Amazing Beaches and Landmarks

St Kitts and Nevis boasts of several Beaches and Historical Landmarks that are a must-see this Christmas holiday season!

Below are the 33 fabulous beaches and landmarks in st kitts and nevis.


This lovely stretch of white sand is backed by the picturesque scenery of St Kitt’s southern peninsula. It also overlooks the Narrows, a channel that serves as the site of an annual swim from St Kitts to Nevis.

COCKLESHELL, ST. KITTS One of the regions’ best beaches is the Cockleshell beach; you can gaze across the Narrows to Nevis on this perfect white sand beach.

MAJOR’S BAY, ST. KITTS This is a great destination for swimming and snorkelling. An abandoned barge creates a perfect spot for snorkelling.

SANDY BANK BAY, ST. KITTS This is one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful and picturesque beaches. Its tranquility makes it a perfect destination for privacy.

FRIGATE BAY NORTH, ST. KITTS Southeast, the Atlantic Ocean, Frigate bay stretches in front of many condos, hotels, restaurants. Going further north is secluded and peaceful.

FRIGATE BAY SOUTH, ST. KITTS You will see a lot of casual restaurants here and a strip of beach, along calm waters, for relaxing and hanging out. Activities here are day and night.

SOUTH FRIAR’S, ST. KITTS This is another lovely beach for sunbathing with hangouts and good facilities.

NEWCASTLE BEACH, NEVIS If you need a shady spot to relax, snorkel, swim or enjoy the sea breeze, Newcastle beach is the place for you. This soft, white sand beach attracts a lot of tourists.

NISBET BEACH. NEVIS If you are looking for a picturesque beach with slanting coconut trees that make great shades, then Nisbet beach is the destination spot for you. This mile-long strip of white sand is the pure essence of the Caribbean experience.

OUALIE BEACH, NEVIS Not only is Oualie beach an A-list beach, it is also the water sports headquarters of Nevis. The waves and ocean current are ideal vacation spots for all sports activities.

WINDWARD BEACH, NEVIS Surfers love the high-crest surf of this beach. It is equally family-friendly.

CADES BAY, NEVIS At Cades bay, simply relax and watch the boats and catamarans scoot to and from St Kitts. You will enjoy the view and take great memorable pictures.

HURRICANE BEACH. NEVIS Hurricane beach is meant for leisurely walks through the lapping waves as it is a long stretch of sand just along the main road.

LOVERS’ BEACH, NEVIS Because of the serenity and privacy of the Lovers’ Beach, it is ideal for perfect quiet getaways and swims.


AMAZING GRACE EXPERIENCE, ST KITTS This Museum tells the phenomenal story of John Newton’s transformation from slave trader to hymn writer and much more through audio and visual tools. This Museum will reveal how one of the most famous hymns is connected to St Kitts.

BELMONT ESTATE YARD, ST KITTS What is impressive about this sugar plantation is the stone structures which are still standing after nearly 200 hundred years. The plantation at one time exceeded more than 300 acres. The famed folklore, “Bull Story”, was set here.

BERKELY MEMORIAL, ST KITTS This iconic clock was built in the 1880s in honour of Thomas B.H. Berkeley, a former president of the General Legislative Council. Both the clock and fountain sit prominently in the centre of the Circus in Basseterre.

BLOODY POINT, ST KITTS In 1626 French and British settlers attacked the native Carib here. Its tranquility belies its brutal past and legend has it that blood flowed down the river for three whole days.

BRIMSTONE HILL FORTRESS, ST KITTS St. Kitts’ Brimstone Hill Fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the most important historic building in the entire English-speaking Caribbean. This is a site you will not want to miss

CARIB PETROGLYPHS @ WINGFIELD, ST. KITTS On the grounds of Wingfield Estate are ancient carvings that are likely to be the work of Carib natives living on the island before the Europeans arrived in the 1600s. Experts after analysis believe the carvings depict gods. It is hard to deduce, but it is interesting to view and ponder its true meaning.

CHURCH OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, ST KITTS The church of the Immaculate Conception parish is one of two cathedrals in the Diocese of St. John’s-Basseterre. The first structure was built in 1856 while the existing one was completed in 1927. This structure is one to behold.

FAIRVIEW GREAT HOUSE & BOTANICAL GARDEN, ST KITTS This 300-year-old property gives insights into how inhabitants of different generations utilized it. Fairview Great House provides an accurate historical perspective into the pre-civilization era in St. Kitts.

INDEPENDENCE SQUARE, ST. KITTS Independence Square was once a slave market that was originally called Pall Mall Square. The name change occurred on September 19, 1983, the day St. Kitts and Nevis gained independence.

OLD TREASURY BUILDING, ST. KITTS Now home to the National Museum, the Old treasure building, built-in in 1894, was home to almost every government department.

ROMNEY MANOR, ST. KITTS Romney Manor was once owned by US President Thomas Jefferson’s great, great, great grandfather.

SHADWELL GREAT HOUSE, st kitts Shadwell great house is the place to visit for those fascinated by colonial architecture. Built-in the second quarter of the 18th Century, this grand house is treasured by historians.

ST. GEORGE’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, ST KITTS The history of this church is quite interesting. Built by the French in 1670, St George’s Anglican church was once called Notre Dame. The British burnt it to the ground in 1706 and rebuilt it four years later with a name change.

ST. KITTS SUGAR FACTORY & COMPOUND The factory has since closed but is a testament to the island’s sugar trade in the 20th Century. It remains a national treasure and an important heritage to the islanders. The Factory and Compound was a saving grace for the island’s economy after it opened in 1912.

THE GOVERNMENT HOUSE, ST. KITTS This solid structure is the official residence of the Governor-General of The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Built-in 1834, the government house in St. Kitts, gives you a taste of the island’s colonial past.

BATH HOTEL & SPRING HOUSE, NEVIS Built in 1778, the Bath Hotel and Springhouse was the first hostelry in the entire region of Nevis catering to visitors, especially the European and British aristocracy.

HAMILTON ESTATE RUINS, NEVIS Owned by the Hamilton family, the now ruined estate operated a sugar plantation up until 1950. The ruins give you a snapshot of the sugar industry in Nevis.

MUSEUM OF NEVIS HISTORY, NEVIS Alexander Hamilton’s birthplace is found at the Museum of Nevis History. You can also explore the beautiful Georgian stone home located at the Charleston Harbour.

NEW RIVER & COCONUT WALK ESTATES, NEVIS This low-key but unique estate is a reminder of the slave trade in Nevis.  The evidence of the innovative technology adopted by the plantation’s owners is well preserved. __M.E.