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Mothers Day in Cuba. As every year, this month of May a special day is celebrated in different parts of the world to honor mothers. Although the celebration of Mother’s Day in Cuba is a tradition that goes back a long time, very few know its origin. Let’s dive deep into the origin of Mothers Day!

Therefore, through this simple we will take you to know how and when this beautiful tradition dedicated to these wonderful women arose.

First of all, it is important to remember that although we celebrate mothers it is May; There are countries that celebrate it on different days or months. For example, in some parts of the world it is celebrated on May 2, in others on May 10, and in others on the second Sunday of the month. Likewise, there are countries where it is celebrated in March, April, August, October, November or December.

Since its origin, the celebration of Mother’s Day in Cuba is held on the second Sunday of May; just like in the United States. In addition, it is a party that was born in Philadelphia, United States in the year 1908; and that caused such an impact that it quickly became international.

However, regardless of the day or date, the most important thing is to entertain and honor our mothers; expressing to them above all our love and affection.

The first Mothers Day

Before arriving in Cuba, Mother’s Day originated in the US city of Philadelphia; as an initiative of Anna Jarvis. And it is that, Jarvis, was very sad as a result of the death of her mother; she then understanding the importance of showing love to her mothers.

Therefore, the American proposed to move influences between ministers and important personalities to make official a special day for mothers. As a result of 3 years of efforts, on Sunday, May 10, 1908, the Mother’s Day party began.

In addition, the celebration was formalized during a religious ceremony where red and white carnations predominated. Consequently, the red flowers represented the living mothers and the white ones were in honor of the deceased.

Origin of Mother’s Day in Cuba

The United States Congress legalized the celebration of Mother’s Day in 1914 when it declared the date a National Holiday. However, since 1911 Mother’s Day was already celebrated in Canada, South America and Japan; and around 1920 it finally had its origin in Cuba.

Although the exact date of the emergence of this celebration in Cuba is unknown, it was established thanks to an initiative of the journalist Víctor Muñoz. This, as a consequence of the dissemination of the article “My White Clavel” in the newspaper El Mundo; alluding to mothers day.

As a result, the West Indians liked the idea and since then began to pay tribute to mothers on a special day of the year. Undoubtedly, these acts became more notorious in the town of Santiago de las Vegas, south of Havana.

In addition, Muñoz manages to be part of the Havana City Council in 1920 and proposes the establishment of a special date dedicated to Cuban mothers. Although the petition took several eight years to be approved, finally, in 1928 the celebration of Mother’s Day was established in Cuba.

After the origin of the party, in Cuba they also celebrated Mother’s Day using flowers to honor living and dead mothers. Next, cards and sweets began to be sent and little by little different types of gifts were added to honor the mothers.

This second Sunday of May, May 14, 2023, Mother’s Day is commemorated in Cuba, do not miss the opportunity to tell MOM how much you love her on this special day, thank her for so many years of love, care, patience, loyalty, Give her the best gift, your company, bring her the most beautiful bouquet of flowers you can find and make her feel what she is, a Queen.