Everybody celebrates New Year’s Eve in a different way. While some like to celebrate the night away with family or friends, others prefer to relax in the peace and quiet of their living rooms while watching the “ball drop” in New York on television. Some people go out on the town for the evening, going to shows and having a good time at pubs and restaurants.

But occasionally defying convention is quite OK! So, may we recommend a trip to the Caribbean for New Year’s? A few compelling arguments for celebrating New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean include the following:

  • You can avoid bitterly cold temperatures and ferocious snowstorms.
  • Your spirits will soar and your depression will vanish under the Caribbean’s beautiful skies.
  • You can leave the city’s clamor and traffic behind you in favor of tranquil beaches and, most importantly, peace and quiet.

Consider it:  party at night, relax on the beach during the day. The Caribbean’s does it that way.

Visit the Caribbean islands on New Year’s Eve.

Turks and Caicos

For a number of reasons, the Caribbean nation is a terrific spot to ring in the new year. They have a special, centuries-old custom called “Junkanoo Jump Up,” which is the first. On New Year’s Eve, as soon as the clock strikes midnight, revellers don bright, jewelled costumes and proceed to the streets to sing and dance all night long.

The celebration features parades that you can watch in the Grace Bay region in Provo, similar to Carnival or Mardi Gras. Slaves first came to enjoy the one day off they received each year around Christmas in the 16th century.

St. Barth’s

During New Year’s, St. Barth’s turns into a refuge for celebrities. Russell Simmons, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul McCartney, and LA Reid have all been known to have vacations on this typically serene island. There were private events where the late musician Prince played.

On December 31, you can see fireworks go out above Gustavia Harbor late at night. To get a front-row seat to the vibrant light show, reserve accommodations near Gustavia.

For sailors, there is a regatta race around the island, and Nikki Beach will host its yearly beachside ball. Surrealism is the trend for 2019, so put on your Salvador Dali and Joan Miro-inspired clothes and head out!


Did you know that New Year’s Eve is known as “Old Year’s Night” in Barbados? Since Barbados is referred to as “the party island,” there are many events to attend here.

You may view fireworks on the southern coast, next to the Hilton Hotel Resort. They take off from the West Coast of Bridgetown, close to Carlisle Bay, the Mango Bay Resort, and the Sandy Lane neighborhood.

Every year, the cruising club at Carlisle Bay hosts an Old Year’s Eve celebration that is the ideal place to watch the neighboring fireworks show.


There is plenty of New Year’s entertainment for everyone on this little Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. The evening of December 31st is actually quite the scene. People celebrate in the streets by lighting firecrackers all across the world. Some establishments even set off a “Pagara,” a lengthy series of firecrackers.

On New Year’s Eve, the majority of restaurants in Bonaire are open for business and host opulent celebrations. At Buddy Dive, there’s a large fireworks display. In addition, diving has to be a part of the New Year’s celebrations because Bonaire is recognized as a diver’s paradise. You may even arrange a night dive to see the fireworks from underwater.

The Bahamas

There are several different New Year’s Eve festivities available in the Bahamas. You attend neighborhood eateries events, spend time with pals at a buzzing pub, or organize your very own exclusive sunset picnic on a remote beach.

It will undoubtedly be fantastic whatever you do in the Bahamas. For New Year’s 2018, even the well-known singer Fergie is traveling to the Bahamas. On December 31st, beginning at 9 p.m., she is slated to play in the Imperial Ballroom at Atlantis. Champagne toasts at midnight and pyrotechnics will be part of the annual New Year’s celebration at Bond Nightclub in Baha Mar. A DJ will play some of their favorite songs.

There is also the Bahamian Junkanoo event, of course. People from various ages and backgrounds come together to celebrate the fact that they all start the new year together. Months of practice go into putting on acrobatic performances, concerts, and dance routines.

The event kicks off with a procession in which locals clad in vibrant, ornate costumes proudly represent Bahamian culture. After navigating the streets, partygoers arrive at their destination, where they will continue to have a good time until the new year has officially started.

If you decide to spend New Year’s in the Caribbean, whether in Bonaire, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Barbados, or St. Barth’s, you will undoubtedly have a unique experience so, if you are interested in visiting the Caribbean go to Expedia for the cheapest flights and hotels, and make sure to check the most recent Covid-19 updates before you go.