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Top 5 of the best ecotourism activities in the Dominican Republic:

Ecotourism activities in the Dominican Republic open up a genuine paradise for nature enthusiasts, offering abundant opportunities to explore and immerse yourself in the diverse ecological wonders found in every region of the country. This great Caribbean nation is a place with hundreds of hiking paths, numerous parks and wildlife reserves, heavenly beaches, unexplored caves, and breathtaking waterfalls, making it an incredible destination for ecotourism enthusiasts.

Rafting on the Yaque del Norte River

Experience a heart-pounding, adrenaline-fuelled adventure on a rafting trip in Jarabacoa, raging down the Yaque del Norte River at level two rapids. The torrential current of the refreshing Yaque del Norte River will carry you through valleys and gorges that would be inaccessible otherwise. Become part of this fantastic water adventure in which you can enjoy the cool waters of the Yaque del Norte River, the longest river in the Caribbean, on a raft. As you ride the “Dominican Alps”, and experience class III to class IV rapids that will forever reshape your image of a Caribbean island.

Zipline in Samana

Flying high above the rainforest canopy 400 feet in the air has no comparison. This half-day journey allows you to soar above the massive trees of the Anamuya jungle on double ziplines with a total length of 1,310 meters. All twelve platforms are positioned in the treetops, with a double parallel steel cable and a semi-automatic braking system. On the way, you will pass over hanging bridges and enjoy a hike along the park’s variety of native flora and fauna. This remarkable tour is for all your family and friends alike and will be the theme of your meal for months to come

The 27 Damajagua puddles Excursion

The most prized treasure of adventure in Puerto Plata, the 27 Charcos de Damajagua waterfalls combine a full day of hiking through dense forests, across bridges, and encountering Dominican flora, before reaching a rocky hilltop where your downward journey starts, jumping or sliding down a series of cascading waterfalls. Safety gear is mandatory while you slide down water-cushioned canals, or jump into deep turquoise pools.

The majority of tours only offer to take you through seven waterfalls, as getting to all 27 is reserved for the more adventurous and physically fit. Managed by local guides who live within the community, the park’s admission fees benefit all its residents, making it a win-win situation for everyone. Located approximately one hour from Puerto Plata, if you can take on the 27-puddle challenge, you can take on any other adventure in the Dominican Republic.

Hiking Pico Duarte

Trekking on Pico Duarte, the Dominican Republic’s most famous mountain peak and the highest in the Caribbean. With an altitude of 3,087 meters, it lies between two national parks, the Armando Bermudez National Park and the Jose del Carmen Ramirez National Park. An ideal spot for hikers and mountain enthusiasts. Furthermore, it is a good choice for excursions and to take a break from the beach.

It is precisely what is so attractive about the Dominican Republic that you can explore a variety of equally appealing ecosystems for all tastes. Ascending the Pico Duarte mountain allows you to meet with nature, share with other people on the way up the mountain, and of course, connect with yourself among the greenery and tranquility that surrounds this landscape.

Visiting the dunes of Bani

Bani Dunes are located in the Peninsula of Las Calderas east of the Bay of Las Calderas, among the towns of Matanzas, Las Calderas, and Las Salinas in the Province of Peravia, Dominican Republic, which is also known as the natural monument of Las Dunas de las Calderas. It was originally called the Félix Servio Ducoudray Natural Scientific Reserve and it is considered to be one of the most spectacular natural spaces in the Dominican Republic. These huge mountains of sand are now a very popular tourist spot.

With sand mountains reaching up to 35 meters high, these Caribbean deserts will impress anyone who decides to venture into them, making them an impressive natural phenomenon. The tour through the Baní dunes is breathtaking and is one of the main highlights, as these dunes are found in front of a huge beach bordered by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, which makes it like moving from a desert to an oasis.