TripAdvisor distinguishes 8 hotels of the Iberostar chain in Cuba with annual awards

Eight hotels of the Iberostar chain in Cuba were distinguished among the annual prizes awarded by the TripAdvisor website.

TripAdvisor is a digital site that collects more than a billion opinions from tourists. On the site, customers express their satisfaction or preferences with the services and places where they travel. Precisely, TripAdvisor takes these opinions as a basis and awards its annual awards each year to those hotels and services that have recorded the most positive comments.

According to the official page of the site, the Iberostar Grand Packard ranked eighth among the best 25 hotels in the Caribbean.

The list continues with the Coral Level at Iberostar Selection, also in Holguín,Iberostar Selection Playa PilarIberostar Daiquirí e Iberostar Parque Central.

Iberostar Selection Holguin awarded by TripAdvisor

With the Iberostar Selection Holguín hotel, we add the highest quality to one of the most beautiful and peaceful destinations on the island. A quality that is especially noticeable in the kitchens of the 4 themed restaurants of the complex; in them you will find tropical textures, a Mediterranean diet, meat at the juiciest point or the exotic nuance of Japan. Sounds good, right? Well you know better…

Iberostar Selection Playa Pilar awarded by TripAdvisor

Have you heard of Playa Pilar? You may have seen it hundreds of times in photos, but your bare feet skimming the white sand surpass any image. Iberostar offers you a unique resort at the height of one of the most peaceful and spectacular natural settings in Cuba. Sleep well, have fun to the fullest, relax body and mind… these will be your main tasks during the holidays.

Our animation team will infect you with their enthusiasm and friendliness in all the proposed activities, the children are in special congratulations thanks to Star Camp and the games pool. A spa as complete as it is surprising also awaits you, where you can let yourself be carried away by the treatments and the delicate hands of our professionals.

Iberostar Selection Playa Pilar

Iberostar Daiquirí awarded by TripAdvisor

Simply locate it on the map. Cayo Guillermo is a small island that keeps a great secret. Some of the best beaches in Cuba are here, next to the Iberostar Daiquiri hotel. Enjoy a very particular sea, due to its color and its underwater universe, habitat of incredible species. Do you know that next to this key there is a worldwide known coral reef? Go ahead and dive with the instructions of our school or try different water sports!

The tropical environment of the Cayo Guillermo National Park will make you feel part of a natural spirit that will connect with your energy. Swimming pools, gym, group activities, entertainment programs, sauna or a massage, our hotel offers you as many options as you need. In the evenings, the rhythms of the Caribbean and the cocktails (how about a daiquiri?) will inspire you like nowhere else.

Iberostar Parque Central awarded by TripAdvisor

We make it very easy for you. You can get to know the historic center of Havana on foot by staying in either of the two buildings of the Iberostar Parque Central hotel. From the personality of the historic building to the design of the modern one, you can pass through a decorated tunnel that evokes a journey through time.

The interior of the hotel exceeds the 5 stars, which are evident on both upper floors with the swimming pools with solariums that they house. When you take a bath in one of them while the light floods, in turn, the dome of the Capitol, you will see that any description of luxury that we give you falls short. In addition to the facilities, in which there is room to hold conferences and meeting rooms with all the necessary equipment, the Iberostar Parque Central hotel is a gastronomic benchmark in the city.