5 Great Destinations of Ecotourism in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is at the forefront of ecotourism developments and is committed to protecting the fragile beauty of the islands. Recent study shows that more than 87% of travelers want to travel sustainably and to locations that support eco-tourism. This percentage in only increasing. So here are the top 5 Destinations of Ecotourism in the Caribbean. These islands are the best Destinations of Ecotourism in the Caribbean to visit offering all inclusive packages.

list of best Destinations of Ecotourism in the Caribbean


Known for its tropical landscape, Antigua and Barbuda is every ecotourist’s dream. From venturing inland to hike Antigua’s rainforest nature reserve to birding on mangrove-rich Barbuda, in fact, there is plenty to enjoy.

Located on the southwestern section of Antigua is the Wallings Nature Reserve, recognized for its picturesque vistas and panoramas. Some of Antigua’s most beautiful hikes are nestled among the towering trees and tropical flowers. In fact, if you’re quiet, you just might spot some of Antigua’s more rare tropical birds.

Overlooking the Atlantic, on the northeastern tip of Antigua, Devil’s Bridge is one of the country’s stunning geological wonders. A designated National Park, this limestone arch was shaped by the ever churning sea. Enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean and the power of the seawater geysers shooting through the cracks. Not only that, but Devil’s Bridge holds historic significance to the island. Local lore says Devil’s Bridge is where enslaved West Africans leapt to their deaths rather than endure slavery. Antigua & Barbuda offers you everything one would expect form a Caribbean eco-tourism destination.


Jamaica is home to exciting ecotourism opportunities that will sweep you off your feet and into the heart of the action. Quite literally, in fact! Jamaica is home to the longest stretch of zip line located in the Caribbean, the Big Timba. Also this zipline takes you near Montego Bay and into the tree canopy, over the rural farmland and verdant hills.

Jamaica offers best snorkeling in the Caribbean, lets you dive head-first into the natural beauty of the Caribbean waters. One of the most beautiful spots is Rockhouse Beach, proving that taking the time to look for unspoiled spots is worth the effort. But across the island, some of Jamaica’s best snorkeling experiences are within the small coves and caves. Be on the lookout for schools of small fish colorful starfish.


species of bird, many of which can be spotted from the beaches. Peregrine falcons, ospreys and kestrels are also known to make appearances to the islands.

With mountainous landscapes and a stunning rainforest, join a guided hike for an immersive experience of this dynamic landscape. But the daring, join a hike over the Soufriere Hills to the outlook of the Soufriere Hills Volcano. Montserrat in one of the cheapest and most affordable Caribbean destination offering a you the best Caribbean eco-tourism experience.


From the lush green tropical rainforest of EL Yunque to kayaking in the bioluminescent bay at Laguna Grande, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Puerto Rico.

However, those seeking adventure, head to the La Paguera fishing village in Lajas, two hours away from San Juan. La Paguera is home to a species of dinoflagellates, which give the waters a magnificent bioluminescent blue sparkle at night. This is the only bay on the island where you can swim and witness the magical beauty of this marine fauna.

Located north of San Juan, the town of Arecibo houses two extensive caves: Cueva Ventana and Cueva Del Indio. Cueva Ventana offers a beautiful window to the breathtaking views overlooking the Rio Grande de Arecibo Valley, while Cueva Del Indio mesmerizes you with its ocean views.

Whether you go horseback riding on the white sands of Luquillo beach or paddle through the mangrove forest channels, your Puerto Rico vacation will have what you have been longing for. It is one of the best romantic Caribbean destination for your honeymoon.


The islands of St. Kitts and Nevis are canvassed in pristine biological systems and remote sea shores, making them heaven for eco-travelers. Besides their breathtaking views and truly dazzling natural beauty, these islands are underrated Caribbean destinations.

The islands are known for their astounding measures to safeguard its biological systems, including its growing rainforest making it one of the best Caribbean eco-tourism destination. Both islands have spectacular trekking opportunities.

For instance, Mount Liamuiga on St. Kitts guides hikers through an unspoiled rainforest to the outer fringe of a dormant volcano. A hike up Nevis peak will take visitors to the tip of this cone-fashioned island. Atop these mountains, hikers can observe local colorful birds, flowers and butterflies.

Snorkeling is also popular thanks to the local waters’ superb coral reefs. With warm climate, miles of sea shores and turquoise waters, there are a lot of outside undertakings from snorkeling to climbing to horse-riding. There is no shortage of opportunities in St. Kitts and Nevis.

No matter what outdoor activity you find yourself missing during this lockdown, there is a Caribbean Island that has what you’re looking for. Just because you didn’t see your favorite activity here, doesn’t mean it isn’t somewhere in the Caribbean! Browse through the rest of our island destination pages and see what you might find! Let us know what your favorite ecotourism activities are and which Caribbean Island you plan to visit next.