Known as August Mas or Spice Mas, Grenada Carnival is one of the biggest carnivals in the Caribbean. When you search for the best Caribbean carnivals, Grenada Carnival will definitely make a place on the list because it is very much popular regarding its significance as well as the style of celebration. This multi-day annual event is the biggest display of the culture and traditions of Grenada. Not just the locals but international people are excited about this carnival because it has so much to give their eyes a visual treat and offer an unforgettable experience. Today, we are here to talk about the Grenada Carnival 2023. So, get into the details and find all the information about it.

Grenada Carnival

History of Grenada Carnival

Grenada Carnival has been in the culture of Grenada for many years. When it actually started is not confirmed but the carnival has been celebrated on the island for around 50 years. Before the independence of Grenada, it used to take place in May like many other Caribbean carnivals but it was moved to August later on. Now, it is celebrated on the second Monday and Tuesday of August every year.

Significance of Grenada Carnival

With the fact that Grenada Carnival is a cultural festival, you can assume that it definitely has something to do with the traditions and rich heritage of the island. If we put it in simple words, Grenada Carnival is celebrated to glorify the world-famous spice production of the island. This is the reason that it is also known as Spice Mas. You can literally feel the pungency of the different spices in the different ways of celebrating this carnival.

How Grenada Carnival is celebrated

Grenada Carnival is not an exception when it comes to Caribbean carnivals. Means, the way of celebration is almost similar to other carnivals. People wear colorful costumes with a bunch of colorful accessories and get down to the street to participate in street parades, musical events, dance activities, and many other such fun events. You will see everyone completely infused with the vibes of festivity and celebrate their cultural festival with utmost pomp. From dance to music and food to other fun activities, you will find everything in Grenada Carnival. Street parades and colorful costumes are the major catchments of the eyes in this Carnival.



How long does Grenada Carnival last

Grenada Carnival is a multi-day event and lasts for 10 days. The pre-activities of the carnival start a week before, so you can say that the carnival actually lasts for almost 15 days. Among all these days, the most important ones are Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday.

Grenada Carnival 2023

Grenada Carnival 2023 is all geared to take place in August. People are excited about the carnival because it is one of the biggest Caribbean carnivals and lasts for as many as 10-15 days. Like every year, this year too, the festival will last for 15 days including the pre-activities. Which edition of Grenada Carnival is this is not confirmed but the carnival has definitely done with at least 50 editions.



Dates for Grenada Carnival 2023

Grenada Carnival will start from 1st August itself and will continue till August 15. Every day, there will be new activities, events, and programs. The complete schedule of the event has not been disclosed by the authority yet but you need to have a look at that before planning your trip to the island. For now, all you need about the dates and schedule of Grenada Carnival 2023 is that it is from 1-15 August. 

Key attractions at Grenada Carnival

We have already told you that Grenada Carnival hosts a number of fun-filled and entertaining activities and events that will definitely blow your mind. Here, let us tell you the key attractions and major events of the carnival that you must not miss.

  • Dimanche Gras

Dimanche Gras is the beginning of the carnival. It is just a day before the Monday Carnival so this event holds great significance in the carnival. On this day, the queens and the kings of all bands participate in the competition and perform their specular music activities. The great Sunday night is known for its pulsating music and breathtaking dance performances.

  • Traditional Mas

Traditional Mas is one of many bands of Grenada Carnival that display the traditional side of Grenada. The participants of the Mas perform cultural music wearing traditional costumes and accessories. They dance through the streets and perform many entertaining activities that have something to do with the culture and tradition of the island.

  • J’ouvert

The first few hours of the biggest day of Carnival that is Monday is known as J’ouvert. In the early hours of Monday, you will see the carnival gearing up to sweep everyone off their feet with its festivity and celebration. These hours of the carnival are truly must-watch.

  • Fancy Mas

If you are interested in witnessing the street parade of the Grenada Carnival in the grandest way, attend Fancy Mas. Men and women of all ages wear traditional costumes and participate in this event. To make it entertaining for the spectators, different types of competitions are held in the event.

  • Monday Night Mas

Monday Night Mas is the biggest event of the Grenada Carnival. From music to dance, you will get to experience and witness everything on this night. The streets are flooded with people and they celebrate the night with joyous spirit. The popular artists and musicians participating in carnivals take centre stage on this night only.

  • Carnival Tuesday

Carnival Tuesday is the day when the celebration of Carnival comes to an end. You will see colorful Street parades and entertaining dance and music performances on this day as well but the theme would be different and people would perform differently.


If you love the colorful celebration of Caribbean carnivals, you are definitely going to love Grenada Carnival because it has a bunch of vibrant festivities to offer you. Moreover, you will also get to experience the culture and traditions of this island.

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