7 Top Places To Visit In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is secret heaven in the Caribbean. It is an island of serene beauty with an expanse of clear sky and calm seas, attracting tourists in numerous ways through its exciting history and unique and diverse culture. If you visit the island for the first time, here are the best places to visit in Puerto Rico for your wonderful experience on this island of enchantment.

Don’t wonder where to visit in Puerto Rico with this ultimate guide of the best places to visit in Puerto Rico.

Top Places to Visit in Puerto Rico, San Juan

Las Salinas

Las Salinas is a vast salt marsh located on the southwest coast of Cabo Rojo. It features scenic “pink” water, which gracefully moves with gentle breezes. Las Salinas is a must-see in Puerto Rico. A nature reserve that was started in  1999 that is one of-if not THE MOST-beautiful nature reserves in the Caribbean.Definitely an under appreciated scene on the West Coast. Has over 1,249 acres which give great hiking opportunities, however the most bang for buck is by checking out the guided tours.

The Bacardi Factory

Puerto Rico has a legendary nightlife, swirled with reggae melody (AKA reggaeton), salsa dancing, and delicious drinks. No liquor can better represent the culture than rum. Puerto Rico boasts of having the world’s largest Bacardi brewery -The Barcardi Factory. Be sure to take a tour and taste its “Superior Gold Rum”. Please drink responsibly.

Beaches of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has the most beautiful, scenic beaches in the world. On the western coast, you can find the Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla which is one the best places to visit in Puerto Rico. To the south is Playa Sucia in Cabo Rojo and Playa Rosada in La Parguera. Juan Condado Beach and Carolina’s Isla Verde on the northern coast are two of the most beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico. In the east is the Luquillo beach. Probably one of the greatest things on such a small island is how there is so much variety that can be easily accessed in a day.

Isla Culebra – Best Island of Puerto Rico

Isla Culebra (Culebra Island) is a small island located just off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. Flamenco Beach doubles the elegance of the island. It is one of the most beautiful beaches globally and boasts greenish-blue waters and breathtaking palm-filled cliffs. Tourists can also find navy tanks sprinkled in an artistic style on this island of beauty. In addition to this, there are a multitude of excursions tourists can take advantage of like exploring the Mangrove Forest or the Snorkeling Tour. If you prefer to travel by air, you can also fly from San Juan or Fajardo, Puerto Rico. But the best and most economical way to reach the island is by ferry. 

Viejo San Juan

Viejo San Juan (Old San Juan) consists of fascinating colonial-style buildings. While visiting, you can take a stroll through the lifelike streets, stop and taste delicious coffee, and incredible Boricua meals. Be sure to visit La Placita when you are looking for an intriguing night out. And of course can’t forget to check out all the historic sites like El Morro which is only a few minutes away from where Despacito by Luis Fonsi was filmed. You will have your choice of bars and restaurants, or you can salsa dance until the sun comes up.

Isla de Vieques

Vieques is another small island off the coast of Puerto Rico, and it is undoubtedly a hidden gem. Due to the microorganisms residing there, the water glows at night with blue-green light. Be sure to explore via a kayaking trip and enjoy the magical marvels. Similar to Culebra, the ferry is your best option to travel to Vieques.

Puerto Rico is an enchanted island full of charm, and all areas are full of miracles. There are scenes for city lovers, naturalists, and everyone in between. It is not possible to absorb all in one trip. An island full of resilient population and fantastic culture. It is a paradise that will always reside in your hearts. These places are undoubtable the best places to visit in Puerto Rico. Let yourself experience everything this magical island has to offer. This island is fun for the whole family! Plan your trip to Puerto Rico now!