Do you want to witness the biggest cultural and traditional display of Montserrat, then know other things can be better than the Montserrat Carnival for you? Celebrated annually, this is a multi-day cultural activity, which never fails to amuse people. This carnival intensifies the festivity of Christmas and New Year in Montserrat a million times more and creates a completely festive aura throughout its celebration days. The event is popular not just in Montserrat but in the whole world and attracts international tourists as well.

Today, let us tell you everything in detail about the festival.

History of Montserrat Carnival

Montserrat Carnival was celebrated for the first time in 1962 with the purpose to celebrate and promote Caribbean heritage and culture. Initially, the festival was just a celebration but, gradually, it started gaining popularity among local people and, today, it is popular worldwide. At first, only a certain group of people used to participate in the festival. However, it is the same no more. Today, people from all over the territory participate in the event to celebrate the carnival joyfully together.

How long does the festival last?

Montserrat Carnival is around a two-week long festival. The interesting thing is that despite having such a long duration, the festivity and celebration of the carnival are not at all decreased by the passing days. In fact, it gets only more and more exciting. The last few days of the festival are incredibly electrifying. The enthusiasm of participants and local people is really on another level.

When does Montserrat Carnival take place?

Every year, Montserrat Carnival starts in mid-December and lasts till New year’s day. Usually, the dates are also the same every year, from 17 December to 2nd January. However, the pre-activity and events start taking place from the beginning of December itself. The carnival officially starts in mid-December though.

Who participates in the Montserrat Carnival?

Obviously, it’s the local people who take the centre stage in the event. There is nothing as such that a foreigner can do in the event. However, as a spectator, you can enjoy every bit of the event and get a completely new cultural experience.

How is the Montserrat Carnival celebrated? 

Actually, the festival is celebrated by participating in music shows, dance, road parades, and many other such activities. In fact, the carnival is packed with all Montserratian cultural and traditional activities such as Carol singing, colorful masquerades, energetic dance, calypso, pageants, private fetes, and street parades. People wear colorful traditional costumes, masks, accessories, and many other such things and get on the streets to celebrate the festival with utmost joy.

Montserrat Carnival 2022

In 2022, Montserrat Carnival is going to Mark its 60th edition. Yes, it has been 60 years since the carnival has been impressing to the worldwide people. Because of the covid 19, the festivity of the carnival was definitely affected in the last couple of years, but this year, it is going to be celebrated with more enthusiasm, zeal, and, of course, excitement.

When will the Montserrat Carnivals 2022 start?

As we already said, the Montserrat Carnival will take place from 17 December (Saturday) and continue till 2nd January (Monday). Yes, the same dates are this year too. However, the pre-activities of Montserrat Carnival 2022 will start on 3rd December. Means, they have already begun.

Schedule of Montserrat Carnival 2022

To understand better, have a look at the complete schedule of pre-activities as well as event activities of  Montserrat Carnival 2022.

  • Montserrat Carnival 2022 pre activities

Saturday, December 3

Calypso Eliminations

Monday, December 5

Willie Kinny – Great ’50 Years and Beyond Exhibition’ (Until December 9)

Tuesday, December 6

Regional Basketball Tournament (Until December 10)

Saturday, December 10

Female Calypso Competition

Montserrat Red Cross

Awards and Fundraising Dinner

Sunday, December 11

Domino Knock-Out Competition

Friday, December 16

Kenny B’s Birthday Bash

Nah Laugh Ent. Climax

  • Montserrat Carnival 2022 main event

Saturday, December 17

Opening of Carnival

Calypso Semi-Finals

Sunday, December 18

Salem Reunion Opening

Monday, December 19

Salem Reunion Sports Day

Ground Breaking for Eco Play

Tuesday, December 20

Salem Reunion Business Crawl

COPE Awards and

Movie Premiere – Calypso, Love Nia

Emerald Community Singers

Wednesday, December 21

Nite of Pan

Thursday, December 22

Salem Reunion Family Day

The Art of Serenity-The Art Show

Miss Teen Montserrat 2022

Friday, December 23

Salem Reunion Hike & Bus Tour

Desert Storm Promotions

Road Show TAL

Imperial Ent Tipsy

Saturday, December 24

Salem Reunion Children’s Day

Igloo Fun Day & Fete

Sunday, December 25

Christmas Day

Carol Singing

Monday, December 26

Boxing Day

Street Jam

MMSA King of Corkhill

Soca Monarch

Tuesday, December 27

St. John’s Day Celebrations

Salem Reunion Banquet

Wednesday, December 28

Salem Day Celebration

Thursday, December 29

Calypso Monarch Competition

Friday, December 30

Regional Female

Calypso Competition

Chess Ent. Trouble Inna Di Camp

Saturday, December 31

Festival Day

Island Diva Mas Powdah

Children’s Fun Day

Immortal Promotions

Elegant Affair

Sunday, January 1

New Year’s Day

Monday, January 2

Street Parade & Closing of Carnival

So, this is the whole schedule of Montserrat Carnivals 2022. If you can’t attend the whole event, or you are interested in any particular activity, here you can have an overview of the schedule and attend it according to the availability of your time.

Other Montserrat cultural festivals to attend

It’s not just the Montserrat Carnival that graces the territory with its awesomeness and electrifying celebration, but there are many other cultural festivals and carnivals that are joyfully celebrated in Montserrat and they all are really worth attending. Here we have listed down a handful of festivals and carnivals of Montserrat that you must attend at least once in your lifetime.

  • St Patrick’s Festival ( In March)
  • Calabash Festival (Mid July)
  • Cudjoe Head Celebrations ( August)
  • Montserrat International Fishing Tournament ( October )
  • Alliouagana Festival of the Word ( Mid November )


The culture and tradition of Montserrat are beautifully displayed in the Montserrat Carnival, which is not just graceful but also pleasing to the eyes. Seriously, there can’t be any better celebration of the year-end and beginning of a new year than this. So, just be a part of it and experience the fun on a completely different level.

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