25 Best Beaches in virgin islands you must visit – Part 5

U.S. Virgin Islands has numerous beaches that brought a huge amount of attraction towards the Caribbean islands. Learn and discover about the best beaches in US Virgin Islands and plan your visit accordingly. Check through our website for more information.

This article is the continuation part of the beaches in the virgin islands.

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best beaches in virgin islands

Cane Bay beach, Virgin islands

Cane Bay is a fantastic place to go sunning, strolling, snorkelling, enjoying a cold drink at a beach bar, or simply relaxing. Many trees border the lengthy stretch of white sand beach, providing enough shade. Cane Bay is well-known for its snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities.

The depth drops to 1,000 feet around 1/4 mile offshore, so divers may just swim out and dive “the wall,” as it is known. The major road provides easy access to this beach. The beach is within walking distance of a diving store, kayak shop, restaurant, and pubs. On the left side of the beach, there is a volleyball net. The water is typically calm, although powerful currents sometimes occur.

Mermaid Beach, Virgin islands

The Buccaneer Resort is located on Mermaid Beach, a beautiful white sand beach. Many tall, magnificent coconut trees line the beach, providing plenty of shade for anyone seeking relief from the hot Caribbean heat. Some portions of the ocean are stony, while others have seagrass.

Seagrass attracts conch and starfish, so you could see some of those sea creatures along with other marine life. A beach bar and open-air restaurant are a short distance from the sandy beachfront, ideal for grabbing a bite to eat or a refreshing beverage. During peak season, the beach is frequently crowded with hotel guests.

Dorsch Beach, virgin islands

Dorsch is a very long beach located just outside of Frederiksted. The beach is primarily sandy, although there are a few rocky outcroppings, which are also visible in the sea. Around the rocks, there is excellent snorkeling. The beach is deserted on weekdays. It’s a popular spot for family picnics and gatherings on weekends and holidays.

Because of a nearby hotel with the same name, a portion of Dorsch is frequently referred to as Sandcastle Beach. There are two hotels on the beach, as well as restaurant and bar amenities.

Rainbow Beach, virgin islands

Rainbow Beach is a tiny bay with a lot of sand. It turns rocky on the far right and left, but the beach is generally sandy. Shade is scarce to non-existent. On-site, there’s a fantastic small beach bar with live music most afternoons. There is a volleyball net accessible. On Sundays, Rainbow is quite busy; on weekdays, it is calm and lightly inhabited.

Coakley beach, Virgin islands

Coakley Bay is a lovely white sand beach with a small population. Because the ocean contains a lot of seagrasses, the beach is frequently strewn with it. Buck Island may be seen from the shore. Coakley Bay has excellent snorkeling.

In certain locations, the ocean floor’s bottom is rough, and these regions are littered with sea urchins, so be cautious. Although there are no palm trees on the beach, the sea grape trees provide shade. A gravel road leads to the location, which is marked by a tiny sign that says “Nature Preserve of St. Croix Environmental Association.”

Sandy point beach, virgin islands

The longest beach in the Virgin Islands is three miles long. It is located on St. Croix’s southwest coast, about south of Frederiksted. Due to salt stress, the flora in the region is stunted, and the tree line starts considerably further back from the ocean than at other beaches on St. Croix, thus there is no shade.

The sight of a long, broad expanse of brilliant white sand is breathtaking. At the beach, the water soon deepens. The 380-acre Sandy Point peninsula is a protected reserve for leatherback and other sea turtles. It is one of the most significant leatherback nesting sites in the world, and it is home to the world’s biggest nesting population of leatherback sea turtles.

Davis Bay Beach, Virgin Islands

Davis Bay is a long, white-sand beach that is usually peaceful and pleasant. There are some rocks in the middle of the bay, and modest surf on the far left side, which may be great for body surfing if the conditions are perfect. The currents may be rather powerful. The beach is lined with coconut palms and other plants, which provide some shade.

The gorgeous, unspoiled hills to the far left and the gentle to mild wave action create an impression of being far away from anything at this beach. While the beach is peaceful, Carambola Resort is located on the beach.