Dominican Republic

The Best Summer Adventures to Experience in the Dominican Republic:

Embark on The Best Summer Adventures to Experience in the Dominican Republic. In summer, the Dominican Republic enjoys a tropical atmosphere and has two well-differentiated seasons: from May to October, the dry season, and December to April, the rainy season. Nevertheless, heat is the game’s name at any time of the year, with peak temperatures fluctuating between 30°C and 32°C.If sun, sand, and spice are in your mood, set your sights on the Dominican Republic for the summer season, as temperatures will be very comfortable during this time of year and it will barely drizzle at all. Besides, it has spectacular landscapes such as stunning waterfalls, breathtaking seaside coasts, and pristine beaches of pure white sand.

1. Stroll around Los Haitises National Park

One of the most pleasant day trips to do during summer in the Dominican Republic consists of a trip to the National Park of Los Haitises. On the Bay of Samaná, it gives you an idea of the Dominican Republic before it was turned into a tourist destination. It has a particular feature: its “mogotes”. The mogotes stand 30 or 40 meters high and are the result of the karst nature of the soil in the area due to the effect of rain and wind. Hence the name was given by the Tainos, the native people of the area, to this place: Los Haitises which means “highlands or mountainous lands”. Its fauna is home to pelicans, gannets, owls, parrots, manatees, bats, and a variety of reptiles, especially boas and sea turtles. An oasis of green, gentle, wavy forms that leads to the sea.

2. Explore Altos de Chavón

In a truly unique way, Altos de Chavón village was born. For the construction of a road in 1976, it became necessary to demolish a mountain. The president of one of the US companies that operated in the area, Charles Bludhorn, considered it appropriate to make use of the stone of the hill to rebuild a Mediterranean village dating back to the 16th century. With lovely scenes along the river of the town’s name and overlooking the Caribbean Sea – the town is a cultural hot spot you’ll want to check out in summer. It hosts artistic workshops (pottery, weaving, screen printing), boutiques, art galleries, a famous design school (affiliated with the Parsons School of Design in New York), a museum of archaeological history, St. Stanislaus Church as well as a large Greek-style amphitheater with a capacity for 5,000 people.

3. Take a dip in the Ojos Indígenas Ecological Reserve.

Discover one of the best-kept hidden secrets of the summer tourist sights of Punta Cana. The reserve is a sheltered natural park made it up of over 600 hectares of virgin rainforest and a dozen freshwater lagoons. It was these lagoons that inspired the name of the park, as for the natives they represented the eyes of the jungle. Explore the surrounding jungle by hiking the well-marked trails, where you’ll encounter springs, swamps, and pure nature. Whether you want to swim in the lagoons, cruise on a catamaran, or go horseback riding around the beaches, these are some great activities to do in the Ojos Indígenas Ecological Reserve.

4. Diving in the most crystalline water

Try out diving this summer in the Dominican Republic, which could prove to be an unforgettable experience for your trip. Its countless underwater dive sites and spectacular marine depths along its coastline have made it one of the most visited places for international and professional divers. According to the weather forecast, the zone’s waters can reach visibility ranging from 6 to 30 meters.

5. Sailing excursion to Saona Island

Out of all the sea outings that are available in the Dominican Republic, Saona Island stands out as a major attraction in the summer. It has beautiful sandy beaches, jungle, mangrove forests, and a few villages populated by fishermen. Away from the tourist area, the most beautiful parts of the island are located. All the boats reach the same beach, where people swim, and where there are a couple of restaurants. Beneath the waters which surround Isla Saona, life is an explosion of life and color. Be sure to bring your goggles for snorkeling through coral formations.