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6 Most Popular Alcoholic Jamaican Drinks you Must Try:

Have you ever thought, what is the most popular drink in Jamaica?

A trip to Jamaica is only complete with enjoying various Jamaican drinks that will ignite your feelings and make your vacation memorable. Despite Jamaica being popular on the best beaches and vibrant life, it has the best options for drinks, both jamaican alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails in jamaica. Jamaican drinks match its unique traditions, spirit, and Caribbean delight, as the island is known for producing the best coffee and rum in the world.

A vacation to this Caribbean country means you are enjoying yourself, and having its traditional and best drinks should be on the list of the things you should try. Jamaica has the best cock-tails drinks that can be accompanied by delicious Jamaican food on different beachside or at all-inclusive resorts either alone or with friends. You can try plenty of drinks while in Jamaica, but let’s explore the seven most popular drinks that must be on your list.

1. Flaming Bob Marley

Inspired by the famous Reggae artist Bob Marley, it consists of three layers that reflect a Rastafarian flag. Its highlight is the flame. It is an excellent drink, mostly when you are with friends, to enjoy and observe the reactions of this daring drink. The bartender lights it up, and you can take a shot if you are brave enough.

The cocktail has both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, called virgin versions, for people who don’t drink alcohol. The ingredients used are;

  •         Oz grenadine forms the bottom layer.
  •         Galliano or the banana liqueur that forms the middle layer
  •         Crème de menthe and Bacardi 151 are mixed to form top layer.
  •         Proof rum is put on top of the drink that can be ignited

The drink is sold in almost all restaurants in Jamaica, so you are sure to find it anywhere around Jamaica.

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2. Jamaican Rum

Jamaica is known for its high-quality and delicious rum worldwide. It is used in making most of the local cocktails. It is made with molasses, a sticky, thick liquid left after the sugarcane juice is extracted and boiled. Jamaican rum dates back to the 17th century after Christopher Columbus introduced sugarcane on the island.

The special thing about Jamaican rum is its strong aroma and flavor from fruits like pineapple and overripe banana. The aroma is called ‘funk’ or ‘hogo’ and is made from cane acid, muck, and dunder fermentation.

Famous local rums that are part of Jamaican drinks include Appleton Estate, Nephew White overproof & Wray, Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve, Hampden Estate Overproof Rum, and Smith & Cross Jamaica Rum.

The famous cocktails from Jamaican rum include; Jamaican breeze, Jamaican rum punch, and Daiquiris.

3. Dirty Banana

It is a sweet, delicious boozy, and silky cocktail delight found in Jamaica—the perfect Jamaican drink to sip while on the beach, lounging, or watching the sunset.

It is prepared with rum, Kahlua (a coffee-flavored liquor), Tia Maria, milk, and a ripe banana. Preparation amounts depend on the amount required.

4. Jamaican Rum Crème

It is the sweeter version of Jamaican rum that is produced in different flavors loved by both locals and tourists.

The drink is always thick, decadent, and very tasty, and it is similar to Kahlua. If you are a fan of coffee, this is an additional drink. Jamaican rum cream is inspired by the Irish cream that serves the exotic part of Jamaican fruits and spices, blending the rich cream and rum to give it an alcoholic taste.

The recipe ingredients used to prepare Jamaican rum cream are;

  •         Heavy cream
  •         Chocolate syrup
  •         Real vanilla extract
  •         Sweetened condensed milk
  •         Coconut extract
  •         Appleton Estate spiced rum

The measurement depends on the amount you want to make, which varies with the amount you want to make.

5. Red Stripe Beer

Its famous Caribbean beer on the island is found in almost all places in Jamaica, with refreshing drinks sold in bars and restaurants.

It is packed in bottles and cans and can be bought in packets or as a single beer.

Red stripe beer, a Jamaican drink, is sold in various versions, including Red Stripe Light, classic Red Stripe, Red Stripe Bold, and lemon or sorrel flavors. It is brewed in Jamaica by Desnoes and Geddes. It is 4.7% alcohol by volume.

6. Tia Maria

A famous delicious drink that combines coffee and rum to make it a unique alcoholic drink. The drink was invented by a Spanish aristocrat who named the drink after her maid.

It is made from the blue mountain coffee that is exported to Italy and used to make Tia Maria, a Jamaican drink imported into Jamaica.

Tia Maria is made with mountain coffee beans, Jamaican rum, sugar, and vanilla as the main ingredients.

It is a sweet and delicious flavor that sometimes has blended milk over ice to add richness.

In conclusion, Jamaica has many drinks that tourists can try both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Jamaican drinks are known worldwide mostly the rum drinks which are unique from other drinks. However, I would recommend on your visit, try Tia Maria, Dirty Banana, Red Stripe Beer, Flaming Bob Marley, Jamaican Rum, Dirty Banana, and Jamaican Rum Crème for a better experience in Jamaica.