgin Islands and plan your visit accordingly. Check through our website for more information.


This article is the continuation part of the beaches in the virgin islands.


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best beaches in virgin islands:

Protestant Cay Beach, Virgin Islands

Take the short boat journey from Christiansted to Protestant Cay, where Hotel on the Cay is located. Protestant Cay’s sandy small beach is ideal for sunbathing and swimming. The water steadily deepens, but the port does open up. From the calm of the beach, you can take in a breathtaking view of Christiansted and Fort Christianvearn.

Shade is provided by a few palm trees and palm-covered umbrellas. (The boat operates from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and costs $3 round trip; it departs from the boardwalk in front of the park close to Fort Christianvearn.)

Cramers Park beach, Virgin islands

A fantastic beach that is highly popular among locals. On weekdays, the beach may be lightly crowded, but on weekends, it transforms into a party hotspot with family picnics, parties, gatherings, camping, and loud music. The water is progressively deeper and is typically calm. There are picnic tables and grills, as well as shelters, bathrooms, and other park facilities including picnic tables and barbecues.

This beach is popular with local families and features a playground, restrooms, and picnic spots. Under the trees, there were also some shaded areas. The beach is primarily sandy, and the waves are gentle. There is enough parking available. Don’t forget to bring chairs.

Shoy’s beach, virgin islands

Shoy’s Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on St. Croix, with crystal clear water and white sand. The lengthy beach is lined with a few sea grape bushes. The beach is peaceful and tranquil. On weekdays, the beach is generally lightly crowded.

When approaching Buccaneer Resort, choose the guarded, gated entry on the right; drive through the golf course, residential section, and then park in the tiny parking lot; walk down the short path to the beach. Because there is a residential neighborhood nearby, please respect private property lines. Swimming is best on the east end of the beach, while snorkeling is best at the other end.

Fort Frederik beach, virgin islands

The cruise ship dock and Frederiksted Beach are both within walking distance. A tiny, beautiful white sand beach only steps from the Frederiksted shoreline, with direct access to the Caribbean Sea. When cruise ships dock, this beach becomes quite crowded. Passengers on cruise ships may go sightseeing in St. Croix, shop in Frederiksted, and then rest in the pool before returning to the ship. In the evenings, this is a popular place for fishing and viewing the sunset.

The Grotto beach, Virgin Islands

The Grotto beach lies in the Buccaneer Resort, which is just one cove away from Mermaid Beach. The Grotto beach is primarily sandy, but there is a rocky section along the water’s edge. The Grotto beach is lengthy and pleasant to walk along. The resort has chairs, kayaks, a restaurant, and a bar. The beach is open to hotel guests for free.

Long stretches of sandy beach are ideal for strolling. There are a couple of tiny ‘pools’ along the coast, formed by a sandy small area with water formed by the firm sandstone ledge that runs parallel to the shore. The ‘pools’ are a nice place to sit and relax.

Except for a tiny spot near the beach’s beginning where you may swim and join the sea, the sandstone ledge extends the entire length of the beach. Starting there and going parallel to the beach along the sandstone cliff, there is excellent snorkeling. I noticed a variety of young fish on top of the ledge, as well as larger fish beneath it.

Grapetree beach, virgin islands

Grapetree Beach is a lovely white sand beach that is small and lengthy. It is located on the same length of the beach as Divi Beach. The beachfront is ideal for a peaceful day at the beach. On the further end, there are a few palm trees.

It’s a wonderful place to walk. Because there are several residential residences nearby, please respect the private land that surrounds this wonderful beach. Snorkeling is good, and turtles are occasionally seen. This beach is typically deserted, making it a perfect place to read, meditate, picnic, and simply relax.

Divi beach, virgin islands

This beautiful white sand beach will provide you with a peaceful day in the sun. The sandy beach is lined by palm palms. This beach is home to the Divi Carina Bay Resort, which offers water activities, a bar and restaurant, and even a casino. You may walk from Divi Beach to Grapetree Beach, which is a beautiful beach walk. The Divi’s poolside bar and restaurant are a must-visit. Order a refreshing tropical drink and relax beneath the shade of a palm tree. It’s possible to have a good time snorkeling.

Tamarind Reef beach, virgin islands

The layout on the tamarind reef beach, relax under one of the palm trees that border the coast, drink a tropical cocktail at the poolside bar, eat lunch at the restaurant, snorkel, kayak, lay in a hammock, and read a book… there’s much to do and enjoy at tamarind reef beach. The bay’s further end is rocky, and swimming is restricted to specific sections due to the rocks. In the near-shore swimming places, the water is shallow. The beach is pebbled and sandy. Seagrass may be found in the sea and along the coast. A marina is located nearby.