Located in the southern part of North America, Mexico is a popular tourist destination among wanderers. The country has a lot in store to tickle the wanderlust of globetrotters. From sparkling beaches to marvelous architecture, vibrant culture to vivid traditional events, and luscious cuisines to pulsating music, the country has various tastes to offer you on a single plate. If you are planning your tour to Mexico anytime soon, you definitely love exploring this article because today we are going to talk about a complete Mexican tour guide covering every single thing about Mexico. So, read the article and unfurl the details.

Places to visit in Mexico

Mexico is a hub for all types of tourist destinations. From beaches to historical monuments and natural beauty to wildlife charm, Mexico is a perfect melting pot that never fails to attract visitors. Here, we’re going to mention some of the must-visit places in Mexico.

  • Puerto Vallarta City

If you are a beach lover and want to witness the glory of sizzling beaches in Mexico, head to Puerto Vallarta. The city is known to be one famous beach destination in Mexico and is very much loved among youngsters who are adventure freaks. Some of the most popular beaches in Puerto Vallarta are Playa Los Muertos, Playa Conchas Chinas, Playa Colomitos, Yelapa, Playa Las Gemelas, Playa Las Caletas, and Playa Madagascar.

  • Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon is a good place for history buffs and nature lovers. Located majestically in the Sierra Madre Range, Copper Canyon is a world-famous canyon in Mexico that covers almost 25,000 square miles and is almost four times larger than the Grand Canyon of the United States. It is actually a series of canyons and is tagged as a copper canyon because of its distinctive copper-green color. Other than offering incredible scenic views, this place also offers some breathtaking adventure.

  • Mexico City’s Historic Center

The capital city of Mexico has a lot to amaze its visitors. The city is dotted with a number of historical monuments, museums, art galleries, and other fascinating tourist destinations that narrate the historical saga of the country. The major key attractions of Mexico City are The National Museum of Anthropology, Templo Mayor, The Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlán, The Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, The National Palace, and the National History Museum among others.

  • Cozumel: Island 

People, who are looking for some adventurous diving experience in Mexico, would definitely love exploring Cozumel. The island has excellent coral reefs and it is sure to spellbind you with its awe-inspiring surrounding. You can head to Palancar Reef and enjoy a breathtaking diving experience at a depth of up to 80 meters. Moreover, the island has a number of beaches including Playa San Juan, Playa Santa Rosa, and Playa San Francisco.

Things to do in Mexico

Mexico is not just all about visiting beaches and historical monuments but there are many other things that you must do when you are in Mexico. Here, we tried to sum up the must-do things in Mexico.

  • Spend a night in an eco-dome treehouse

Spending a night in a treehouse is literally a one-of-a-kind experience and you can experience it in the country. Located in Tulum, this treehouse will definitely live up to your expectations whether you are looking for an adventure getaway, a romantic holiday, or just a nature experience.

  • Immerse in the culture of Mexico in Mérida

Mexico is a culturally rich country and you must explore its different facades. For this, the best place is Merida where you can soak up the culture of Mexico to the utmost glory. In this city, various cultural events regularly take place. You can attend them and give your eyes a visual treat with the colorful culture of the country.

  • Cruise in the Sumidero Canyon

When you are in Mexico and you don’t go for a thrilling cruise, your tour is definitely incomplete. You can enjoy this experience in Sumidero Canyon,  which is home to a number of endangered species of the country. Here, you can go for a 2-hours long river cruise and get a once-in-a-lifetime cruising experience.

  • Sail on the Lagoon of Seven Colors in Bacalar

While exploring Mexico, you can never run out of adventurous things. Sailing on the lagoons of seven colors in Bacalar is one of those adventurous activities to do in Mexico. This lakeside town offers an eco-friendly as well as adventurous boat sailing experience.

Places to eat and drink in Mexico

Don’t end your Mexico tour just by exploring the tourist attractions of the country. Make sure to explore the famous Mexican restaurants and indulge in the world-famous cushions and drinks of the country when you are there. Though you have ample options when it comes to famous restaurants in Mexico, let us tell you some of the must-visit ones.

  • Amaya

If you want to enjoy modern Mexican dishes along with old savory wine, no other restaurant in Mexico can be better than Amaya for you. The restaurant offers an amazing dining experience in a rustic-hip dining room decorated with vibrant artwork. It is particularly famous for old wines.

  • Beatricita

Nothing can beat the flavor of home-styled foods. Right? Well, this is what makes Beatricita a famous restaurant in Mexico because it offers home-styled foods at the best. Unlike others, the restaurant is not fancy or luxurious but it’s the taste of food offered in this restaurant that makes it a favorite of everyone’s.

  • Bottega Sartoria

Bottega Sartoria is meant for people who love Italian foods. Here, you will get a variety of Italian foods along with some wines. The restaurant is sophisticated and offers you a posh dining experience. It is a little expensive as well.

  • Chetito

If you want to enjoy traditional Mexican Tacos, Chetito is the place to visit. Since the restaurant is particularly known for this Mexican dish, you can enjoy different flavors of Tacos here. No doubt it is a must-visit restaurant in the country for gourmets.

Events and holidays in Mexico

As we already said that Mexico is a culturally rich country, it hosts many events throughout the year, not just cultural but also historical, religious, and glamorous events. Let us tell you about the most popular events and holidays in Mexico.

  • Día de Muertos – cultural festival- on 2nd November
  • Dia de la Independencia – historical festival- on 16 September
  • Guelaguetza Festival – cultural festival – 18th to 25th July
  • Carnival in Veracruz & Mazatlán- cultural carnival – from 23rd February to 1st March
  • Las Posadas – Christmas festival – from 16 to 24th December
  • Independence day – national holiday – on 16 September
  • Army day – national holiday – on 25th February
  • Mexican revolution day – national holiday – on 20th November
  • Vive Latino – music Festival- in March or April
  • Zona Maco – art festival – in early February

How to get around Mexico

As a foreign tourist, you might feel confused about how you can get around Mexico in the most efficient and effortless way. Right? Well, let us guide you through.

  • Using public transportation

Public transportation is obviously the best, easiest, and most economical way to get around in Mexico. When it comes to public transport, you have many options in Mexico like buses, taxis, and autos, so you can use any of them according to your convenience.

  • Rental cars

If you don’t like the jostling rush of public transport, you can go for rental cars. Surprisingly, the cost of rental cars is not very high in the country and this is the reason that this transportation medium is quite popular among tourists in Mexico.

  • By airways

For long-distance traveling, you can, of course, go for airways. The air services in the country are good and there is connectivity throughout the country almost. So, you won’t face any problems.

  • By rail

Surprisingly, Mexico does not have any rail networks. So forget about it.

Best time to visit Mexico

If your plan is to attend the most events in the country and want to know the best time to visit Mexico for that, you can visit all year round because the country is a very happening country and there are always some cultural events and festivals going on. However, weather-wise, December-April is the best month to explore Mexico. The reason is, these are the dry months of the country and there are very less chances of rain. December and January are also the coldest months in the country, so be prepared for that.

Where to stay in Mexico

When you are on a Mexico tour, you definitely require some good accommodation. Right? Well, we are here to tell you that only. Here are the best hotels to stay in the country.

  • Jovis Hotel – Lujo Cultural, in Villa Aldama
  • MX San Miguel de Allende Hotel, in San Miguel de Allende
  • La Casona de Sisal Hotel, in Sisal
  • Hotel La Estancia, in Río Verde
  • Hacienda La Noria Culture Boutique by Rotamundos, in Terrenate

Mexico is a marvelous country entwined in art, culture, history, and natural beauty. It is so panoramic that you will find yourself bewildered at every single step. So, explore this beautiful canvas of different shades and give your wanderlust fulfilling satisfaction.

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